Kundali Bhagya 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarla spots the Kidnapper in the market.

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Kundali Bhagya 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karan mentions that he is not at all happy to see her, she explains that she knows it, he asks her the reason for coming when she knew that he will not like that she came back because his hatred is long lasting and will remain till he is alive, he says that he will not fall for her and then why did she came because she is very cruel and intelligent, Preeta explains that she came to his house because of Rakhi because she forced her to come and she could not hear no from her, Karan says that she is not worthy to come to their house, she asks him to stop because she also has some self-respect and she could not forget what he said to her and the way he behaved with her was not at all respectful, he says that she can meet with Sherlin for whom she has come to the party and leave them once and for all.
Prithvi is walking and very worried about Sherlin’s mother and Sarla, and the way they are all taunting him, he is about to go in Rishab’s room when he sees Karina sitting there.
Katina says to Sherlin that she also doesn’t like Preeta and Shrishti in their house but her family supports them a lot so she is quiet, Rishab also0 has a soft corner for Preeta and does not refuse her in any manner, but she must not take any sort of tension because she will take care of everything. Sherlin mentions that she also does not like Preeta and Shrishti and asks for some time, thinking that she has to talk with Prithvi.
Karina leaves, Prithvi hurriedly enters the room asking what she has to say, she mentions that she wants Preeta out of her life, he gets really shocked asking if it was the only thing, she says that she wants him to get married with Preeta as soon as possible because if he does not do it then their plan will be ruined because Rakhi and everyone else in the Luthra family still trust her a lot so if she comes to the house she then they cannot do anything possible to take the property for their revenge.
Prithvi explains that he is really happy thinking of her plan and will do it, he says that he is very lucky as his girlfriend told him to get married with Preeta, he says that he will become a very good husband because he loves Preeta and also that he will be a good son in law for Sarla also because she is very nice.
Sarla is standing in the market she sees the man who was behind hurting Preeta and the reason Rishab got married with Sherlin, Karan and Preeta are no longer friends, she vows to get him arrested, she walks towards him thinking that she will take him to the Luthra mansion so that he can say the truth in front of them and everything which Preeta has been blamed for will be wiped out.
Rishab is in his office thinking what Karan said regarding that he did everything he could to stop his wedding but was not able to because Preeta never showed with the reports proving that Sherlin was pregnant and so they could not stop their wedding, Rishab asks to postpone the meeting for the next day, his employee asks the participants to be patient as they will continue but they also say that they will do it the next day.
Shrishti says to Samer that it has been very long that Preeta went to Karan room and if they do not come then it means they have removed the misunderstandings, Samer refuses when he sees Karan, Shrishti says that he is looking very angry and this will mean Preeta is also angry, She sees Prithvi and gets angry when she sees that he is happy. Preeta also comes and is looking very angry, Shrishti wonders that their plan has backfired and that nothing has been so right.
Prithvi calls Preeta introducing her to everyone saying that they will soon be married and she is a really nice girl. Samer and Preeta both do not like the way Prithvi is looking at Preeta they plan to hurt him allot. Preeta ask Shrishti if they should go back, Shrishti makes an excuse that they will soon get married.
Karan comes to Smear asking him for his phone, he hand s him Rakhi phone by mistake, Preeta hears their conversations hristhy gets angry at him for doing suc a thing, Preeta thinks that this meant she was sent to Karan’s room by purpose so that they could talk, Both Shrishti and Samer run from the scene to escape Preeta.
Preeta and Karan both are left in the hall, they look angrily at each other, Prithvi comes in between them after which Karan leaves, Prithvi says to Preeta that whenever she wants to leave she can call him and he will drop her of. Prithvi goes to Karan saying that he is very happy, Karan says that this is for some time and he will not remain happy.
Prithvi thinks that he is very lucky he is going to marry the girl whose friend is no longer friends with her and the other is married with Sherlin so now he can do what he wants.

Precap; Sarla is walking when she bumps into another girl, the kidnapper notices her, Sarla calls Preeta and Shrishti they both make a plan to come and kidnap the goons, they successfully do it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I don’t like the story about kundali bhagya it’s very boring all the time villian is the winner boring I just it it’s better to end up this type of telly soab

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