Kundali Bhagya 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan and Preeta go to the hospital

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Sarla says to Rishab that he can come to her house anytime he wants but she will not let Preeta come back to his house again, she leaves and he tried to call her but she does not listen, Karina comes and says that she loves him a lot, he says that Preeta was not a member of their family yet still cared for them, he leaves saying that he knows Karina loves him a lot but she must  not do anything of the sort that can hurt anyone, he leaves after which Karina says that she wanted Preeta to leave as she had become a habit and she will do everything to keep her family safe from Preeta.

Preeta asks Karan if he is sure that Doctor is inside the house, he says that he is sure as he called the doctors family and they told him that everyone else was out of town but even then the doctor doesn’t open, Prithvi comes and gets tensed seeing Karan and Preeta, he says that they are here, Sanju tries to plan saying that he will kill them but Prithvi stops him, Doctor asks if they can have water, he says that they will have it themselves, they leave and make a plan to get out of the house and run away. Sherlin says to Prithvi that they will ask the doctor to go and send them both away but he says that the doctor will tell them the truth, they agree that they will stay inside, Sanju says that he will go and kill them but Sherlin takes it from him and says that he cannot take it to kill them, she says that they have given him the money and so he must stay inside. Preeta asks Karan to stop saying that she feels that the Doctor does not want to talk to them as she is feeling guilty because she lied in front of everyone and now doesn’t want to talk to them, Karan starts to call the police, no one picks he call he gets frustrated, he starts to knock again, Preeta asks him to calm down and come with him as she has a plan, he ask her, she says that there must be a copy of Sherlin’s reports with Bahavna as the hospital keeps one for record so they must go and get them, Sherlin hears them and gets worried.

Prithvi and Sanju are arguing, they come and ask her the reason for being worried she tell that they both have gone to the hospital to get the copy of her reports. Sanju realizes that the doctor is missing, they all search the house but are unable to find them both, Sherlin says that she knows a way where they could have gone, they go to look at that place, they enter the room, Sanju make fun of Sherlin that she should not attempt suicide, they both starts to argue, Prithvi gets annoyed and so to make them both calm down he breaks a vase, asking her as to what she wanted to tell them , Sherlin heads to the window, they all get shocked to see that Doctor escaped. Sherlin tells him that they must go to the hospital.

Karan and Preeta go to the hospital and ask Bhavna that if they ca get a copy of Sherlin’s reports, she says that the hospital does not have any backup but someone came to collect her reports just a moment ago, Preeta asks her, how can she give the reports to anyone, Bhavna says that she gave only after Doctor Semma called her, Both of them get depressed, Karan asks her about the time when that man came, she tells him tat he just left and would be outside, Karan leaves


Sherlin says that they have the last clue to her pregnancy, he says that they have done it and that he has the cleverest girl with him, he says that he was able to do it because she called the nurse after keeping a cloth on her face. Sherlin says that they must take care of Doctor Semma but Prithvi says that they must not worry as Sanju is going to kill them both, he will not even take money from them as they are also his enemy, Prithvi says that he is feeling very good and now everyone will face failure in front of them, Sherlin says that the Luthra’s will be ashamed inform of her that they thought that shew was pregnant, she hates them even more and will make them pay after she gets married with Rishab, Prithvi says that she must focus on keeping Karan and Preeta way from them both, they are the worst enemies, they must make them pay , Sherlin and Prithvi agree to make lives of everyone miserable.

Precap: Sarla says to Preeta that she will not let anything happen to her, so she will not go to the Luthra’s anymore.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Disgusting story and twist…again prithvi and sherlin wins….prithvi and sherlin tujse great ho and moreover greatness goes to makers and writers for always making villain to win and streching lies for long…wen makers gonna come up with some new interesting twist after ending up prithvi and sherlins game because the prithvi and sherlin winning game and preeta and especially karan losing always has been streched lot…disgusting…please end this drama or ask me will write a better story and twist for kundali bhagya keeping mind its main lead karan..preeta and rishabh not prithvi and sherlin that makers now consider as main lead bcoz they are always kept high as god that they always wins. I think now blo*dy writers have forgotten the main lead and lost path to come up with new interesting twist apart from repeatative streching boring drama….cant blame writers too because may be they must have finished what they know now and makers too have got no idea than to make as per writers writings….oh god bless the makers and writers and preeta..rushabh and karan…because three of them are only guys who keeps audience to watch kundali bhagya though story goes with boring repeatative streching drama…OH

  2. Can’t blamebthe writers. They are same as kumkum bhagya.. Stretched for 4 years and then a leap and still evil l winning and the main leads always losing and getting side tracked and evil becomes a mail lead… Losing track as kkb… f**k the serial

    1. Sarifa Patel

      Dont waste your time commenting on this serial as the writers, producers don’t give a blast about the viewers. blo*dy morons.

  3. What nonsense! Evil always wins because our lead protagonists are shown as stupid and always arguing! Writers – why don’t you flip it? have the good ones keep winning and foiling everything the bad ones plan?

  4. guys m sure they will drag this story for years…coz they dont have anythin else to hold…if prithvi sherlin expose…there wl be nothing in the serial….so the writers will drag this serial…with such bullshit…m sure we wl have to bear this for long years…or else quit te serial…bullshit….

  5. these disgusting serial makers hve nthng else to show except that blo*dy PRITHVI and SHERLIN. this serial is a mere disgust being shown at 9:30 slot .time waste=rubbish=KUNDALI BHAGYA

  6. Such dragging drama ! i never intended to watch the soaps- but was once bored and googled for the highest TRP – 8 months ago..
    The Serial is so slow and draggy and so insane. Hoe stupid is it.. i am hating it now. Idiot Characters of Prithvi & SHerlyn escape soo many times ? what nonsense ? If they had so much money – why is SHerlyn after RIshab ? The write is mad. THe writer will finish this soap only one they finish their Budget allocated to this soap.. GOod ness !!!

  7. Time to give up on this gig.

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