Kundali Bhagya 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Raj clears the path for Sherlin to kill Preeta

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Kundali Bhagya 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sherlin orders Prithvi to focus on his work because Sarla and Preeta have ran away, he also shouts asking that he do the work, Prithvi says that she must not be so angry and remain calm, she ask him the name of the hospital, however he explains that he was not the one who was on the phone with Raj, she again calls him asking the name of the hospital, she ask him that she will come, Prithvi tries to stop her but she says that she is going to kill them and no one will be able to stop her.

Janki ask Bi jee to go back to their house, she stops her saying that they cannot leave as it will otherwise hurt the feelings of the Luthra family because Preeta and Sarla are not in the wedding, she says that she does not feel right because both Sherlin and Prithvi have something wrong with them, Bi jee asks that she stop because Sarla does not listen anything against Prithvi.

Sherlin is in her room giving blood she thinks that it was the matter if Luthra family and they were doing things for them but now she will make Sherlin teach as she has messed with her family and she will teach her a lesson.

The family is talking, Karina asks Dadi to give her another chance as it is the tradition of the family hat the bride always wins but Rishab has broken this, however when they force her she decides to give her another chance,Shelrin however refuses to do this that saying that she has to go to the Mandir to perform the ritual which she pledged, she dis this because of the fear of Preeta as she did not want her to get married with Rishab but she got married and now must fulfill her promise, she asks Karina for the permission which she gives and she leaves,

Karan is in his room trying to call Preeta however her phone si switched off and is not able to connect, he gets angry thinking that he trusted her to the extent and told her everything but she left him and was not there for him, Preeta starts to wake up in the hospital, Karan takes another drink, the nurse calls the doctor who asks that she give Preeta another injection because she is still restless and is thinking of the killer.

The robber is waiting for Sherlin, she comes and when they meet she slaps him asking why was he not bale to kill them, he explains but she does not listen, she asks if Shashti came, he says that as he went to the donors room, Sherlin decides a plan and says that he must inform her after making sure that Sarla and Shrishti are unconscious as otherwise It will be a problem for them, he goes to the room of Sarla and gives them both sedatives. He calls Sherlin informing that he has completed his work, Sherlin explains that she will now handle Preeta herself. She thinks of how Preeta threatened her of not letting get marred with Rishab but she has done it and now will kill Preeta as that is the only way she can attain her revenge.

Prithvi is driving his car thinking of Sherlin’s plan to kill preset and Sarla, he however refuses to believe all this but is not able to believe it that Sherlin will kill them, however he remembers what she said, that she is going to kill the as she has become a time bomb, he thinks of something which he has to do, he then thinks of something and calls


Precap: Sherlin is trying to kill Preeta and she succeeds in it, Prithvi calls her thinking that she might do something terrible with Preeta, Sherlin picks the phone saying that she has a good news, that she has killed Preeta.

Update Credit to: Sona

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