Kundali Bhagya 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan gets curious of Prithvi activities

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Preeta says that they are going to play Antakshari on the birthday party of Rakhi, Mahesh joins his sons, Preeta says that this means that he doesn’t now how to sing, all of them start to joke, Karan says that this means that they have to win and then Karan also joins Prithvi to come to their team, Preeta says that no matter what happens they will win and it is because Girls are the best.

Karan says that no matter what Rishab will make them win as he knows how to sing, Rishab asks him to be quiet but then Mahesh is blackmailed by Rakhi who starts top say that she knows that he doesn’t care for her or what he promised to her on their wedding day.

Al of them start to discuss and Preeta says that they have twisted the rules and now both the teams will have to sing form the words which

Dadi picks out, Rishab also agrees and then they start, Prithvi also starts to make himself feel; good, they all start to play the game.

When they are all seated Preeta says that they will lose as the girls will win when they are involved in a game, Prithvi says that he will sing the first game for b9oys and then when it is time he gets a call from Rithwick, he gets shocked and they lost the point.

It is the girl’s chance and Karina jumps at the chance to sing a song foe their team, she sings it beautifully which earns her team a point, so they take the lead.

Rithwick is very angry at Prithvi for ending his call, as soon as Prithvi calls him he starts to shout at him for saying that this means that because of him Manisha is leaving him and is about to go and be in the engagement with Karan, he does not listen to anything Prithvi is saying and says that now this will meant that he will end his life, Prithvi  starts to calm him down but he says that he is not his dad and will not listen, Prithvi says that he will explain it to him a soon  as he gets back, when Prithvi turns Karan is standing behind him.

Rithwick gets angry and says that he will not let Prithvi destroy his life and will take back his girlfriend and will even fight Karan, he looks at the card for he address and is planning to go to the Mansion for his girlfriend.

Karan asks him about with whom, was he talking about Manisha, Prithvi is shocked but then makes an excuse that he called his driver who is very worried as his car is blocked because of Manisha car but he told his driver to go and get groceries from the market even when his car is stuck and this is because Karan asked him to come with him.

Prithvi start to say the things that make Karan jealousy and they both are about to have a fight, Prithvi then leaves, Karan thinks that he was not tlak8ing to the driver and that both Manisha and Prithvi have some connection which he will do anything to find out.

Preeta orders Sammy to make the girls points increase, Mahesh makes a joke which the girls takes t seriously and then when they take out the paper, Dadi says that the word is, Sherlin text Prithvi asking him about his worries, he tells her that he has taken care of it, Dadi tells the song and then they start to fight, Sam calls Karan, they are still thinking when Rishab starts to sing a song filled with his emotions which makes everyone feel happy and delighted, he is looking at Preeta which no one notices. Karan is daydreaming about Preeta, when he finishes Shrishti says that if a lover of his was sitting in the party then she would surely die for him at his song.


Precap: Prithvi and Manisha are talking, when they leave Karan spots them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Stop this stupid track when all the truth will come out unnecessarily extending the track..worthless

  2. Stop the senseless, childish, stupid nonsense quarrels, disgusting and time consuming gibberish on each and every episode. I love the actors ad want to watch them. Remind me please! What is the story line again? I am lost amongst the stupid nonsense quarrels, disgusting and time consuming gibberish.

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