An Online Game Love Story – a devakshi ff ! epi-10

The episode starts with showing Vicky repairing nathasha’s laptop nd where nathasha’s was that dev didn’t come nd alina was in delima what to do ?
Vicky : ur laptop is fixed now! U can take a look
Nathasha goes away nd alina goes behind her
Alina: where are u going ?
Nathasha : to restroom
Alina comes to Vicky : thanks nd I have something to ask u
Vicky : go ahead
Alina: does dev know about today’s laptop repair ?
Vicky : yes!
Alina : does he know that it’s nathasha’s laptop ?
Vicky : yes
Alina : then y didn’t he come?
Vicky :how would I know ! anyways it’s fixed so I am leaving
Alina:wait . don’t get mad have some juice .i am just worried for nathasha ……thanks for ur help I will treat u dinner next time
Vicky :no need , thanks for juice
Nd he leaves while nathasha enters
Alina: nathasha……
Nut’s : don’t talk with me it was all ur terrible idea …..he must have found out …’s so embarrassing !
Alina: don’t get sad ….i asked Vicky he said last min something cameup so he had to go nd he’s srry too……… time we will find another way ,ok!
Nathasha :ok!
Nut’s gets a call nd alina listens to her convo
Nut’s : hello. Yuvi!
Yuvi : hey let’s meet tonight nd have dinner together
Nut’s : no I don’t have mood to go
Alina : hey just take some time nd relax urself
Nut’s : okay bro .
Yuvi : ok so let’s meet by 7 nd pick a place nd msg me okay!
Scene changes to a restaurant where nut’s , alina nd yuvi who is yuvi.k ( yuvraj kapoor )
Alina: wow…it’s really a gud place !
Yuvi: what’s wrong nut’s ….i am treating u dinner nd uare looking quite upset
Nut’s: nothing bro
Alina : just tell to him nut’s
Yuvi: let me guess ……is there a boy u like ? tell me about it
Alina :actually nut’s likes a guy from CS dept. nd we made a plan to meet but it failed
Yuvi : what’s his name ?
Alina : dev dixit
Yuvi : dev dixit ?…..y does it sound familiar …….oh ,I remember ……he is incharge of DD technologies
Nut’s : do u know him ?
Yuvi: yes …dad wants to collaborate with the
Nut’s : what really !
Alina: nut’s u can intern at ur uncle’s co . nd can also meet dev
Nut’s: yuvi , help me to get internship at uncle’s co.
Scene changes , dev nd others are researching about some companies for funds nd talking about whom all they met
Aryan : what about kapoor technologies?
Dev : I am meeting them tomorrow nd I will meet oberoi technologies too next week probably .
Vicky : ok .enough of this business talk now ……uk what I went to repair laptop of our beauty dept . nd she just ignored me as was mad because third bro didn’t come
Aryan :old man , shouldn’t u already know that would happen ?
Vicky : my dear bro Aryan , it just feels terrible……u re still the best
Nd he acts like bby crying nd shakes Aryan hard
Aryan: get lost …..who says u can shake me ?
Dev : since our work is done I am going back
Aryan : u are not staying at dorms today
Dev : the day u guys wash ur collection of dirty socks …I will come back
Aryan ,Vicky : bye bye
Nd the scene shifts to girls
Where tina was talking with her bf on phone ,sona nd aliya were studying nd elena was working in laptop .
Elena : ahhhh…..we got interview notice
Tina : hey y are u being so loud
Aliya : what interview?
Elena : kapoor technologies were hiring interns for summer I registered for all of us nd we have been call tomorrow
Sona:so quickly
Tina : I will call u later bye
Nd they all make a grup nd checks in elena’s phone
Tina : should we dress up like office ladies nd go
Elena : no …we re students , we should dress up like bright nd youthful students ……..they re recruiting interns for game development divison we should look dedicated
Everyone gives a what ever kinda look listening it ,which she doesn’t see .
The epi ends here .hope u all like it nd I am srry as I am late but I was busy with exams so couldn’t update .

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