Kundali Bhagya 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi comes to the Party

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Prithvi scold Sherlin asking her the reason for coming to the Venue, she says that she came to help him by the says that he only wants her to go and sit in the car, she gets angry but he forces her to go back after which she leaves and is also very angry, Prithvi asks Manisha to show him where Karan and Preeta is they both go and see them together.

Rakhi calls Sarla, she thinks that she already told them that they should both call them on her phone as she has to come but when she comes it is Rakhi, Sarla says that she already told her that Preeta would not come t their house anymore and if their new Physio wants to know of something then he or she can call her but she will not come to their house, Rakhi says that she considered Preeta her daughter and she told her before Sarla to not come to their house as she does not want Preeta to get insulted and this is the reason that she told her to not come, Sarla says that she knows this and Rakhi does not need to be ashamed and she has nothing to worry, Rakhi says that she is very ashamed of the ways Karina talked with Preeta and is asking for forgiveness ion her behalf, Sarla consoles her, Karina comes from  behind and takes the Phone, Sarla gets confused.

Karan and Preeta come ion the stage when Karan asks Preeta for a chance to dance with her, she gets embarrassed but changes her mind when everyone pressurizes her, Prithvi is seeing this from behind and getting very jealous of this, he comes to the stage and takes Preeta’s hand for the dance saying that it is his right as he is their fiancé. Preeta leaves Karana’s hand and takas Prithvi’s, Karan gets jealous, both of them start to dance but Preeta is not interested and does not feel comfortable at this, Prithvi gets tough with Preeta during the dance, she is not the least bit interested, Karan is also getting uncomfortable but is forced to see it,

Sherlin thinks that Prithvi has lost his mind and uis not focusing on the plan, she thinks of what to do.

Rakhi asks Karina why did she take the phone, Karina says tha why did she call Sarla even after all that had happened, Rakhi asks her as to what she means and that Rakhi also has some judgment and knows how to read someone’s face, she also knows some things about a person’s way of life, she knows that Preeta is a good person but Karina also thought that she is a greedy girl, Karina says that she only wants the good of her family but Rakhi says that if this is so then why is she leaving with them and not with her husband whom she must be with, Mahesh hears this, asking Rakhi to be quiet saying that she is talking with her sister and she must behave, Rakhi apologizes, Karina says that all of them are her kids and she will do anything to protect them. Karina says that she knows that she is living with them and they both had fights in the past but she took it to the extent that this is the limit, she starts to go towards her room, Mahesh stops her and apologizes but she says that she will talks with her in the morning and leaves, Rakhi gets sad.

Sameer is walking and bumps into a lady, she falls but it is Sherlin and Sameer, he apologizes and she recognizes him, he tries to help her but she leaves and tries to hide from him, he when does not find her near him gets amazed, he thinks of looking in the bag fir some proof, his  honor kicks in and he leaves the bad at the counter.

Sameer calls Shrishti and is about to say something but she is very angry and scold him, she says that he doesn’t care for her and is enjoying the party, she also says that he does not care to call and never cares for her feelings, he then asks her if she is a mind reader as he feels the same when she is  not atround and doenot like anything, they both are talking when Sameer drops thre bag,he is picking the thiungs, Sherlin is worried thinking what will happen if he sees her driving license, just when he is about to see it she sends a waiter to collect it and he takes the things away.

Precap: Manisha is thinking that she has the opportunity to take Prithvi’s revenge with Karan, she spikes a drink and hands it to him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. It was one of my favourite tv shows but now I no longer watch it as I cannot believe it’s EK show as rubbish and rubbish, these days. See how many crimes Sherlin and Pritvi are involved but they are not caught and they can fool each one. Stop watching.

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