Kumkum Bhagya 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya come to camp for their daughters

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Kumkum Bhagya 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aryan searching Rhea and thinks where did she go alone. He asks Deepika if she saw Rhea. Deepika says don’t you know? She fell down from the cliff. Other friend tells that they heard that Prachi pushed her. Deepika says Shahana said that Prachi is being trapped. Aryan thinks Rhea must be fine and having fun somewhere. Rhea gets his call. She thinks not to pick the call, but the call gets rejected by mistake. Aryan thinks Rhea did this to get attention. He thinks to inform Ranbir that today’s date is canceled. He calls him, but the call is not connected. He thinks to go to red cliff and tell him. Abhi calls Rhea. Rhea feels happy seeing 250 missed calls. She thinks I can’t pick the call as I am unconscious. Pragya reaches the camp. Abhi also reaches the camp with Vikram. Abhi asks the teacher about Rhea. They tell that they are searching. Pragya comes to Prachi and hugs her. Prachi asks did they inform you? Pragya says no. Principal tells that they didn’t inform Police or you as we don’t want anyone’s future to get ruined. He shows the pics clicked by Dimpy and says if she is proved guilty then will be punished. Pragya asks Prachi if she fought with her. Prachi says she fought with me and pushed me. Principal asks her not to argue. Someone comes and says Rhea’s father went to the cliff. Rhea calls Dimpy. Dimpy and Shaina make an excuse and go. Rhea tells that if someone find her then she will act as hurt and will apply the sand or something. Shaina comes and tells Rhea on call that her dad came and went to the cliff. Rhea thinks he must be feeling very guilty.

Abhi comes to the cliff and searches for Rhea. He tells Vikram that she is his world and he won’t let anything happen to her. Vikram says we will get her. Abhi says I am upset and not angry with her, she came to say bye to me, but I didn’t talk to her. He asks him to let him go near the cliff. Vikram stops him and says we will find her, but not like the way you are saying.

Pragya asks Prachi what had happened? Prachi says I didn’t do anything. Shahana says Rhea fought with her. Pragya says you are in big trouble and says if Rhea is not found then Police will be called. Prachi says she don’t know why they are blaming her. Pragya asks her to tell what to do. Shahana thinks Dimpy and Rhea have done a conspiracy. She goes from there. Shaina says Dimpy did best, everything is thinking that Shaina went there for nature photography. Rhea tells them that she will act as she is lucky to survive. Shahana hears them laughing. Dimpy acts as talking to her mum and ends the call. Shahana asks why they were laughing. They tell that they acted normal while talking to her mother.

Abhi scolds Principal for not taking care of Rhea and says you would have checked where the students are going. The teacher tells that if they have known about their enmity that they would have allowed only one. Principal says I wouldn’t have allowed them to come. Abhi asks what? Principal says we are talking about Prachi and Rhea. He tells that they had a fight on the cliff and Prachi pushed her from the cliff. Abhi is shocked. He asks where is Prachi and her mum.

Rhea thinks Prachi must be getting scolded by Principal and now with my dad. She says she shall be with her mom who is sweet, but why she is coming near my father and snatching him from me. Prachi tells Pragya that Rhea was talking bad about her and told that I tried to snatch her dad from her. She says then she said that I don’t deserve to be called as your daughter. Pragya says you are my best daughter and says why did you react hearing this. She says Rhea is possessive about her father and she felt bad seeing Mr. Mehra’s affection for you. She asks her if she thought about Mr. Mehra. The rescue team guy comes. Pragya asks did you find Rhea? He says no. Abhi comes back to the tent and says how she can defend her daughter. Vikram says every parent loves their kids. Abhi says that doesn’t mean that she shall hide her mistakes. Pallavi calls Vikram and says I will not talk to you. Vikram says I wanted to call you and tells that he is not in office and came to camp side. Pallavi asks if Ranbir did a mistake. Vikram says Rhea is missing. Pallavi asks what do you mean? Meera comes there and hears him. Vikram says Rhea fell down from the cliff. Meera asks where is she? Vikram says she is missing and says I will call you once we get her. The rescue team tells that he shall take permission from the officials and will search the other side. Pragya asks where is that hill side, I want to go there.

Precap: Abhi blames Prachi for pushing Rhea off the cliff and tells that he will talk to her mum.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. trash. everything will end without abhi and pragya meeting. and the truth will also Take decades to be revealed and the culprits will not be punished. hmmmmmmm what a story revolving around the same circle for more than 5 years now. am sure kumkum bhagya will last for 10yrs

  2. Again Pragya will meet Dummy Mr. Mehra and endless nonsense will continue..

  3. No difference same thing over and over its repeat of aliyah vs pragya …same story fed up.

  4. Amal


  5. So the professors and teachers in one of India’s top colleges are really, really stupid. This will be what…. the fourth time that Rhea has put a stunt on, and the top college employee’s have not figured out that Rhea is the problem. They have not figured out who the liar is. What’s punishment like for top colleges in India? Will they chop off Rhea’s head, for being such a criminal? I hope so. What about chopping off, her guardian’s heads? That would be Meera, Aliyah and Abhi. What’s the problem? She won’t get hurt falling off of a cliff as she’s too well-padded on her thighs, hips and arms. I thought the RSS was removing unwanted people in India? Immoral people. Why is Ekta Kapoor being allowed to run this crap? Before judging people because of their religion, why don’t they (RSS) get rid of the criminals living in Mumbai? The people who are making this horrifically bad, immoral ‘entertainment’, certainly qualify. Seeing as most of the staff was changed but the stupidity hasn’t changed at all, we need to look at the creator for being the birthplace of the stupidity and the immorality. Thank-you Ekta Kapoor for clearly displaying your low-level thinking ability and lack of morality. ‘Low-level thinking ability’ is the more polite form of saying ‘stupid’.

  6. seems writer has lost pen or brain every time same story . .. thy just want people to stick watch but no story movement ..

  7. ?????? Don’t understand this serial???

  8. Now Abhi and Pragya will start reminiscing their jungle romance coming in contact with nature!
    When they are going to meet by the way?Agle janam?I think Ekta is already preparing to bring a punarjanam track after stretching this generation leap for two or three years or more.Who knows?
    Mom said most funniest thing I have ever come across regarding this serial.Couple of weeks ago while changing channel Zee tv came and KKB was there.Pragya had a bandage on her head.Watching that she said-
    Whenever I see her,she appears wearing a bandage on her head.I am noticing it since the beginning.Kamal hai!
    Chuckled a lot on that.No matter what,Ekta provides a lot entertainment directly or indirectly.Lol!

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