Kundali Bhagya 21st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Everyone tries to save Karan from Manisha

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Janki ask Prithvi where he was going, he says that he is going nowhere ad is only trying to make some place for the guest. Janki tries to take the side of Karan assuring that he could get all the girls in India and would even get Miss India, so if she is luckily getting married to him than she should act like Indian brides and take the proper Veil, she asks that Janki should have been straightforward. Janki makes her sit in the Mandap. Karan thinks that Rishab and Preeta would have done something to stop his wedding.

Preeta and Rishab are preparing for the plan, Shrishti comes informing that she has planted all the cameras and projectors, Preeta asks her to do something as she cannot hear anything, Rishab also confirms, Shrishti leans in and is correcting the error, Rishab gets nervous as Preeta touches him, Shrishti asks if they can hear, Rehab is lost in his thoughts. He says that he wants to confess something to her.

Kartika is in the fuse room and finds the fuse for the lights, Sarla asks the Pandit to call the sayings slow as both Karan and Manisha would not be able to understand even a single word, Manisha feels that it will be their plan,

Samer comes in and is hiding, Mahesh goes to taunt him and asks him to be confident.

Rishab tries to confess his love to Preeta but says that Prithvi is not a good person to marry, just than the lights go off and the plan gets in motion.

Everyone asks Samer to go ahead and tell Manisha that he wants to see her, Manisha ask Karan to do something is it is their wedding day, he remains seated and Samer comes and ask her to come, she gets excited to hear Rithwik voice and runs after him. Samer calls everyone and they move forward with the plan.

Manisha is running behind Samer, she reaches the room and after seeing the shadow is left speechless. Karan seeing this walks away from the Hall, Shrishti asks Mahesh and Dadi to go to the fans, but Karina says hat she will go and Dadi must take care of the guests.

The all reach their positions and Samer goes in front of Manisha

Prithvi is standing near the box, the guests get curious and ask him the reason he is guarding the box, he asks them to leave the place and enjoy the function, Billa however gets conscious and thinking of who could have done this only gets the name of Prithvi, he start banging on the inside of the box to be taken out from it.

Manisha mother wonders why Manisha has gone up the room, she decides to go and bring her, Shrishti seeing this tries to do everything to stop her from going to Manisha, Dadi also takes her side and they prevent her from going up to the rooms.

Manisha is blessed to see that Rithwik is standing in front of her, he ask her why she is marrying Karan, Manisha is at able to believe this asking why he is saying this, he blames her saying that it might be because she actually did it and is now doing it to make it false, Manisha walks ahead and stumbles falling into his hands, Preeta ask Samer to move away as otherwise she will know that he is someone impersonating Rithwik. Manisha gets doubtful of his actions

She ask him if he loves her, she says that he was to know if she molested Karan, he says yes, she takes the phone and lights up a touch in his face, seeing that it is Samer she is not able to believe her eyes and gets mad, just than the lights come on and she sees every cameras and recorder that is planted in the room, Preeta Rishab along with everyone else are left shocked to know that she has found the truth, Manisha follows the wires and ends up in the room where Preeta and Karan are, she starts to create a scene and says that they are hideous people because they used Rithwik who is dead.

Samer comes and she also blames him for playing with her emotions saying that Karan and herself both k now what she has done or done not and now they will pay the price, Karan will marry her and Preeta will make sure that it happens.


Precap: Manisha is standing in the room and is very angry, Shrishti comes from behind and injects her with a drug.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. When are you dumb writers gonna stop this shit of a show. How can you continue to exploit these actors just to make a dollar. Sickening.

  2. I love this show but this is getting stupid. Why are they going around in circles. These people must get caught now. At least let Manisha get caught. It is boring watching the same thing over and over.

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