Kundali Bhagya 28th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Mahesh Luthra comes out of the basement

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Rakhi hugs Mummi jee questioning why is she crying, Mummi je replies that when someone is really happy then tears tend to flow from the eyes as they are off excitement, Kritika also goes to Ganesh assuring that everything is fine since they are really happy and her uncle is going to come from the basement, the entire Luthra family starts rejoicing when Preeta sees them all from the balcony, prithvi looks at her thinking she is standing with such attitude because she has won against him but he would make sure that she doesnot remain victorious, Preeta thinks she will not let her ruin the victory since there would be a lot of events like this since she is always going to stand with her family, Preeta rushes inside while Prithvi is standing tensed.

Shristhi informs Dadi that Ganesh makes really good tea when Preeta comes rushing informing that there is a lot of work, Shristhi questions what do they have to do now, Preeta reveals it is time for the birthday celebration of Mahesh, Bi jee questions what can they do now, Preeta explains she doesnot want him to just celebrate his birthday but stay in his room the entire day since he sees them all around him so would feel better, as they say sometimes an illness cannot be cured in the lifetime but on the other hand it can be cured in a single day.

Preeta asks Shristhi to go and meet the senior lawyer of Luthra industries, Kharbanda who is acquainted with the judge that declared Mahesh papa to be unfit and then gave the entire responsibility to Prithvi and even calls Doctor Jhariwala, Shristhi questions what is the need to call them both, Preeta replies that no one believes what she is saying and these two people are the ones who word everyone would believe and accept, Shristhi questions if they are going to say to them when Preeta explains she has come to this house as the boss and not Preeta, she will surely make sure Mahesh gets better so she can give him back the responsibility and even the wealth which only belongs to him.

Shristhi is worried exclaiming it not as easy as it seems, Preeta says that she knows it is difficult but not impossible, if they desire then can do it since today is the birthday of Mahesh and if they plan it correctly so can end the tag of mental from the face of Mahesh, if each of the cards are played correctly then everything would be fine, Preeta informs they only have tonight to make sure everything works as they have planned because if they are not able to bring both the judge and lawyer to the party then might not get a second chance, she feels Prithvi would be thrown on the ground but if everything fails then he might bring someone else like Mona who will once again start torturing Mahesh, Shristhi assures she is going to do everything she can, Shristhi rushes when Bi jee questions if Preeta is sure her plan will work as it is really dangerous, Preeta replies she feels they need to take risk in order to achieve anything.

Sherlin enters the room when prithvi asks if she knows who poisoned Preeta, Sherlin blames Mona when prithvi replies that she herself poisoned the salad, hearing this Shelrin is shocked and exclaims it is not possible as to how would she do it to herself when Prithvi explains she herself is a doctor and knows the right quantity in which she needs to give the poison, Sherlin exclaims if Mona had poisoned Preeta then she would gone away from their lives but she failed, she is now going to ruin their plans and desires to throw them out of the house, prithvi warns he will not fail and is going to plan something else, Preeta thinks she is playing a game with them but in reality it is quite the opposite, he calls Dr Jhariwala who apologizes after hearing what Mona did, Prithvi replies he doesnot have to apologize since it was not his mistake and who could have known what might have happened, Prithvi requests that he send someone else like Mona to their house as a replacement for her, Dr Jhariwala agrees, Prithvi exclaims that he is going to give the new nurse money like he did with Mona so that she starts working for them, Sherlin says that she forgot to tell him how they all are planning a party for Mahesh, she needs to go otherwise they might get suspicious. Prithvi stands in anger exclaiming he will not let Preeta win in any case.

The entire Luthra family is standing while Mahesh rushes away saying they should not come close to him, Karina comes close to him exclaiming she came in the morning to wish him since today is his birthday so he should come with them upstairs, however Mahesh doesnot recognize her. Sameer also tries to talk with Mahesh. Natasha interferes saying she feels Prithvi si not always right but might be telling the truth in the case of Mahesh as he is not in the mental condition to come with them, Sherlin also agrees with Natasha saying what if he doesnot want to come with them, Kritika explains she feels they need to try in either case because even if Mahesh doesnot want to come with them, they all need to try. Rakhi goes to Mahesh explaining that she is his wife and he used to call her as Rakhi jee assuring there is nothing in her hands except the mark of their relation which cannot be seen, she offers to lose the shackles and one by one starts removing them all, Sameer helps Mahesh stand while Dadi gives him her blessings, they all take him upstairs assuring nothing wrong will happen to him.

Preeta is with Bi jee who questions why she is worried, Preeta explains she is not worried but tensed since Mahesh papa is being brought out of the basement but what is something wrong happens to him, the entire Luthra family comes with Mahesh who starts looking at the house, he however gets scared so starts taking a step back when Rakhi questions what has happened since he needs to move ahead. Preeta tries to go to him when Karan holds Mahesh from the back, assuring nothing wrong will happen and he starts taking Mahesh to the room. Mahesh while trying to climb the stairs exclaims that he will fall since they are trembling, Mahesh after panicking sits down exclaiming, he will not move, they all try to calm him and even Preeta tries to but then Prithvi comes to Mahesh exclaiming that he is going to help Mahesh since his boots have magnet and they will help them, however when Mahesh still refuses Prithvi offers to take him to the basement, Preeta at once disagrees exclaiming this is not possible since he would never go back to the basement, Prithvi questions why is she saying such things when it is his comfort zone, Preeta informs that it has been made his comfort zone however she is not going to allow it and Mahesh will stay with his family, Preeta thinks she is always going to stand with Mahesh papa and in front of Prithvi.

Precap: Dadi tells Preeta to do anything, but stop Prithvi from taking Mahesh back to the basement. Later, Prithvi is going up on the stairs. He slips and gets hurt.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I wonder how long it will take to finally expose this Sherlin and her lover…so sick and tired of their rubbish 🙄🙄🙄

    1. Candiva007

      Sherlin and Pritvi won’t get exposed until the show comes to an end. How many years we’ve been watching this show and the two of them have been one step ahead of Preeta.

  2. I hope the new doctor that prithvi gets is someone chosen by preeta who would take prithvis money,tape their conversations but not give Mahesh anything bad. Time for the tables to turn.

    1. disgruntled reader

      You still have hope loool this show is where hope, peace and common sense go to d*e…

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