Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Priyal and Sarla get into kitchen and think of preparing palak pakoda. Prem asks them to prepare tawa pulao. Priyal asks if something is special, then she will prepare all Gujrati dishes. He says yes someone special is coming and he has invited all student home for lunch. Principal announces over mic that Dharam has invited all students home for lunch as Tejaswini came #1 in whole Gujrath. Tejaswini’s friends get happy that they are going to Prem’s house.

Arjun sees Prem happy and asks what has happened to him, he even spoke to him so well in college. Prem says he has invited all students home for lunch. Arjun asks why. Prem says Tejaswini is here in Rajpipla and staying in hostel, he wants to call her home once and seeing family’s emotions, she will not be able to go back again. Arjun fumes that he worked hard to kick Tejaswini out, but Prem wants to call her back, he will not let this happen.

Dharam sees Prem happy and asks reason. Prem says he has planned a surprise for him and asks to wait and watch. Tejaswini’s friends say thatshe will get a chance to meet Prem today. Tejaswini reminisces her mom’s promise not to meet Dharam’s family. She goes to principal’s office and asks peon to let her in. Peon says principal has gone out. Tejaswini gets all the students into bus, but walks out. Prem greets all students and eagerly waits for Tejasiwni, but she does not come. Prem angrily calls principal and asks why did not Tejaswini come and scolds him, but then apologizes. Principal orders peon to call Tejaswini. Peon informs her same. She walks with him. From a distance, Mamaji shows Sharda that Tejaswini did not break her promise and did not go to Dharam’s house. Sharda gets emotional.

Prem informs Dharam that Tejaswini is in Rajpipla and he invited all students here thinking even she would come, but she did not. Dharam is surprised and says he is sure her mom would have stopped her as someone must have told he is a goon. Anand says there must be some other reason. Prem says will find out the reason at any cost. Arjun asks what is the need to call her back. Prem stops him and says because of him torturing her

Tejaswini reaches principal’s office who scolds her how can she reject Dharam’s invitation, he arranged lunch party for her. She says she did her duty as a GS, but does not want to go there. He asks reason. She says if she meets Dharam’s family, her family will break up with her. Prem hears her conversation standing near door.

Precap: Prem hears Tejaswini excitedly telling she likes rain’s smell and dances in rain. Prem slips on her and the both roll. Tejaswini notices Ajju showing rain from water pipe and gets angry.

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  1. Now who is ajju??? Finally now love story started and very interesting.

    1. He’s one of prem’s little cousin/brother.


    I think prem will soon find out truth of teju’s mom arogance with dharam and rajpipla and i m sure that dharam twin brother was behind teju’s father death, As dharam’s dialogue – someone might have told teju’s mom that he is goon, make me think that..

  3. Can someone guess why show’s trp is still 0.7

  4. Trp of this serial should be high

    1. I think the time it plays is too early. It plays at 5pm in SA, I don’t know about India.

  5. Why are the episodes so short for this show?!

  6. Someone plz tell me why

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