Ishq Subhan Allah 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara and Kabir romances

Ishq Subhan Allah 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara recalls how she blamed Kabir for not recognizing her pain. Kabir comes there. Zara says I want to say sorry for shouting at you, Kabir says no I am sorry for not realizing your situation, I was worried about my problems, Zara says no I am sorry, Kabir says no I am sorry. Zara says okay we both are sorry. Zara hugs him and says I have been restless from the time you have divorced me, nothing feels right. Reema video calls them and sees them hugging each other and says seems like your have put divorce down, Zara moves away and says you say anything. Alina comes there and says someone sent bouquet for you both. Kabir sees card in it and reads “You forgot Zara’s birthday, you should divorce her – Mraj”. Reema messages Alina, Alina wishes Zara birthday and leaves. Kabir throws bouquet away. Zara is angry. Kabir makes her sit down and says dont worry about Miraj, he cant do anything because I am with you, he holds her hand. Zara smiles but then gets angry on him. Kabir says I am sorry I didnt wish the birthday, I remembered it. Zara says all husbands have this problem for forgetting birthdays, I am not talking to you. She goes to lie down on couch. Kabir says you cant see that I am sorry, Zara doesnt answer him. Kabir says dear wife, happy birthday, your husband needs medicine of love, please talk to me. Zara says what about me wanting a cake and present? I dont want to talk you, go to your big bed, Kabir says please, she says no, he dejectedly goes to lie on bed.

At night, Zara is sleeping on couch. Kabir gets up from bed, he puts cake infront of her and lights, he says happy birthday Zara, there are some days in life that we cant forget and one such day is your birthday, happy birthday Zara, he kisses her forehead. He says even if earthquake comes in my life, I wouldnt forget your birthday, I promise and swear on God that I will make this day so special for you that you will never forget. Zara wakes up and says you say all this when I am sleeping and when I am awake, you get bitter and this small cute cake? he says its for me, I was hungry, I didnt know you were awake, he is embarrassed. Zara sees a beautiful ring as her gift, she says I must have done something pretty, its very nice. Kabir says truth is you are my gift from God, happy birthday. Zara says what should I pray for? my wish is sitting infront of me, she blows on cake, Kabir feeds her the cake. She makes him eat too. Kabir says what now? he pulls her closer. Zara says I thought you failed in the exam but you passed it and got 100 out 100, go to sleep as you have a lot work tomorrow. Kabir makes her fall on bed with him. They both enjoy cake together. Kabir wraps Zara in blanket and twirls her around, they both funnily fight on bed and roll over, meherbaan plays, Zara puts her head on his stomach, he kisses her hands.

Scene 2
At night, Zara and Kabir are sleeping in each others arms on bed. Miraj comes to their room silently and points gun at them, he says I want to finish this game now but no, whenever I will kill you Kabir, I will do it after telling you. He looks at his flowers and puts them on side table, he leaves from there.

In morning, Kabir says to Shahbaz that Miraj wont leave so easily. Shahbaz says I have talked to commissioner, he will help us. Kabir says I want an investor who can buy Miraj’s shares, will you buy them? Shahbaz says you are asking me this again? you said that if you ever ask me for money then you will have to ask me so now should I think you are like me? Kabir looks on. Shahbaz says there is another way, stop thinking about divorcing Zara and Irfan will be happy and might you the head position, then you will have so much money that you can built many educational institute, sharia board have a lot of money. Kabir is stunned. Shahbaz says dont leave Zara as its good for everyone. Kabir says no, I dont want to take this decision under any pressure, we got married without our consent but I would want to take this divorce back because we both want to live together, not because of a position. He turns to leave but says that you told me about sharia board having money, so you wanted Miraj to become part of it to get hands on that money? Shahbaz glares at him, Kabir says sorry and leaves.

Zara comes to kitchen. Alina shows her that she had made a dish for her. Zara tastes it and says its so good, what do you want in return? Alina says can you spend one hour daily with me? I want to become like you, Zara says may you be blessed, why you want to spend one hour with me? Alina says because you inspire me, you never lie, always stand with truth, always brave enough to stand with right, never back down under any pressure, you have guts to face the world and stand for what you think is right, can you make me like you? Zara is surprised and hugs her.

Zara comes to Ayesha, Ayesha blesses her and asks where is Kabir? Zara says he went out. Ayesha says did he forget your birthday? Zara shows her the ring and says I thought he forgot it but he surprised me in night with this, he is not only a nice human but a great husband. Ayesha says God bless you both, she gifts her a gold necklace. Zara thanks her. Ayesha asks her to put things in her safe. Zara does it and asks if she gave cheque of 50lacs to Nilofar? Ayesha says no, it was in safe. Zara says its missing, Ayesha says what? Zara says I will find it later, dont worry.

Miraj is angry and says I couldnt become part of sharia board and couldnt make Zara have the divorce. Miraj says to himself that I will make tonight so special that for some it will be Zara’s birthday celebration and for some it will be a mournful day, he laughs evilly.

PRECAP- In Zara’s birthday celebrations, Kabir says to Zara that I want to say you have changed my life from the time you have come in my life, you have made it more colorful. Kabir says I want to ask everyone how Zara have made their lives more beautiful? Miraj comes there and says someone ask me how Zara have made my life beautiful? Kabir glares at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. A lovely scene between Kabir and Zara showcasing the beautiful relationship between a husband and wife who love each other…in most serials ,we don’t get to see a couple in love getting married till the end …even if they get married,they won’t be allowed to consummate and lead a normal married life facing its ups and downs together like Zara and Kabir are doing …the popular notion is there won’t be any charm left in the relationship if the leads become a couple in every respect…So they create any number of obstacles to prevent them from becoming a couple in the real sense …Contrary to this ,Zara and Kabir’s chemistry is intact inspite of their married status and we are simply loving them ….Having said all this,I would like to know ,whether Zara and Kabir have consummated their marriage Or am i just taking it for granted ….can anyone of my friends ,,Naz,Cathy ,Alleybrew clarify my doubt …as you know I have not been regular with this show and missed the earlier episodes….particularly the honeymoon ones…..Miraj coming into their bedroom looked a little unreal..Now he is not a resident , ,on top of it he is a criminal on the run and crazy enough not to leave Zara….after allowing Miraj to escape,Kabir should be more careful and atleast secure their bedroom door..

  2. Hi Lakshmi, you can clear all your doubt as I believe we have two instances where it was indicated that Zara and Kabir consummated their marriage. Once during the honeymoon, the night before they returned home. It stood out because this is unheard of in serials in general. And there was another time, that also stood out because the morning after Kabir coldly informed her that he had merely been performing his duty as a husband.
    Also this is not the first time the Miraj has entered their room in this manner. The first time was the night Rukshar drugged Kabir and attempted to seduce him. Their bathroom has another entrance that accessible from outside of the house. He had planned to kill Zara and Kabir that night however Rukshar got in the way unintentionally. Zara is aware of this so I am also a little surprised that she didn’t think to secure the bathroom.

  3. They did Consummate their marriage on the honeymoon…do these updates go back that far on this site? if they do it’s worth finding them because there was a celebration on this forum amidst the shock and surprise that zee t.v actually allowed it to happen..LOL and i totally agree with you that having a married couple in the realistic sense facing the ups and downs of married life is so refreshing. i think Kabir and Zara aren’t “sleeping” together is due to Kabirs first Talak but i may be mistaken.

  4. Why are married couples sleeping with their doors open especially with a criminal living there? Zara knows Miraj is after her. Close your door girl! All of the scenes in Kabir’s house has an eerie horror house effect, Gives me the creeps to watch dark shadows and low lighted rooms. Is this a horror serial?
    Love the romance between Zara and Kabir.

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