Nimki Mukhiya 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Babbu comes out of jail

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Nimki Mukhiya 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Annaro says you will pay for every second Babbu has spent in jail. Go from here now. I will be here with my daughter. Sweeti says to doctor she isn’t my family. Nimki Tune and Abhi are my family. Ask this woman to leave. Don’t let them come inside.
Babbu says to Jariya we will get you out in a few days. Babbu signs the papers. He says to inspector I will always remember this.

Babbu looks at station in anger. He says that Nimki has to pay back for everything. She will be defamed like me.
Tune goes to buy medicine. doctor says she has stabilized but she needs to be under observation. Sweeti Abhi.. I know you both are mad at me. Sweeti says we are but.. Abhi says why did you do this? You saved a criminal. Nimki says he should pay for his sin. Sweeti says

I know. I forgave him. He shot me. If he shot someone else.. Abhi says isn’t your life important? Nimki says she isn’t well. Abhi says he even threatened you here. Sweeti says I gave him punishment by forgiving him. I will never look at those people again. I have no relation with them. I am alone in this world. Nimki says we are all with you. abhi is yours. He nods. Nimki goes out. abhi sits and talks with Sweeti.

Tune says what are you thinking Nimki? She says thinking how will it all fix. She says stay here. I am going to see Elena.

Scene 2
Babbu sits in anger. Annaro says aren’t you angry how they took him from here? Go and destroy life of abhi and nimki. Sweeti asked doctor not to let us come. She says said nimki and abhi are her family. Dablo says she did right. Can’t you all see what we did with her? You went to hospital if she is dead or not so you can save Babbu. You were Babbu’s mother there not Sweeti’s. Babbu says stop this lecture. If I can shoot Sweeti I can.. I will shoot Abhi and Nimki too now. Tettar says you wont do any such thing. Ritu says everything is fixed. We wont leave BDO. But we will take his power from him. He will be transferred from here. Tettar says nimki wont be able to do anything either. Annaro says I want sweeti back in this house.

Nehar calls inspector Babbu shot not Jhariya. I will take this up. He says they can’t save their son like this. Nehar calls dablo but he doesn’t pick.
Tune asks Nimki how is elena? She says elena is still scared. Tune says I am angry. Why did she not take BAbbu’s name. Nimki says she loves her brother. I shouldn’t have asked her to run. Tune says you did right. He says there is blood on your cloths. Go and change. Nimki says this wont ever go from my clothes. Abhi says I wont either. She says you both should go home and rest. Nimki says so you can spend time with Sweeti? He says don’t go to haveli. Go to haveli. She says I am not scared of them. Abhi says no you have to go to ghat tola I will not let anything happen to you.
Precap-Nimki tries to sleep. She says I wont let them sleep in peace. tettar and babbu I am coming.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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