Kuss mich! BeHir Few Shots (My Version) Shot-1

Küss mich! BeHir OS (My Version)
Hey People!
This is my first ever os on TellyUpdates. I just wanted to write this one from a much longer time.
Anyways let’s get going….
(XYZ Medical College)
A girl is standing in the middle of the main entrance gates. Today was the day when the college would be filled with new faces and new dreams. She was enjoying the beauty of her new college. She has seen many colleges but this one gave her an essence of her own home. She was happy to fulfill her dreams which expressed her two years of hard core studies. She was a happy-go kind of girl.
(In mind) How would the seniors treat me? Will I get good friends? Will I be able to score good marks? How would be the guys here?
Her trails of thoughts were broken by some loud noises and honking of horns. She soon realized that standing in the middle of the gate would land her up in trouble. So, muttering few sorries and other apologetic words she moved to the right side. She started walking inside the campus swiftly in order to enjoy the beauty of the campus.
Suddenly she got bumped to a muscular figure. And there she returned from her dreamland to reality.
B- Hey are you alright?
G- Ya am fine…
B- But am not alright are you sort of a blind person? Oh wait did you just bumped to me because am hot and you wanted to touch me like other girls. God why do all girls just run behind me is there no place left where a hot guy can roam around freely?
G-(She had an ‘o’ Face as she didn’t expected someone to say so) Excuse me …listen..
B- Ohhh plzz now I know what you will be saying…”Hey am not that kind of girl you mistook me… bla bla

G- What the f**k? When did I say so listen you self boasted so called hot guy am least interested in you moreover I have many hot guys running behind me get that and which blind girl told you that you are hot? You are rather just hopeless idiot!!
B-How dare you say something like that?
G- Why did you feel bad? Oh poor guy. Now leave my way I have to enter my classroom. Its my first day at this college and I don’t want to spoil it by arguing with you.
She leaves the place leaving a shocked guy in the middle of the road.
She enters the classroom to find few of her friends which were in her coaching centre were seated already. She was happy hat at least now she doesn’t have to struggle much to make new friends.
After sometime the bell rings and all the students get seated in their respective seats.
Professor enters the class with a warm smile.
After few introductions it was now time for her to speak
G- Hey everyone! I’m ——
Just then a guy –
B- Sorry sir .There was an emergency that’s why I got late.
P- Its ok. But don’t repeat it.
B-Sure sir.Thankyou
P-You may continue miss..
G-Its Bela Sharma Sir.
Just then he remembers the same voice and bends a little to get a look of her and there she was standing at the front of the class. He was very disappointed that she is his classmate.
B-(So this bumping girl’s name is Bela)
P-Now young gentleman it’s your turn introduce yourself.
B-Sure sir. I’m Mahir Sehgal
P-So you are the son of Mr. Sehgal the famous Businessman of Mumbai?
B- Yes sir.
P-Good. Now you may take your seat.
The class started soon and all were engrossed in the world of medical science. During the lunch break Bela and Mahir both went with their fiends to have lunch since they were seated in diagonally both of them could easily see each other. They were most probably sending daggers, glare, and stares to each other. This was noticed by their friends both of them told their morning meeting.
Anu- Bela you can’t just fight with him he is indeed hot!
Bela just gave her friend a death glare and concentrated on her fried rice.
After the classes all of them returned to their respective hostel rooms. Since the hostel of the boys and girls were near to each other they could easily see each other from their respective windows and balcony’s.
Bela returned to her room set her room the way she wanted changed into comfy clothes switched other AC and played her favorite song ‘Love me like you do’ and closed her eyes. Just then she heard the noises of hooting . She walked near her balcony and saw the disgusting scene she had ever seen In her whole life. She saw Mahir being shirtless in front of the girls who were just getting flat on his hot body. Though for a moment she also lost her senses but she controlled her hormones and gave death glares to him. Mahir just resoned her gares with a wink and few flying kisses.

Precap:BeHir pranks on each other turns extreme

That’s it, for now, Hope you all will like it do let me know…

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