Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 20

Soory guys as I get injured my hand mistakenly so I have write a very small episode hope you all understand and thnks for liking my ff

Todays episode pragya is falling on ground and that men come near her and she moves here outside abhi wake up but laying and think why I am felling restless that someone near to my heart in trouble but he ignore the thought and try to sleep and close eyes
Here pragya stand up she cant shout as her moth is tied and her hand also tied so she she up and run and that man smiles and
Men: oh baby run I will be more fun
Pragya through her eyes pleding to leave her but that men holds her and push her and she falls and her hand get injured
Here abhi cant sleep so he wake up and stand and see here and there and does not see the men their and think how he is seeing pragya he immediately goes and knock the house door but no response come

As abhi knocks that man hold pragya so that no noise come
Here abhi think that they are sleeping that’s why don’t open the door and about to turn he heared the sound of something falling
The noise come as pragya see a pot beside her she pushed it and it fall on ground and that man slaps pragya
Abhi hearing sound knock the door and shout pragya name but no response so he break the door and see pragya is lying on floor and her hand is bleeding and she is crying bitterly and that men is standing next to her abhi seeing this get angry his eyes become red and he goes and hold that men from collar
Abhi: how dare you to touch her now I don’t spare you
And he start beating him and after some time that men pushes him and run abhi run behind him but suddenly pragya thought come in his mind he goes to pragya and make her stand and untie her hand and then open her mouth
Abhi: I had tell u not to stay here but you
Pragya falls on her knees and abhi see this and sit on knees pragya started crying bitterly
Abhi: relax pragya I am with u na
Hearing his words pragya hug him tightly
Abhi: pragya please stop crying see he has gone please don’t cry
But pragya is hugging him and crying
Abhi break the hug and wipe her tears and see her hand injured and put some cloth and tied on her hand
Pragya hold his hand
Pragya:please don’t leave me
Abhi: promise I will never leave u ok
And pragya rest on his shoulder and crying and abhi cares her head and after sometime she falls asleep and abhi see her and about to stand but see her holdind his hand so he also sit their and he also fall asleep

The next day morning the lady wake up and see the things here and their and then see abhi pragya sleeping holding each other and abhi also wake up and see that lady wake up
Abhi take pragya and make her sleep on bed
Lady: what happen this
Abhi tells her whole incident
Lady: I am very soory bcz of my husband your wife has gone through this much
Abhi: its ok its not your fault
Lady: I you had forgiven me you go and freshn up I will take care of her
Abhi goes and freshnup and lady goes to pragya
Pragya see the flash back how the man touched her and the whole incident come in front of her face she shout and wake up
Pragya: leave me what I have done abhi sir please save me
Lady: its ok relax and about to touch her
Pragya stand up and go in a corner and shout : leave me abhi sir help me abhi sir
Abhi hear pragya voice and goes and see pragya sitting on groun in corner seeing abhi pragya goes and hug him
Pragya: sir you have promised me you will not go he will come again
Abhi: ok baba soory now I will not leave u
And pragya break the hug and hold his hand

Abhi: now you go and freshen up we have go na
Pragya: you also come with me
Abhi: what
Pragya: means you stand outside please sir
And abhi noded and they go pragya goes and freshnup and abhi stand outside and after some time pragya come and again hold her hand
Abhi: pragya now leave my hand
Pragya worriedly: no no he will come
Abhi: pragya he has gone he will not come
Pragya: no no I will not leave your hand
Abhi: oh baba lets go

And they go from their to bus stand and stand their in wating of bus as they are standing pragya is holding abhi hand and she see two mens staring her she get afraid and hide behind abhi abhi see this and then see two men staring pragya he see both men angrly and they go from their and pragya is hiding behind abhi and their bus come and they sit and again started their jouney pragya put her head on abhi shoulder and they started goind towards their destiny
Here in Mumbai bulbul aliya and purab are going towards class suddenly bulbul leg put on water which is fallen on ground and she is about to fall but purab holds her and they share and eye lock and bg music kuch to ha tere mere darmiya plays
After some time They compose them sleves
Purab: don’t you have eyes what you fall you will get injured
Bulbul: don’t worry I know u will save me and don’t get me hurt
Purab: what
Bulbul: yeah as we are frnds so its your duty to save me from every problems
Aaliya: ok now you both don’t againg started fighting we are late for class come lets go
Purab: ok come
And they three headed towards class


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