Ishq Subhan Allah 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara denies to be with Kabir anymore

Ishq Subhan Allah 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara talks to Salma on call, she asks her to be wise. Zara sees Kabir coming there and tries to leave but Kabir says I thought we will stay together to fight everyone but you are asking for separation? will you be able to live without me? will you be able to enjoy life without me? I cant sleep without you, you know when we fought last time, I thought I could sleep but when I lied down, I couldnt sleep, that day I knew I was in love, I didnt believe in love, only in duty but you changed that, you made me love you, how can you leave me? you want divorce? I will give you what you want but do you want it? Zara says you think I can live without you? how can you expect me to be with you one night and then you go to Ruksaar next night? I cant bear it, you want to know what my heart cant do? it cant share you with anyone, I can live without you but I cant share you with anyone, I cant see you going to anyone else infront of me, I cant share you for life. Kabir looks away and wipes his tears. Zara comes behind him and tries to hold his hand but she recalls how Kabir didnt divorce Ruksaar. She moves away and says I have taken my decision and I wont move back from it. Kabir stops her and says you cant make me crazy like this. Zara says my love and life is getting destroyed, you have your Ruksaar with you. Kabir shouts to not take her name, you are making me crazy, you can do anything but I will not divorce you at any cost, you can wait for life but I wont give it, I will move away from religion and give divorce to Ruksaar but I will not leave you at any cost.. you have seen Kabir who follows religion, who is a priest but you will see a new Kabir now, A Kabir who loves you, Kabir who is in love and can do anything but will never divorce you. Zara is stunned and leaves from there.

Zara is in kitchen, she is trying to cook but she keeps recalling how she asked for divorce and her argument with Kabir. Her dupatta catches fire from stove but she doesnt see it. Kabir comes there and jerks dupatta away from her, he throws water on fire. Zara runs to him and asks if he is fine? your hand is burning, why did you come inbetween? Kabir says I am fine, are you fine? let me see your hand.. Zara moves away and doesnt let him see her hand. Ayesha comes there and asks Zara if she is fine? Zara nods. Ayesha asks her to take rest, dont come in kitchen for 10-15 days. Zara says I dont even know if I have these many days in this house. Ayesha says I would never want you and Kabir to separate, why did you ask for divorce? Zara says I didnt ask for divorce, I asked for whole Kabir. Kabir sadly looks at her. She leaves from there.

Irfan comes to Shahbaz’s house. Shahbaz says everything okay? Ruksaar comes there and says let me explain, she says to Irfan that you are a priest so only Zara is your daughter? Irfan says all girls of Lucknow are like my daughters. Ruksaar says then why injustice with me? when I gave request in sharia board, you scolded me but today Zara sent her request for divorce from Kabir in sharia board so you are here. Ayesha is stunned and says Zara requested for divorce in board? Kabir comes there. Ruksaar says congrats Kabir, your first wife requested for divorce in sharia board, he is stunned.

In sharia board, Irfan says we have seen every aspect of this matter, he says to Ruskaar that you have asked for rights as a wife from Kabir, you were married to me to save your life, not to live life with him so you cant get rights of a wife but Kabir can take time to accept relation with you. He says to Kabir that you have accepted that you dont have reason to divorce Ruksaar so you cant leave her. He says to Zara that you have asked for divorce from your husband but you cant take it as your husband loves you, takes care of you, doesnt hurt you and his family doesnt torture you so you dont have any reason to take divorce from him. Kabir thanks God. Irfan says you said you cant share your husband with anyone, these are your feelings for your husband but they cant be reason to take divorce. Zara says you mean to say my passion of love cant be the reason to separate from him? we can marry out of love but cant separate because of love so.. now this love will become my reason to completely stay away from my husband till I dont find the reason to ask for divorce, I will not have a look at him till then. Kabir is stunned. Ruksaar smirks. Zara says I will repeat, my love is my pride and it doesnt allow me to share my husband with anyone. She leaves from there. Kabir goes behind her.

Zara is leaving with Reema, Kabir tries to stop her but Zara sits on Reema’s scooty and leaves. Kabir sits in Imran’s car and leaves behind her. Ruksaar sees it and says I got my life back because of Zara and I will make her life hell now.
Reema asks Zara what we will do now? Zara says I will wait till I find a reason to divorce Kabir. Imran asks Kabir what we will do now? Kabir says I will wait till Zara’s anger is down.
Zara says to Reema that we are not going home, you know love is extreme, when you are happy in love, you feel like you are flying but when you are pained in love, you feel like everything is giving you a pain.
Kabir says to Imran that after loving Zara, I feel like life of a priest is very simple than life of a lover.
Reema stops her bike and says I am tried now. Zara says you are tired so soon? I am finding a way for my life.
Imran says to Kabir that I am tired of driving now. Kabir says I have been running around for many days but nobody asked if I am tired, I will be running round and round and nobody knows what is in my fate.
Reema gets call from her parents and says I am coming, she ends call. Zara asks her to leave. Reema says I am not leaving you. Zara says I will roam around, Kabir is not accepting me fully nor divorcing me, I am just roaming around. Reema says but.. Zara says just leave, Reema asks her to take care and leaves. Zara says to herself that there must be something lacking in my love that I couldnt get Kabir.

PRECAP- Zara looks at burning coals and says this love is not easy, its about a volcano you have to cross for your lover. She says I will give a test today for my love, it will show if I just brag about my love or I really love Kabir. She is about to walk on burning coals. Kabir is running to stop her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I am happy this show is addressing the aspect of a woman’s pain when she has to share her husband.
    This goes across to all women not only in Islam.
    There are husbands who cheat on their wives and never realize the magnitude of their wives pain.
    In this case I hope Kabir undo his wrong towards Zara quickly because Ruksaar is a Husband Hunter.

  2. It’s very painful to see Zara in this situation. But I know what she is going through. She’s right to say that she can’t share her husband with someone else. I hope soon that she will find the truth about the psycho ruksar . And writer please stop this track

  3. OMG finally, finally. Someone is speaking some sense regarding the whole situation between Kabir and Rukhsar. I have been waiting for someone one to point out that because of the circumstances surrounding their marriage Kabir does not have to treat her as anything other than a wife in name only. Thank god Kabir has a reason to chase the witch away any time she tries to come near him. Kabir, you now have a golden opportunity. Wine and dine Zara, pamper her and shower her with so much love that Rukhsar just melts into an angry, jealous puddle because there is nothing she can do about it. And when she does try to break up u and Zara you will have to perfect excuse to divorce her.

    1. Allyson… I’ve played detective… Is this your correct name Allybrew??? Lol… It wasn’t hard to figure it out…

    2. Hi Naz, you are very correct. Allyson is my given name. Everyone usually calls me Ally or Al. Some years ago a co worker told me I was a bitter brew because I never hesitate to speak my mind. So I kinda got stuck with it as an office nickname.

  4. I hope Rukhsa will make a big mistake while trying to separate Zara and Kabeer so Kabeer has no choice but to divorce her

  5. Leisa s morris

    Kabir needs to be very harsh and put ruksaar firmly in her place in front of all letting her know dat he doesnt and will never love or accept her and prefer to kill her than let her anywhere near him. Dis is his test to prove his luv for zara as zara had done with him.Zaras pain of sharing her husband is wat every wife goes through and I dont care if ur a muslim if u truly love ur husband u would die inside at d very mention of him takin a second wife and everytime he goes to her and to make it worst some of these men has three and four wives as long as dey can maintain all d same way. Parents raise their girl child to accept this as right but no woman can tell me they dont feel pain,resentment or jealously towards their sister in marriage, of course u have no choice but to hide it but im sure u feel it. And we all know human behaviour there is always one d husband will care for more than d other so in reality he wouldnt be treating all equally will he and as d first wife can u really be ok with ur husband loving his second wife more than u if so then ur in a marriage of convenience and dont really care for ur husband and wat he does.Men has given themselves d rights to cheat on their wives in a legal way and theres no other way to describe this. If he desires another woman he uses marriage as a way to fulfil his love and lust and as his wife u have to accept it cause it is what u were raised to expect.Yet a woman has to keep herself chaste and not look upon another else she will be ostracized out of d family and community or even killed. Wats d need of a second wife if d first wife has to live her whole live with u and accept ur flaws and everthing and still luv only u,y do u have d option of trading up and aquiring another, usually younger than d first wife. Y cant he luv her alone for d rest of her life too. I know I can never share my luv cause d mental torture I would be putting myself through imagining him being with another as he is with me wouldnt allow me to.

    1. Leisa s morris

      I also forgot d other aspect of multiple wives… imagine ur d first wife and because u havent been able to produce a child for watever reason ur husband remarries and his second wife makes a baby immediately theres no way u can tell me d first wife wouldnt feel pain and resentment, and her position in d household wouldnt b drastically reduce.

  6. Leisa… ???????…thank you …i feel vindicated!! This is what I’ve been saying…. Every single word, every single point of your comment is the honest truth!! I’m sure you read my contributions two days ago and I’m sure you read the rebuttal by another viewer, my logical mind couldn’t believe that there are women out there who would justify the practice of men having more than one wife, all because of religion. Like I’ve said, polygamy benefits men ONLY.. It must be exciting for a man to go from one wife to the other and another but what about the wife’s pain and human jealousy traits??? We can’t get away from that and if a woman says she’s accepting of her husband with another, she’s a damn liar!!! I don’t need to add any more to this topic….once again Leisa, your comment hit the right notes… 100%

    1. Leisa s morris

      Yes naz theres no way around human behaviour and as a result I would also like to point out d basis for polygamy as I c it.. It was stated dat islam DOES NOT PERMIT relationship outside of marriage so it is religiously wrong for either person to go on d outside so wat did men do dey made a law where dey can have relationship/s with other women and not have anyone bat an eye cause dey do it in d sanctity of……marriage. Now dont get me wrong anyone who is willing to live dis live either because dey were born into it or choose it as a way of life I have nothing against dem its their choice and as long as dey can live with it dats their life. But fact is fact and dat is men r having relationships within relationship called marriages because their religion does not allow dem to have relationships without d sanctity of marriage. Therefore as u said ONLY MEN BENEFIT from dis practice.

  7. Atiba….. Thank you, your written update as always, is perfect. If I couldn’t view the episode if I was on another planet, I could see through the eyes of your sentences and descriptions… You are an awesome writer and if I can visualize what you posted here, then you’ve passed the test with full marks.

  8. I agree with everyone today, so far. I also believe that Zara should hold her hand on Kabir giving her a divorce, this is what Rukhsar wants. As Allyson says, Zara should allow Kabir to pamper her till the cows comes mooing, this would definitely send Rukhsar mad and mad with jealousy too…as I see it, Kabir is desperately trying to hold on to Zara, so now is time for her exercise her importance in his life…

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