Kundali Bhagya 20th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Karan is confused about whom he should choose

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Kundali Bhagya 20th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sherlin says that Maira is telling the truth as Preeta was the one who pushed her in front of the truck, Karan says that he doesn’t want to talk with her, Maira then also says that it was Preeta who pushed her in front of the truck and even Ramona is insisting that Preeta is at fault and she was the one who pushed, Ramona asks Rakhi that if Preeta is so nice then why did she send the legal notice, Ramona also asks her daughter to explain what Preeta said on the night of Mehandi, upon insisting she says that Preeta on the night of Mehandi said that she would not leave karan or her alimony and so Maira should back out from the wedding, Karina explains that he should respect those who love him and not work towards those who are not worthy like Preeta whom she will never love. Maira again tries to explain but Karan stops them all from saying anything and leaves.
The lady countable advises that Shrishti leave the cell as it is not allowed to stay with the criminal, Shrishti starts to get in an argument with them explaining why she should walk away and why are they saying that she is standing with a criminal, Preeta explains that she should not indulge in any conversation with them as it is will not solve any problems, they both are standing when Sarla enters the police station.
Janki sees them both then asks Sarla to not scold them as they are already very scared, Preeta cries for her mother then when she gets near the cell, Preeta tries to explain that she did not do anything wrong, Sarla explains that there is no need to prove herself as she is their mother and is aware of the fact that Preeta would never do anything to harm anyone, she explains that Preeta went to serve Dadi when she was aware of how much they all hated her so she cannot do anything wrong. Sarla kisses her daughter explaining that nothing wrong will happen and they both will go home.
Karan is in the hall, he thinks of what will happen now that Preeta has already wronged everything and if she had a problem with Maira then would have talked with him as he would have found a way, he wonders what should he do now that everything is so messed up. Maira asks Rakhi what she feels of her, Rakhi explains that she trusts what Maira has said and she would have hit the truck and would also have fallen from the hospital bed, Ramona asks what is she saying and even doesn’t want to hear anything that she ahs to say, she along with Karina leave to consult the doctor.
Rakhi goes to Maira explaining that she trusts her a lot but she also trusts Preeta and is worried about what would happen to her as it all wrong, she starts to weep for her, Sherlin explains that she should go and consult the doctor, when she leaves Sherlin explains that she said that Rakhi also doesnot want Maira is saying, Maira wonders what would she do now that even Rakhi does not trust her. Sherlin says that she told her that Rakhi loves her a lot and it would never diminish, she then goes on to explain that she would advise that Maira should stay in the hospital for as long as possible then would have some time to stay with Karan, Maira asks Sherlin to leave saying that she doesn’t need her advice so Sherlin should leave, she is walking in the hall then thinks that she would do something that will make Maira realize not to fight with her.
Sarla is standing when the doctor arrives, she goes on to explain that her daughter cannot be a killer and the charges against her are false so she should be freed but the inspector says that she should not explain their duties to them as she was arrested on the charges of attempt to murder, The nursed explains to Ramona that Maira would be admitted in the hospital for a couple of days as she is not well, Rakhi pulls Ramona explaining that she would be alright and there is nothing to worry about.
Sarla explains that even though she had pledged to not go to the Luthra house but would take every possible step to save her if it comes to it, she explains that she will ask them for their help and so leaves for their house, Shrishti tries to follow her but is stopped by Preeta who says that she is really short tempered so should not follow her mother, she stays with Preeta when she pressurizes her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Evil, lying Indian women. Some fat, ugly, evil, lying, Indian women. Really, really dumb Indian men. Nice. Real nice, portrayal of Indian people. Thanks for the education.

    1. Why should the police bother to investigate? The elite always tell the truth….LOL. (That’s how they stole and secured ‘their’ wealth, by never ever cheating, lying or stealing land/resources/labour). Middle-class and poor people always lie. Well, at least this is a Mumbai Police Station. Or are the Mumbai police also owned by a political party? What happened to ?Tashi/Sashi Tharoor’s third wife? Lucky thing that he knows how to do a good interview in the ‘right’ accent and is able to say the odd smart thing. That way, everyone forgets the story of his third wife.

      1. See Karan I told Many Times you don’t talk to Maira you just leave her don’t waste the time Karan you go to Meet Dr Preeta he likes you Karan so please try to understand that don’t Scold for Dr Preeta don’t blame her to Dr Preeta she will not Anything for you Karan I hope you can do it to Love For Dr Preeta this is not Aroes Shame on you all the Family see Kareena bua if do like this Episode Kumkum Bhagya And Kundali Bhagya than Pragya will came to Scold for Sheryln And Maira both of you keep it Mind be careful Karen please love Dr Preeta but I like you so much I Request Karan you tell her to get lost Form Luthra house and do go Near Dr Preeta Pragya Siriti She 3 Sister Okay Done 👍

      2. Checking all the episodes of Kumkum Bhagya, Kundali Bhagya, Kasauti Zindagi Ki and other Ekta stories, I have concluded that there is nothing like boy meets girl, falls in love and gets married and live happily in peace. If you have not been kidnapped, molested, accused and hated by the grooms family, undergone terrorist attack, gone to prison, accused of being characterless, shot at, loose your memory, maybe even have your look alike live your life at some point🤔 etc, then you can never live peacefully in love, SMH.😖

  2. Geetanjali Kullu

    Indian society is filled with evil and evil. At least serial producer should try to show the good things and motivate the society. All faltu na show..

  3. Preeran's biggest hater

    I just hate this show . This is full of crap , f**king and b*t*hy people . The one whom I hate the most is so called preeta ji . That so called karan luthra left her in the middle of night on a silent road and still she wants to continue her married life . Preeran sucks , kundali bhagya sucks . I was watching it since the 1st ep but now I am not watching this crap anymore. I love kumkum bhagya but I hate kundali bhagya – the worst show ever . This show does deserve an award – OSCAR for the worst show and worst characters. 🤮🤮

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