Kundali Bhagya 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Manisha gets reunited with Rithwick

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Shrishti twists Karina feet, she gets very hurt and then starts to cry saying that she is now handicapped because of Shrishti’s mistake, Mahesh tries to calm her down but she does not listen, everyone gets tensed. Dadi while acting scolds both Mahesh and Shrishti and then kicks them out of the room.
Prithvi says to Preeta that Manisha was the one who is trying to molest him, she says that he is lying, Karan also gets angry, Prithvi says that she herself said in the court room that girls now do this to men, They do not believe him, Rishab asks him what he was doing in the room, he says that he came to use the washroom but she followed him and tried to take advantage of him, Prithvi tries to swear on Preeta that he was honest to her and didn’t even hurt Manisha, He asks if she understand

that he is the Victim, he holds Preeta’s hand and tries to make himself feel good, Karan and Rishab both make him fall back.
He says that he is the one who is the victim, and challenges Rishab to find out who was the one, he then asks Manisha, she says that she was drugged by Karan, Rishab tries to deny it, Prithvi starts to blame her and they start to argue,,Preeta tries to make an excuse that she has to go and pick up the mobile but he does not let her, she is left confused and then says that he is hurt and must now look good as his personality, they all leave, Prithvi thinks that now their plan failed and they will not be able to find Manisha and her recording.
They all are standing when Prithvi says that he is hurting and now she must come and apply bandage, Rishab tries to taunt him and then Preeta takes him away, Shrishti is shocked to see Prithvi look like this, she thinks and coagulates Karan but Rishab says that it was not him and Manisha did this.
Shrishti asks Sameer about what horned to Prithvi, he at first denies but then when she insists he says that she tried to take advantage of him and that is why he looks so worse. She gets very amazed as to how can a girl be so cruel.
Manisha says that Prithvi is very clever and they both must be very careful of him and now they both must be careful of him, they got greedy because of him and she only took him by the color because she wanted to expose him. he tries to calm her down making her understand that she did the right thing by not saying anything because otherwise she would have been exposed, Rithwick says that he thought she was cheating on him with Karan, she asks him why did he think anything like this, he says that he must leave, Manisha takes him from the back door.
Prithvi is talking to himself, he say that he never r thought that being hurt would bring happiness to him, she comes back and then he says that he is very hurt and the wounds are paining, she say that she will apply the medicine which will make him feel better, she starts to apply it , he thinks that he is very lucky to have a girl like Preeta, he is and idiotic to follow Sherlin all the time, Karan, Rishab come to the room, they are amazed to see him so close to Preeta, Prithvi thinks that it is the right time to make both of them get jealous of him as he is the one to marry Preeta.
They all are at the door and are amazed to see Preeta so close to Prithvi, he holds her hand to make them jealous, he says that she came to him after leaving everything, this could only mean one thing that she loves him and she must say this to him, Karan does not bear this and go inside, she takes her hand and walks outside, Rishab asks if his hand are hurting, he says that they are not, Rishab hand him the box and ask him to apply it by himself, he thinks that they both will burn of jealousy, he thinks that Preeta was finally with him for some time and he felt really good.
He leaves to attend the cake cutting ceremony, he says that it is really his victory as the truth of Manisha did not come out, he goes to eat the sweets.

Precap: Shrishti sees Manisha with Rithwick, when she goes too him they start to argue and they start to fight.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Any hope of this shitty serial coming to conclusion. It is tge disaster of the century. What a waste of good actors.

  2. Let’s turn and turn and turn and turn with the same cr*p

  3. This boring drama will never end i guess….this serial runs only bcoz of good actors or else this story is f**king…

  4. This serial really sucks with never ending boring drama where villian keeps on winning and good ones keeps on losing….real shit…

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