Kundali Bhagya 14th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Janki defends Karan who is behind the Veil

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Shrishti mentions that there were 25 missed calls from Sherlin and when she finally answered it the first thing which she said was why he is marrying Preeta, she pleads that she at least talk with Prithvi, she should not trust him blindly but clear her doubts, if she is satisfied then she will not force her to end the marriage.
Sherlin is wondering why Prithvi went after Preeta, she is restlessly waiting for Prithvi as she wants to talk to him,
Sarla is with Prithvi’s mother, she asks her that she knows Preeta is an honest person and will never do such a thing, his mother also explains that she knows what Sherlin is capable of, she is also aware that Preeta is really good but Sherlin is madly in love with Prithvi and will not leave him so easily.
Sarla pleads to the inspector that they are honest and hardworking people and cannot think of stealing he asks her to remain quiet because they still have to find the necklace.
His mother takes Sherlin aside, asking why did she do such a thing, she also warns her to stay aside, Sherlin however refuses to stay back, she says that she said that Sherlin was mad so now she will show her how mad she can be, she asks his mother to apologize to her only then wills he take back her complain, she apologizes but Sherlin refuses to take back the complaint, His mother then says that she is a bad person which angers her and she acts as if she is being tortured, Sarla comes with the inspector, Sherlin makes him think that she was being tortured, He warns her to not do anything of the sort otherwise he will have to arrest her.
His mother is with Sarla and Janki, she explains that she did not even touch her yet she blamed her for hurting her. Sherlin comes from behind but they all ignore her, she thinks that she will now talk with Prithvi, Karan comes from behind with the grooms clothes, she stops him asking him to not marry her, Karan thinks that she has come to know that it is him who is behind the veil, so she wants him to not marry her, he does not speak anything, Shrishti asks Preeta to go and talk with Prithvi who is with Sherlin, Sherlin leaves Karan thinks of going to the room before someone else come to talk.
He heads into the room, he is sure that Sherlin knows it is him who is behind the veil wondering why she did not tell anyone, Preeta comes saying that she has something to say. She mentions that when the inspector accused her everyone stood by her including her mother but it was him who remained quiet so she wants to know why he was quiet, or rather was it because he knew that Sherlin did not want them to get married, it maybe because Sherlin has feelings for her, she demands the answer to her quires because she does not trust anyone more than his words so wants to know what he has to say, Karan gets worried because he is sure that she will recognize him if he speaks and he wants to marry her under any circumstance. She asks him what she should think of his quietness and it is that she including everyone is right of him and it is that he has an affair with Sherlin, she is about to leave when Janki comes asking why she did not believe her when she pleaded that she was falling in a trap, Janki pulls him and comes to realize that it is Karan, she thinks that it was the reason he was quiet but Preeta will not understand as she is an honest and obedient person who will do what her mother has said, but it doesn’t matter and she will marry anyone who her mother wants to, Preeta turns to him mentioning that she will not marry anyone who has relations with someone else, Janki defends him explaining that it is because Pandit said that he has to remain quiet, Karan gets relieved thinking that he is being defended. She explains that she is doing this because she and her mother believe that Prithvi is good for her so she will not say anything.

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  1. Wow. That’s scary. Only obedient people are honest? I would say that obedient people are people who have been destroyed for the convenience of cowardly bullies. Preeta is a simpering fool who is capable of thinking but does not because of her obedience to an idiot (Sarla). Just like Pragya. Pragya’s life was destroyed because of her obedience to her bi-polar drama-queen mother. I would liken obedience to giving up your life for a stupid/evil/status-seeking person who is unable to value anyone unless they give up their identity. That is not love. That is a master/servant story. Why do the producers keep thinking that master/servant stories are ‘love’?

    1. @Akikuster I agree completely.. Sarla already indirectly killed Bulbul and the other one Pragya also destroyed her life.. now the left ones are Preeta and Shrishti.. if you read the description of Kumkum
      it says about Sarla dreaming about marrying her two daughters Pragya and Bulbul but it forgot to say marry her daughters to the right person ??????. Did the writers didn’t even consider that Sarla talks to pragya once ask if she is alive or not?
      she even is a grandmother now of two grannies themselves ?????.
      and doesn’t know about them? shouldn’t be saying this but BJ has become a great grandmother and still alive and she can walk ? preeta and shrishti are aunts.. Oh I can’t imagine granny Rhea standing next to Preeta and calling Preeta “maasi”.. Ekta’s biggest mistake by joining two bhagyas and making it illogical and confusing.. this really shouldn’t be labelled as a so – called “family drama”.. an??Ekta’s mother’s biggest mistake was to give birth to this animal??

    2. LOL. Thank-you for the good laugh Preeshabh!! I am so glad that I am not the only cynic around here! Or is it realist?

    3. Akikuster loved that u bothered to reply.. thank you!

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