Kundali Bhagya 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Preita tells Deepak she didn’t love him, she only agreed to marry him because she was sure at least he would respect her. He sent her proposal even when he knew her father owns nothing but today he asked for her father’s house. She won’t let her father give his house as dowry. Deepak breaks the engagement saying she has no family, her father can’t stand on his own and there is only a house they own. Deepak leaves the house angry. Papa comes in and asks Preita what she did, he knew what he was doing and he had reason for it. He wants to settle them. Shistra says she didn’t want a share in the house and property, she wanted to save Preita from the greedy family. Shistra calms her papa and prepares a peck for him. She takes a bottle from it thinking its wine, but it was a medicine bottle. There Papa had fallen on floor.
In the hospital, the doctor informs them Raghubir ji has brain cancer of last stage that is the reason he feels dizzy. He has been getting his treatment here, and was given an ultimatum of 3 months. Preita cries as she reads the report. Both sisters hug each other, Preita says now she understands why Papa was worried for her to get married. He wanted to take her in law’s help to keep them together.
In the train, Shistra asks why Preita crying is; and asks her to forget everything. She cheers watching Mumbai station and comes out excited. Preita was in a state of uncertainty about where they would go.
In the hospital, Papa told them their mother is alive. He says he met Pragya a few days ago, she is excited to meet them. He gives Preita a letter with their mother’s address. Shistra wasn’t ready to accept her mother. Raghubir says this is the truth, he kept them away from their mother and never wanted them to know about it. Now they must return to their mother. He takes Preita’s promise over his hand to go to her mother. He was breathing his last and gives up on life. The girls mourn.
Preita stood on the station, lost in her thoughts. Shistra tells Preita they aren’t going on this address. Preita also wonders what kind of mother she must be, who never asked about her children. Preita thinks she must convince Shistra to once meet their mother. Shistra complains that Preita didn’t keep a penny from their father’s house money. Preita says it was really important to pay all the debts of their father. She looks towards the paper with their mother’s address, but it flew off her hand due to strong wind and rain and runs into a nullah.

PRECAP: Preita and Shistri end up as paying guests at Pragya’s mother’s house.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Dear she is shrishti
    Ok so plzzz write the correct spelling and I luv this spin off especially dheeraj dhooper

    1. Ektara

      Yeah all along i was thinking what kind of name is shistri????

  2. Mona146

    how come raghuveerji is in jungle in the time of pragya when he lives here?

  3. Ektara

    Nice start but same old kumkum bhagya twists paper flew away with air and all…….
    Just hope as draggihg as kkb

  4. Till now nice going hope writers dont spoil this how also like kkb

  5. Love dheerajdhoopar as karanluthra

  6. SavitaVidya

    But this is copy. Pragya Marriage hall and Now fathers house asked for as dowry. Who the hell writes these shows?

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