Ishqbaaz 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye learns Tej’s truth

Ishqbaaz 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika cries and turns to go. Shivaye calls her out and asks her to stop. Shivaye holds Anika’s hand and says Anika is Shivaye’s respect, my pride, and my life, I have married Anika, she is my wife. Anika looks at him. He says she is Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi. He says I never believed marriage, myself, and husband and wife relation, I felt I won’t be able to keep this relation, I have just seen pain in such relation, I wanted to run away from this pain, then Anika came in my life and taught me the meaning of a relation, it means lending support, she trusted me when none did, she is my courage, I can give my life for her, and take a life too, so don’t dare to say anything against her again. O jaana….plays…. Omru smile.

Shivaye gets mangalsutra. He says I m having this since long,

I forgot to give, I was trying to tell you something in party. She nods and recalls. He says I wanted to say that I understood the meaning of this mangalsutra, today I want to tell the entire world that Anika is my wife. He asks her permission and makes her wear the mangalsutra. Everyone claps. Mohit claps and says you would think you have won, but its not the case. Om asks Bhavya to take away Mohit. Mohit says wait officer, I want to tell something to my friend, this game just started, Shivaye you have no idea who is your biggest enemy and where he is, my game is over, this time you got saved, but next time none can save Shivaye, Shivaye will be finished. Shivaye says take him. Mohit says remember, when the snake in your sleeve bites you, you won’t get saved. He is taken away.

Everyone comes home. Dadi stops Anika and asks her not to come in. Shivaye says listen to me Dadi, you told me, the day I accept Anika as wife, you will accept her as bahu. Dadi says yes, I said, I have seen everything on tv, even then Anika can’t step inside the house, until her Grahpravesh happens. They smile. Jhanvi says you scared us. Rudra jokes. Dadi asks Priyanka to get aarti plate. Dadi does aarti. Anika hits the kalash by her foot. Everyone claps. Dadi blesses Shivaye and Anika. Anika hugs Dadi. Jhanvi says its true that Ganpati takes away all sorrows and problems when he leaves.

Shivaye says Bhavya said we will get our room tomorrow, I will get tea. Anika says come soon, I have to talk to you. He says me too. He goes and makes tea. He recalls Mohit’s words. He says who is my enemy. He recalls seeing incoming call of boss and reading his number. He says it means my enemy is someone else, who is Mohit’s boss. He calls on number. He thinks the phone is ringing in Oberoi mansion. He goes to see. He sees Tej coming to pick the call. Tej answers. Shivaye gets shocked and says Bade Papa. He asks is this your number. Tej says yes. Shivaye says sorry, Mohit might be framing you. Tej laughs and asks are you really innocent or acting ignorant, you have the proof in front of you and don’t want to believe, do you want to hear me out.

Shivaye asks did anyone compel you, I know you can’t do this, you can tell me, I will handle the problem. Tej laughs and asks what will you handle Shivaye, I m the mastermind about whom Mohit was talking. Shivaye asks mastermind, what are you saying. Tej says I m saying the truth, I got Mohit here, he framed you in false murder case, it was my plan. Shivaye gets shocked and says I don’t believe this, its a lie. Shivaye recalls Tej’s words. He asks why did you do this. Tej says my business in London finished, I heard you married Anika, I didn’t wish your heir to come, Mohit and I made this plan to separate you and Anika, you go jail and I control Oberoi empire, so I have spiked the drinks in party, so that none gives statement from your side. FB shows Tej spiking the punch. Shivaye gets shocked.

Shivaye says whatever you have done has already caused a loss for Oberoi empire, please return to London. Tej asks how dare you make me out of this house. Shivaye says this house’s son. Tej says I don’t take order from anyone. Shivaye says think of this as an order, warning or request, I give you 24 hours to leave from here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Agga4102

    At last Tej exposed!!!!

    Shivika part is lovely!!!!

    Sometimes I really like this Shivaay better than old one!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Banita

      Congo dr…

      1. Agga4102

        Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍

    2. Luthfa

      Go Agga Go.Congratulations on being first…😊
      Finally Shivaay accepted Anika as his wife.Tej is a jerk.Precap is awesome.Waiting for tomorrow’s episode😊

      1. Agga4102

        Even me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. GAG!!! congratulations for being first dear

    4. Sindhudi

      Agga congrats for being number 1. Good for you

      1. Agga4102

        Thank You, di!!!!!

  2. Riana

    I knewwwwww It…😡😡😡😡😡😡
    Maybe many of us were sure about this !!! 😤😤😤😤😤😤
    Tejjjjjjjjj… Chalo accha hua tunne saari sachhai bak di !!… 😏😏😏😏
    Ab tumhara kyaaa hoga !! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Shivaay should immediately thrashed tej but i am really happy what he did… He took a smart step !!!…
    Although this is too dangerous and wrong too…
    Bcoz just for omru and jhanvi he may hide this truth !!!!…😒😒😒😒
    Lets see what happens ! 😗😗😗
    Hey everyoneeee… 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
    Hope u guyz enjoyed the episode…. 😍😍😍
    Now good night ! 😂😴

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Riana,
      Yes,enjoyed a lot and you?Tej really has guts.Confessed everything in front of Shivaay.Shivaay couldn’t digest those scary words of Tej at first.Precap is the most awaited one.Let’s see what happens tomorrow.Good night😴😴😴

    2. Sindhudi

      Yes riana everyone guessed Tej correctly and then suddenly most of us turned and felt it would not be Tej as there was not much reaction. So cvs played with our minds by their Taj magic. Created and illusion when actually it was Tej the mastermind.

  3. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Shivay wear MS to Anika in front of everyone… I thought it will be a bedroom scene… But he put it in front of everyone… I m happyyyyyyy…..!!!!!!!!!
    Dadi did ghruhapravesh of Anika…
    Lovee the way Shivay bhaiya took aarti for Anika… It was soo sweet… Both r looking Cuteeee in that scene…
    Tej nd his ringtone….
    Ase ringtone kon rakhta haan yr…!!!
    Lag raha tha jese IB ka nahi kisi horror movie ka shoot chal raha ho…
    Precap –
    I want to danceeeee…!!!!!
    Dil khus krdia Shivay bhaiya ne aj mera….!!!!!!!
    Ab jaldise Tej kamina niklega OM se..!!!
    Yeeehhhhhhhhhhhh….!!!!! Nacchoo…!!!
    Loveee U bhaiya…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Luthfa

      Dadi ki jodi word samajh mein a gayi par,ishqbaazi kahase dekh li unhone Shivika ke beech?Dadi’s flip was expected.I think one bed room scene is coming.Let’s see.

      1. Banita

        Arre @Lu for yesterday dadi changed to old dadi… Nd in old dadi , she can see ishqbaazi in Shivika…LOL..

    2. Sindhudi

      Banita dear don’t worry bedroom scene will come. Remember they will get back their room tomorrow and then they will sit and talk and pour out their feelings. Wait patiently Banita dear. I am Glad they quickly did this on fast track as SPA awards are here so it is crucial for them to get Jodi award

      1. Banita

        Yupp diii…
        Waiting for bed room scene… Bt i liked that MS pahenaoing scene also…
        This time it will be very though for Shivika to win best jodi award in SPA becz many good compititors r there…
        But hoping for best…

  4. Appy

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals…
    Whatever I expected all my assumption was 10000% right ohhhhoooooo..I know ishqbaaz very well..
    Ok I am happy for myself.
    🤣🤣🤣🤣( too much self promotion)
    So pagals hamara shak sahi tha…
    And yesterday we were like…I hope they will show the boss..
    But I really didn’t thought that they will reveal it so early…
    And best part was when Sso took permission to make wear MS to Annika.
    And yessss Her words comes true……..she got that respect that she deserve a long ago………..
    BUT I expected some moments between shivika….
    No prblm tej ki drama toh bahar aagayi…
    Precap- Finalyyyyyyyyyy.
    Sso knows how to give back.
    Sso jaan kurban aapke liye.
    Finally he is coming back in his tadibaaz avtar.
    But now this 24hours….
    I am.sure some tragic is on the way.
    Of course journey is not easy for SHIVIKA as Mihir baba told.
    Ok but Gul mama clip….awwww Annika is blushing..
    Tomorrow come soon.
    Ok bye.
    Gonna sleep.

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Darling,
      Go ahead with your self-promotion.Khushi ki chand pal jeelo puri tara se.Aeisa mouka bar bar IB nahi dega…😉😉😉😉😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁
      Dadi has become sweet again and I am happy though a little bit upset for her those words.Okay,I will get over it.Shivika moments were beautiful today.Editor edit their hug scene which had a forehead kids.Otherwise it would look more beautiful and awesome.Thank God I got the chance to watch it.Anyway,precap is the most interesting one.Waiting for tomorrow’s episode😊

      1. Luthfa

        Hehehe…kiss not kids.Auto correct!😂😂

    2. Sindhudi

      Oh great Arpu you brought our hopes very high and then dropped down when you said anything can happen within that 24 hours. Oh no I really hope nothing terrible will happen. Come on ya they just solved a big murder mystery and then again another problem…..

  5. VHM

    Today’s episode was nice… after long time waited for ib to air …But frankly waiting for Shivika much awaited moments.

    1. JeevithaTK

      Hi akka.
      Guys c who is back our harika akka is back. Welcome back with band Baja akka nd with love too. Even me wish for more shivika moments which v was expecting today.hope v c soon. Lots of love to u nd Akki. Good night. Tc

    2. Banita

      Is this truee!!!????
      R u in real..!!???
      Mane bahut dino ke baad apki charan yanha padhare hain…
      Apko puspha maala ke saath hum swagat krte hain @Khubsuratji…

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Harika di,
      How are you?It’s been long since I met you in PKJ.Last time was IB’s 500 episode celebration.Welcome back to PKJ with lots of sweet love😊😊😊😊
      Have waited for this episode desperately.Enjoyed a lot.Looking forward to Shivika’s husband-wife alone moments.Okay,see you around.Lots of love di😊😊😊😊

    4. Sindhudi

      Hello harika you are back after a Long time. Nice my dear.

  6. Appy

    Btw keep voting..

    1. Sindhudi

      Arpu can’t overseas people vote. It doesn’t allow me to vote. So I am not sure. Is it only for Indian audience from India?

  7. Wah wah wah.. 👏👏👏lovely episode..
    Shivaay accepted Annika & evenDadi finally..
    As expected Tej is the boss..
    Precap.. I loved it.. I Think Cv’s read our comments as we said /thought pack up Tej back to London.. 24hrs warning.. 👏👏👏..

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Kadhambari di,
      Shivaay gave befitting reply to Tej.Tej ki toh hoosh e urr gaye.Dadi is back with her ishqbaazi ki lecture.I missed this sweet Dadi.Finally Shivika’s husband-wife relation got legalised in true sense.Now waiting for tomorrow’s episode😊

    2. Sindhudi

      Kadhambari I want Tej to get drowned in the Pacific Ocean.

  8. Shajessie

    Hi guys… Wat a superb epi… I love it… Finally tej u hv been cought by shivaay himself… Bravo SSO…
    Eager to watch nxt epi… Bcos SSO gave 24hrs to him… I’m Waiting… 😍😍

    1. Luthfa

      Me too just can’t wait dear to see Shivaay-Tej tashan😊😊

    2. Sindhudi

      Hey Jessie you re back. Yes first murder mystery solved then Nancy problem solved now boss is identified. The tantalising moment is the crucial 24 hours. Anything can happen within the 24 hours

  9. Nick23_ann

    Khidkhithod epi.
    So tej is revealed.
    Sso Back in action.
    Shivika was cute today

    1. Luthfa


    2. Sindhudi

      Agreed Nick. Shivaay is back again SSO!!!

  10. Luthfa

    Very well executed episode.Everything is on point.Now coming to the analysis-

    Mrs.Shivaay Singh Oberoi,the title has been won,finally.I won’t say won rather it is earned.Earned by selfless,unconditional love,immense trust and trust in the relation itself.Before entering to OM Anika must have thought that it is the same threshold where she was being rejected publicly and openly by her husband Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi.How the scenario change!Same threshold same people but feelings and emotions are so different.Here comes the magic of Right which every relation offer to exercise.Anika has established her right over Shivaay and the moment it occurred,the door of OM got opened for her automatically.Shivaay got rid of her deep rooted fear as to marriage.He himself admitted that marriage was meant to him only pain.His own marriage with Anika is also an example of pain but both of them turn that pain into happiness,successfully with mutual efforts.Though Anika had to work extra hard but it was worth it.That nuptial chain found its real place and the deserved one.A proud husband’s feeling was visible on Shivaay’s face and it was telling how lucky he is to have Anika as his wife in his life.All the burden of heart is removed and all past shackles as well.Past is past and it will be so till people let it remain.Shivaay Singh Oberoi did a grave mistake by marrying Anika forcefully and for that he atoned,atoned honestly and sincerely.He got back Anika and himself at the same time.Till Anika came into Shivaay’s life, he was living like a lifeless being.Anika not only gave back his life to him but also the reason to live it.Now a blissful journey will start.And it’s the nature of human relation to have ups and downs in completing the journey of life.Shivaay and Anika’s life is not an exception in that.But now they are together so nothing can stop them to reach their destination.When right partner is beside you,ready to support you lifelong,there is no worries for the struggles of the path no matter how hard it will be.And Shivaay,Anika are ready for it.

    1. Sindhudi

      Hey Luthfa nice analysis!! The mangalsutra went round Anika’s neck with great respect. She did vow right that one day you will realise the importance of this mangalsutra and will give me all respect and accept me in front of everyone.

      This mangalsutra is so important because he said he kept it with him all this while and this mangalsutra is divine that it was the mangalsutra that saved Shivaay from the galllows and nothing else. So anika believed in that mangalsutra but Shivaay did not initially. Now he knew the value that his wife’s prayers and her mangalsutra saved him. So he knows the true value of marriage and how strong this mangalsutra is .

      1. Luthfa

        So sorry di,my reply got scattered,
        Yes di,because of the trust on their relation,Shivaay was able to prove himself innocent as Anika came to trust on him with all her heart.NP got its rightful place through the right person.Let’s see what challenge is waiting for them next.Thank you soooooo…much for your appreciation.Lots of love.

    2. Wow luthu your analysis is always mindblowing and exactly perfect i love reading your analysis.

      1. Luthfa

        Really?So sweet of you.Thank you soooooo…much for your love dear.Lots of love.

  11. Best part of today’s episode is finally they showed differences btw redux sso & original sso in the climax..
    Redux SSO is a person who is friend to a friend & enemy to a enemy.. In original IB Sso always soft corned to his family..
    HI Sindhu, Luthfa, jeevi, bani, arpu.. How are you guys.. My little champ is doing good..
    Gul’s latest insta post cheapada shivaay & blushing annika are coming back.. 😍😍😍😻😻😻😍🤗🤗😻😻

    1. Luthfa

      Hello di,
      I am good.Thank you so much.Hope you,Suhas and your family are doing great😊😊
      You just spoke my words here di.AU Shivaay is totally different from RU Shivaay.Shivaay won’t spare Tej this time.I am so excited di.Bring it on😊😊

    2. Sindhudi

      Thanks Kadhambari. Hope you and prince doing fine. Take care dear

  12. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys, so finally shivay accpected anika as his wife status front of the world. Even tied magalsutra. So even anika won. Sry guys because for previous one was the good becoz I can’t get tht feel, happiness now compairingly less. Dadi I was searching for u only u came nd accepted anika as bhahu…. The one who doesn’t believe in god is taking arthi bt it was cuty Wen he took for anika….
    Soo finally the boss is exposed has v r now it’s non-other than tej… Is there any one who was laughing during mobile ringing (tones). I was getting much laugh….
    Precap : o god shivay with his tadi. Tht 24hrs time give is super. Bt scared of om ru thts it. Good night guys. Tc

    1. Sindhudi

      Hey jeevi dear how are you my dear? Glad you can and left comments. Thanks for your comments

  13. This shivay is not dumb like old shivay who used to give away life for his family i really like this shivay but before shivika moments i want obros scenes missing them badly in redux especially one for all all for one moments whats next in store for shivay guys bring shrenu back missing her badly in IB

    1. Shrenu is on vacation

  14. Mona_2005

    After a long time I am back
    Actually my eyes were like blood red(lack of sleep know during exams)

    So my strict mom banned my mobile through it paved off as I got khidkitod marks

    Coming to episode
    Awesome, fabulous ,superb epi
    After long time, so good episode
    Finally my dearest SSO accept Anika as his life( wife) and that MS scene was so cute

    Finally Dadi ko samj me aagaya ki Anika se acchi shivaay ke liye koi nahi hai, my anika di is best for shivika Bhai
    So lovely they, want some good romantic scene of them

    Tej u are such a waste like even dustbin will say don’t spoil me by throwing this
    Evn dustbin is better than u
    Aachi baat hai ki shivaay bhaiya ne tej ko acha jawaab Diya
    Bechare shivaay bhaiya kis pain se guzarna pada hoga pata nahi
    I love my shivu Bhai
    Lots of love
    Lagta hai aaj ka epi dekh Kar pagalet hugayi hu(phele se thi vaise)
    Precap- waiting
    Pls everyone vote in SPA
    Fake emails are not allowed in SPA right?

    Vaise one more question
    In spa nomination they have given prena-anurag but it has just started right bow, how could some Jodi come in nomination on the 1st day itself, Matlab yaar kuch bhi, koi bhi rakh Diya nomination me

    Good night
    Take care everyone

    1. Welcome back Mona dear

  15. Luthfa

    Hello Jeevi dear,
    Original wife declaration was something very different.Shivaay had many issues and conditions to accept before his acceptance of Anika as his wife.NKK,Prinku’s happiness,his own dilemma,pressures were there in every way possible.So that first one will be always ahead in terms of everything.And in Redux,only Shivaay himself was the first and last setback in accepting Anika as his wife.He get rid of his own fear and welcomed Anika in his life.I loved the way he declared and accepted Anika as his wife in front of everyone😊😊

  16. Nice episode

  17. Rajvi_shah

    Something is johl because why will tej agreed to everything that he did🤔🤔🤔 I think a big conspiracy is against all of this. Liked how Dadi accepted anika😍

  18. Nice episode. do anyone knows trp for this week

  19. Nice episode

  20. Thahsina Thasi

    hey any one cud pls say the ishqbaaz gonna air soonn…heard like dat.
    gul mam said…there is no repeat telecast for ishqbaaz nw..hw sad…y starplus doing such😔

  21. My dear ones NSK ,Bilkisu and others who are busy in school. I wish you all goodluck and most importantly comment as soonest as you can. Missing you guys a lot.

  22. Hayat5428

    I stopped watching ishqbaaz for a while after the new story but when i came back all this happened now it started to be very interesting

  23. Wow beautiful and awesome episode!!! So that is what Shivaay wanted to say at the party. He wanted to wear the mangalsutra round her and didn’t get round to it. Finally!!! Finally!’ Anika is his Wife. This is the best thing that has happened. I loved when Shivaay said she is my life and she is the only one who trusted me.

    Oh my goodness when all of us felt that it was not Tej then cvs go and turn around the script and made it sure it was Tej. So it is his own family who is a betrayer. How dare Tej did this to his Nephew? No wonder he came running from London the moment he knew Shivaay got married. He wanted to ruin that. So when he came and asked Rudy for water he may have spiked the drinks then.

    How despiteful of Tej!!! This is so preposterous!!! Shivaay still trusts his Bade Papa and thinks someone has compelled him. How innocent you are Shivaay! Glad Anika is your Wife. Dadi sweet dadi finally you accepted Anika. I am Glad.

    Let’s see what happens tomorrow

  24. Hello my dear friends Banita Arpu Luthfa Jeevi dear NSK Agga Rajiv pushpa Kadhambari MethuAngel and many many more others. Hope all have a good day ahead.

  25. Hayat5428

    This mohit is so evil, do not know what he is planning on doing to shivika. i think that mohit has someone else he is working with on this plan with him and i think that after mohit goes to jail they are going to execute their plan and separate shivika because now anika is shivays biggest weakness and i hope this will not happen.

  26. Hi my ishqbaazians
    Fantastic episode from start till the end
    1) acceptance of anika as wife
    2) mohit gave warning to shivay
    3) grah pravesh of anika
    4) expression of tej from start till anika entry in the house
    5) finally the boss tej is exposed to shivay
    Ab ye track interesting hota jaraha ha as how shivay will deal with tej who is distructor, omru reaction when they will come to know about tej’s truth, will we able to see our khidkithod anika or this crying anika
    I hope cvc isse interestingly carry kare otherwise they just drag the track.
    3 claps for both tej and shivay’s acting superb acting
    Lets see what is stored in next episode
    Till then bye take care everyone and keep smiling

  27. ShinyTirupathi

    Hello Dears…. How are U I’m Back after So Long… Sindhu Di How R U… Jeevi Dr .. I Missed U Both a Lot… Luthfa How R U.. Missed Ur Analysis and U too .. words.. More.. Arpu. Long Analysis Missed Baby . Banita… How R U Guys… So Just came to Say Hai… will come often when get time.. Enjoy Ishqbaaaz ndian viewers Watch it On TV Guys.. Ishu.. Baby.. Welcome Back VHM (I’m really confused to call U Di or Dear) Episode Is Good Finally Shivaay Accepted His Annika.. Tej.. U are Such a Evil Man.. How Can U.. Really Hurt.. So Bye Guys…

    1. Sindhudi

      Oh my dear Shiny!!! How are you? It has been such a Long Time dear. Glad you are back

      1. ShinyTirupathi

        Hayee!!! Meri Sindhu di..I’m Fine Di Happy to Come Back.. U Registered Wow

  28. Awesome episode. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

  29. Vidyakrish

    Ya I think tej is boss it’s confirmed. Waiting for shivika romance. In prehap I love shivaay for his reaction.

  30. Nikita_jai29

    It is good to see long comments…
    Episode is good.. Precap is awesome and thinking about when will this redux track is going to off

  31. I think tej has done something big because he has taken shivay’s office keys from Anika or is there anyone blackmailing tej to confess that tej is the “boss” let’s wait and watch. Does anyone knows trp for this week.

  32. Luthfa

    Sindhu di,
    Yes di,because of the trust on their relation,Shivaay was able to prove himself innocent as Anika came to trust on him with all her heart.NP got its rightful place through the right person.Let’s see what challenge is waiting for them next.Thank you sooooo..much for your appreciation.Lots of love😊😊😊

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