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Shivaay was reading some files when his phone rang,

Shivaay: Hello…
POC: Shivaay… (He tells Shivaay something)
Shivaay: Okay… Just do as I have told you.

He keeps the phone down and stares outside the window. Anika comes there and sees Shivaay lost somewhere.

Anika: Shivaay, what happened?

Shivaay comes out of his thoughts and looks at Anika,

Shivaay: Nothing, the usual, business work.
Anika: Shivaay, you have worked hard for this empire.
Shivaay: This is what I have always dreamt of.
Anika: And your dream has come true.
Shivaay: It has but I could not have done it without you. Thank you, Anika, for always being there for me.
Anika: Shivaay, please don’t say thank you. I am always going to be there for you.

Shivaay hugs Anika.

Shivaay: I am sorry Anika… I have to lie to you.


Om was sitting in front of the canvas but his mind was only thinking about Ishana and her voice was revolving in his ears.
He closed his eyes and remembered her retreating figure, as she was walking outside the temple.

Omkara: I don’t know who she is… But I really want to meet her…

He was thinking about Ishana.


Om was sitting outside the temple, he was waiting there for Ishana, and he wanted to meet her. Om was lost in thoughts.
Ishana was climbing up the stairs to the temple. She entered the temple and rang the bell. She was praying to God.
Om was looking here and there, he was trying to remember Ishana, and he had only seen her walking away and was trying to find anyone resembling that figure.
Ishana finished her prayers and was about to go when she remembered Om, she looked around if she could find him today.

Ishana: I don’t know if his problem got solved or not… I hope it got solved.

Ishana looked back once and started walking towards the exit.

She was walking when someone bumped into her and she was about to fall, she closed her eyes, but soon she realized that she had not fallen and opened her eyes to meet a pair of beautiful black eyes, Om who was walking inside the temple, saw Ishana falling and caught her, they were looking at each other, lost in each other’s eyes,

(“Aankhon mein teri
Ajab si ajab si adayein hai
Aankhon mein teri
Ajab si ajab si adayein hai
Dil ko bana de jo patang saansein
Yeh teri wo hawaaein hai
Aankhon mein teri
Ajab si ajab si adayein hai… ” Plays in BG)

They both realized their position and Om made Ishana stand properly.

Omkara: Are you okay?

Ishana felt like she had heard this voice before,

Ishana: Yes, I am fine. Thank you.

Om was surprised to hear the voice,

Omkara: Wo…

Before he could complete his sentence, his phone rang and he picked up the call. After finishing the call, Om turned to talk to Ishana, but she was not there.

Omkara: I feel like she was the one I had been waiting for… But where did she go… I wanted to talk to her.




Ishana was sitting in her room, she was sitting in front of the mirror, she removes her jhumka, she moves to the other jhumka but sees it missing, she remembers about Om,

Ishana: I think it fell down that time…

She is thinking about Om,

Ishana: Was he the same person I had talked to that day… I feel like he is the same person… I should have talked to him… But what if he is not the one I am thinking him to be…

She stood up and walked towards the window; she looked at the moon and closed her eyes.
She thought about Om, she could remember his black eyes, there was something different in those eyes, and there was some pain, some regret and some loneliness that she could sense.



Om was standing near the window looking at the moon.

He was thinking about Ishana, her brown eyes that he looked into today, her long hair and the curls that touched her face lightly, her pink lips, her jhumkas swinging around her ears, her bangles twinkling against each other, he could remember every detail about her, as if he was never going to forget her ever.
He puts is hand inside his pocket, he feels something and takes it out, he looks at a jhumka, he remembers Ishana and the moment when he held her in his arms,

Omkara: I don’t know who you are… I don’t know if I’ll ever meet you again… I don’t know where you are right now… But if you can hear this… I just want to thank you… You are right… If my heart says whatever I am doing is right… It is right… Whatever I am doing and I have to do is a result of my mistakes… And I will try and make everything fine… Thank you for helping me…


Ishana was sitting near the window,

Ishana: I don’t know if what I said helped you or not… But if it did… And your problem got solved… I am happy for you… Always listen to your heart… It will always show you the right path…



Om was getting ready when there was a knock on the door, he turned back and was surprised to see Shivaay standing there.

Omkara: Shivaay…
Shivaay: I have to talk to you about something, it’s important.
Omkara: What happened?
Shivaay: Yesterday, Badi Maa came to me, and she wants you to fix a date for your marriage.

Om is shocked hearing this.

Omkara: Shivaay, what are you saying? This cannot happen.
Shivaay: What do you think, I also know that this cannot happen. I tried talking to her but until and unless we don’t give her a good reason, she won’t agree.
Omkara: I’ll talk to her.
Shivaay: No, not at all.
Omkara: What… But why… If I tell her, she’ll listen.
Shivaay: No, you will not talk to her. I have already told you to keep your distance from everybody and I don’t want her to get hurt by anything you say to her.
Omkara: So, then why are you here. If you can handle all your problems, then why did you even come here.
Shivaay: How dare you talk to me like this?
Omkara: Oh yes, I shouldn’t. In fact, we shouldn’t talk at all. So, when you know what you have to do and you need me, come to me.

Before Shivaay could answer back, Om leaves from there.

Shivaay: I know how to handle my problems. And I’ll show that to you.


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