Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: AJ on Guddan’s side

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan says to AJ take this ring. I made a mistake by agreeing to it. He says Guddan.. Guddan says I am dead. Antra is back. She and her picture has always been here. And now.. When she is back I am not needed. I will remove my photo. He says Antra.. She says you keep saying Antra you don’t worry. You don’t care about me. I am just a third woman. she is back. what am I am here for now? Now she is your past and present. I can’t live as a third person. I can’t share my husband. I know you also want me to leave. AJ holds her hand. Gudadn says in heart I am sorry. I had to do this for you. Guddan says leave my hand. He says you don’t do good acting. You can’t ever do a negative role. People would rather laugh. Guddan hugs him and cries. He says why did you lie? Guddan says what else would I do? I know you’re in trouble. How can I ask you to choose? He says you thought I would let you go away from me? He says I wasn’t expecting her. You are my present and future. Antra coming back won’t change that. Guddan says what was that downstairs? He says care. Because of all the time I had spent with her. Guddan says why didn’t you say all that. It was so difficult to say all that. My heart is really worried. I want to live all my life with you. AJ says I will Antra everything. Guddan says will she understand? AJ says I will make her understand. I promise. He hugs her.

Scene 2
Bhushan says where are AJ and Guddan? AJ comes there holding Guddan’s hand. AJ says I know you’re worried for Guddan. Don’t’ worry. We have spoken. I will tell Antra everything that Guddan is my wife. The doctor says you can’t tell her. Her brain is really weak. This can be dangerous for her. AJ says but Guddan is my wife. The doctor says you should wait for right time. Keep things the way she left. It’s not easy to tell how would she react. Tell her everything slowly. Saru says to Durga our time is going good. AJ says I have to tell Antra truth. Doctor says she is conscious. Be careful.

Antra says what truth? Why are you distant? Come sit with me. Antra says what truth? Guddan says the engagement truth. Angat and Revati were getting engaged. This is Revati. Antra says hello. Antra says who are you? What’s your relation with this house. are you also engaged? AJ? Why is she silent? You’re so pretty. Whoever you marry would be really lucky. Guddan says I have no fiance. I am here as Revati’s sister who will be angat’s wife. This is my only relationship with this house. Antra stands up. Antra says you’re our guest. You’re always welcome to be here. Congrats revati. You will be SIL. She hugs Revati.

Guddan is leaving. Antra holds her hand. She holds her mangasutra. She says you said you don’t have a fiance then this? Guddan says I meant, Durga says she meant husband. Her husband is abroad for some work. Antra says I knew how can such pretty girl be single. Now, look at me. AJ was after me before marriage and we are together. Guddan says you’re lucky. Antra says why did your husband leave. Gudadn says he has a reason. ANtra says no AJ and I will talk. He always takes out time for his family even though he is busy. Guddan says he is very nice. Don’t say anything to him. If he didn’t have a reason he would be standing with me like AJ is standing with you. Dadi says let Antra rest. Antra says to AJ where are you going? Stay with me. Guddan walks out. Antra rests her head in AJ’s lap. Antra says when I used to be sick, you would always caress my head. No one can love me as you did.

Guddan recalls AJ with Antra. She swipes her tears. AJ comes and holds her hand. He says you’re eating all the ice cream that was for guests? Guddan says all the guests left only one is here. I am very angry. Aj says because your engagement called off? Or Antra held my hand? Or you couldn’t say truth. Guddan says I don’t care. AJ holds her and says your eyes tell how much do you care.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Super awesome episode. Such a relief to know that Guddan n AJ will forever be 2gether. Such romantic scenes Aww loved d way AJ hugs n embraces Guddan n vice a versa. Even d last scene of 2days episode was too good where he forcibly pulls angry Guddan in his arms n tries mollify her.

  2. Leisa s morris

    Someting really is afoot here. How long was antra in dis coma? D whole 15 yrs? Nah I still believe its a look alike and someone maybe antras brother is using dis woman he found to come between aj and guddan. Only he will b able to let dis person know every detail of aj and antras life to mimic antra. I doubt shes antra and time will surely tell when he real personality emerges.

    1. When I see his two Machiavellian wife laughing .. My blood is heating up to see that Guddan’s misfortune and sadness brings joy to their face .. This Antra is a lure .. I bet it’s a great plan from Durga for Separate Guddan and Aj .. She gave all the details and create a close up .. Sure that his accomplice is the other guy who tried to kill everyone .. Brief recent photo shows him in prison and beaten .. Sure that all this is a very well orchestrated plan .. In short ..

  3. Meanwhile the episode was crazy especially for Guddan and Akshat very romantic, now I remain in doubt some scenes, sorry but you do not know how long Antara had died! She sees the people around her and doesn’t see them changed, it seems as if she has been away for a few days, some question a normal person would have asked. Then throughout the episode, she of the children and the daughters-in-law, who she has not seen for a long time not if she is remotely interested as if they did not count!!!! So I don’t think she’s aj’s real wife, I think it’s all Parv’s plan. I hope Durga finds out because he’s really bothering with his intrigue. Prepare for a new incursion of Parv, I saw on Instagram his new transformation that from how he wrote comes back to get revenge!!!

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    I was so busy last week that I didn’t know what was going in show… But this episode, I find is actually funny, the return of Antra?????
    Guddan was shown jealous and prety in this saree…. I hope if she is fake Antra her truth come out soon..

    Precap: Antra head toward Akshat room, Guddan and Saraswati goes behind her to remove Guddan pics

    1. SHANKI

      Edit: Antra goes towards akshat’s room and falls down stairs Guddan and saru are left shocked, Durga is talking with someone in black outfit saying our plan is working just continue to do what i say and guddan and akshat will never be one

  5. was really lovely to see AJ n Guddan cute moments. they are so new to their embrace, for the first time they embraced each other, there was no passion in it, perhaps because it was the first time.
    looking forward to watch their chemistry.
    Antra is so cheap, falling all the time on AJ and holding him as if he is going to run away.
    Dadi is so silent, does she not feel for her guddan
    the durga saras – are like cindrella’s wicked sisters.
    but was happy to see n know that AJ will support and be with Guddan.
    but very painful for Guddan to see her AJ her love with another.
    AJ must think of Guddan, would he be able to see someone hold his Guddan.
    But in all this happy to see AJ for the first time, standing for Guddan instead of Antra. otherwise it was antra n only antra.
    sure Guddan in a shorter span of few months has done exceedingly much more for AJ n d family.
    Waiting to see d passion n love in AJ n Guddan

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