Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update:Karan hears of the Pregnancy

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Preeta has soggy eyes, The nurse asks if the tears are of happiness, she says that she was very concerned for her friend and now that she has come to know if can she take a look by herself, the nurse agrees, Preeta takes a photo of the report, she thinks that now Sherlin will pay for what she has done.

Prithvi thinks that the Luthras house is a jail for him, he thinks that he has a  lot of stress, he wonders what he can do now, Rishab comes and asks why is he not drinking, Sarla comes and asks why they are talking, Prithvi says that he was asking him why is not drinking, Rishab says that Prithvi was saying the truth and he said this because he wanted to know if Prithvi had some fault in him, they start to argue, Sarla gets embarrassed, she says that she would never have returned the proposal

of Rishab at any cost, Prithvi starts to boast about himself. Mahesh comes and asks him to not be so overconfident about what he has because things can always be different.

Shrishti brings Janki, Prithvi yells and after that leaves, Sarla also leaves, Dadi come and is about to ask Rishab a question when Karina comes and takes him away from Dadi, when they go away, she asks him to not be so friendly top Preeta and her family, she says that he must not be so close to her, he points towards Karan, they go to him and ask him to be with Manisha and try to act as if he is happy, he  says that he has understood, Rakhi comes and says that the food is ready, Karina is left amazed, Rakhi says that she mean that the song is ready.

Manisha is looking or Rithwik, Karan comes and asks her for a dance she agrees.

Preeta is at the hospital she wonders that now the plan that is against them will not be successful and everyone will be left speechless.

Karan, Manisha are both dancing on the stage, everyone is left speechless at their dance, in the middle of it Karan leaves the stage and ask Rishab to take over, he therefor continues the dance.

Sherlin escapes from the hospital room.

Shrishti asks Sameer why Rishab is dancing with Manisha, they start to argue, Rakhi and Dadi start to says awful things regarding Manisha, Rakhi is not able to express her angry, Dadi gets very mad at her for this and orders her to say anything worse for her.

Karan asks Preeta if Sherlin is pregnant, he at first thinks that she is not by a confusion but then when she tells her that she has taken a phot of it and Sherlin sis pregnant, he says that he is very happy and if they were together the he would hug her, they start to argue over who would hug each other, they start to fight and she asks him to come to her and they will get the reports, she gets angry and he starts to flirt with her, she start to scold him and says that he must come hurriedly as she cannot wait,

When the call ends, Karan wonders why she was showing so attitude to him, Preeta on the other hand is saying that he is a walking shop of attitude.

Sameer and Shrishti rock the stage with a mind-blowing performance on a classic song, everyone is enjoying very much, Shrishti is not able to get the steps right, she makes Sameer fall on purpose, he gets angry and leaves, she follows him and asks why is he angry, we does not tell her but leaves, she is not able to understand the reason.

Karan is about to leave, Rakhi stops him, she asks why is he leaving, he say that he was leaving to get the size of the engagement ring right, he asks her to not tell anyone, she agrees and he leaves, Prithvi is thinking where Karan is going leaving the party.


Precap: Karan sees that Prithvi is following him, he tells this to Preeta.

Update Credit to: Sona

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