Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh takes vinayaki avatar.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying to parvati from outside the cave, mother what do I do to enter this cave? If I don’t enter the cave now and come in then the demons there will start destruction, and to stop them only your power can do that, help me mother.
There indra dev and all gods are in court, suddenly they see lightning and thunder falling over swarg lok. Indra dev says what is happening? All gods say lets go and check. They go outside the palace and see in open, the lightning falls on open grounds. Indra dev says who is doing this? Everything was just calm some time ago. Indra dev and the gods then see chund and mund throwing the lightning over everyone. Indra dev says you demons, stop your attacks on dev lok, otherwise I will destroy you. Chund and mund say devraj indra? You

will kill us? You can do nothing, you lost the game of dice and were fooled so easily, you are a fool. Chund and mund attack more and then the gods defend themselves using their shield. Indra dev says remove you weapons gods, lets teach these evil demons a lesson, lets teach them where they belong. The gods remove their weapon each. Indra dev says you all use your weapons against the demons
There parvati says to ganesh, ganesh if you want to step inside this cave, you have to be a woman, only a woman can come inside this cave, ganesh this is the time you have to take your female goddess avatar. Ganesh says a woman? How can I become a woman mother? I am a male, I was born a boy, then how can I become a female? Parvati says that is your leela ganesh, this is your purpose, it is the rise of your Vinayaki avatar. Ganesh is confused. He closes his eyes and prays to para brahma ganpati and says please prabhu, give me your darshan, please help me, guide me prabhu. Ganesh prays and para brahma ganpati appears, he stands tall in his huge form. Ganesh says para brahma ganpati, please prabhu guide me, tell me what should I do? Ganpati says ganesh, it is true what devi parvati says, it is time for you to take your new devi form, The form of devi Vinayaki! Ganesh says but I am a male prabhu. Ganpati says ganesh, the world has to know the power of a woman, a woman can do a lot and the power of a mother, a daughter, a sister and a woman can destroy evil which can ever touch her people, you have to respect that woman, the vinayaki avatar has her purpose which only you can do ganesh, this avatar will be given to you with the help of the tridevi, vinayaki resembles that even a man can become like a woman to end and start certain things, ganesh that is your purpose now. Ganesh says okay prabhu, I understand what you say. Ganpati goes. Ganesh says mother, I know I have to take the vinayaki avatar.
There all gods remove their weapons and suddenly their weapons start getting pulled into the clouds, indra dev says what is happening dev gan? Suryadev and all gods say devraj, our weapons are getting pulled in the sky, what do we do? Suddenly all weapons are pulled in the sky, agni dev says how did our weapons go in the sky? Suddenly these weapons turn into powerful demons. All gods are shocked and vayu dev and varun dev say our weapons have turned into demons, how did this happen? Dhumralochan lands down with these demons and says I did it you stupid gods. Indra dev says dhumralochan? Dhumralochan says yes it is me, my powers can do anything indra dev, your gods cannot stand in front of me with their mere weapons. Suryadev gets angry.
Chund and mund land down too. then raktbeej lands down and shumbh and nishumbh come down too. indra dev says gods we have to fight these demons. All demons surround the gods and shumbh says kill them all. Indra dev fights shumbh, suryadev fights nishumbh.
Agni dev fights dhumralochan and his demons. Varun dev fights raktbeej. Vayu dev fights chund and mund.
There ganesh says help me tridevi, help me take the vinayaki avatar. Ganesh prays and all saree and jewelry get draped on his body and their power gives ganesh the vinayaki avatar, ganesh takes vinayaki avatar.

Precap: Ganesh enters the cave. The gods fight shumbh nishumbh and their other demons.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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