Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Happu and Rajjo spoil romantic moment

Rajjo and Happu are getting romantically naughty. Suddenly Ritik, Chamchi and Ranveer arrives, making them embrace. Ritik says we shall sleep with you both as our room heater is not working. Ritik, Chamchi and Ranveer have nok jhok. Rajjo says that happu is not feeling well, go anr sleep with dadi.
Dadi and Daddu are getting romantic, when dadi is about to kiss Daddu, but ritik, chamchi and ranveer arrives. Dadi asks them that to sleep with happu. But ritik says we went, but happu got headache. Daddu says happu is clever. Chamchi is about to sleep with dadi, but she says even i am not well and ask them to go.

Happu and Rajjo are dancing in room, and get romantic. But suddenly again Ritik, Chamchi and Ranveer again comes. Chamchi says even dadi is not feeling well. Rajjo deny. Ritik, chamchi and Ranveer forcefully sleeps with them.

Happu and Benny talks about their spoiled night, due to their children. Benny says that vimlesh and I enjoy alone, but you have 9 children, amma, you need to have alone time. happu gets irritate and goes.

Vimlesh asks Rajjo about her cooking food. Rajjo informs says that I am in bad mood. Vimlesh asks about her mood. Rajjo says that when happu and I was about to get romantic, but we got intrupted with our children. Vimlesh ask go out and have fun. Rajjo denies stating that I have children and amma. Vimlesh asks lets go have chaat. Rajjo doesn’t agree. Vimlesh asks shall I help. Rajjo ask to keep children with them for some days. But vimlesh deny and goes.

Amma and Babuji get romantic but her brother calls, who informs her that about marriage celebration. Dadi informs Daddu same, and we shall have romance later on.

Amma informs everyone about marriage celebration. She asks everyone has to come. Happu and Benny tries to avoid from going, but Vimlesh and Rajjo says we shall for sure show off our jewellary and dresses.
Happu again says we all have so many children, what if host get terrified. But amma denies. Kat says i shall do makeup of everyone. Happu says we have to spend to much. Rajjo says we are amma’s DIL, we shall does make up. Amma agrees. Happu takes Rajjo inside to talk.

Precap:- Happu asks Rajjo, we both stay here and can enjoy ourselves at alone time. Rajjo and Happu plan something. Rajjo faints later.

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