KumKum Bhagya-Love Always Wins; Season 2 Part: 25

Thanks lopez,Minu,Jasminerahul,akshaya and all who read and give their amazing feelings to this fan fiction. So, Let’s start part 25. Hope you all will like it.

Recap: Pragya,Bulbul and Aaliya serving tea, Rosid’s entry, Pragya share her thoughts of Rosid’s pairing, Roshini been Sarla’s daughter.

Scene: 1
Location: Mehra House

Mr. Kapoor is sleeping with Mrs. Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor hears voices; You’ve not done right, you’ve to pay for this. Mr. Kapoor wakes up and says I’ve not done anything wrong.

Mrs. Kapoor wakes up and says what happened to you..?? Is all okay..?? Mrs. Kapoor then turns on lights. She gives water to Mr. Kapoor. Mr Kapoor drinks water and says Nothing happened..!! I saw a horrible dream. That’s it.

Mrs. Kapoor says what this..?? Usually, girls are horrible dream, but first/1st time man has seen horrible dream. Wow..!! Mr. Kapoor says You…. Mrs. Kapoor holds ears and says okay..!! Sorry..!!

Mr. Kapoor thinks truth can’t be hide forever. But if one us unaware and other also, then…. Mrs. Kapoor shakes Mr. Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor says Yes..?? Mrs. Kapoor says Let’s Sleep. Mr. Kapoor nods. Both sleep.

Scene: 2
Location: Mehra House

Next Morning….
Pragya does aarti. She then gives parshad to all. Robin comes to Pragya and says Mam! What will be cooked in food, today..?? Pragya says You take leave today, me, Aaliya and Bulbul will cook food today. Today is special day.

Dadi recalls date and thinks today is really special day. She remembers something and becomes dull. Aaliya turns to move.

Abhi says Aaliya..!! Aaliya stops and says Yes,Bhai..!! Abhi asks Aaliya to close her eyes and extend her hand. Aaliya so same. Abhi puts beautiful dress on her hands. Abhi says Open your eyes, Aaliya. Aaliya opens her eyes.

Everyone sing Birthday song. Aaliya hugs Abhi and thanks him. Abhi says it was just a small gift…. Aaliya says really. Abhi nods.

Kunj says I’m going to market for buying gift. Purab says Today is really special day. All smile.

Scene: 3
Location: Mehra House

All are in hall. Mr. Kapoor says its time for Sid’s flight. Tanu’s mom says I can’t wait. Roshini is coming back from America. Mrs. Kapoor says America..?? Pragya says really Mrs. Kapoor..!! Mrs. Kapoor nods.

Tanu’s mom says what’s happening..?? Will Somebody tell me..?? Pragya says Sid and Roshini, both are coming from America and it can happen that they know each other. Abhi says Wow Pragya..!! Smarty..!!

Sarla comes with Arora family. Pragya’s Dadi says don’t know, what has happened to Sarla..?? From Morning, she is asking us to come here and how can we refuse her..?? Sarla says I’m feeling so strange, I don’t know but My heart is forcing me to meet Roshini.

Tanu’s mom fumes and thinks, what a family it is..!! For one of my daughter, she has only anger and For second, love, Disgusting..!!

Tanu’s dad and Mr. Kapoor becomes dull. Tanu’s dad thinks, It was all my mistake, I wish, I had not done it..!! Mr. Kapoor thinks A mother can’t live far from her kid.

Scene: 4
Location: Mehra House

Purab says Let’s to..!! Bulbul says Me, Pragya di, and Aaliya are going to stay at house. Kunj says And I’m going to Market. Abhi says and we all to airport. Pragya says Of course, Abhi. All leaves except Bulbul, Pragya and Aaliya. Kunj leaves for market.

Screen shifts to Airport. All arrive at airport. They purchase food items, Cold drinks,etc. and enjoy a lot. Mr. Kapoor, Tanu’s dad and Abhi’s Dadi are little sad.

Screen shifts to Market. Kunj comes at Jewellery shop. He comes to Shopkeeper and ask him to show best latest necklace. He sees a necklace and ask shopkeeper to show it. Shopkeeper tells that another woman has already purchase it. Kunj says okay..!!

A woman says Have you packed it..?? Kunj says Aaliya’s voice. He turns to see. Woman turns. Her face(Shikha Singh) appears. Kunj thinks Aaliya can’t live from his Kunj for a second. He smiles. Woman moves and passes. Kunj is shocked. He turns. Woman hugs someone. Tei Tunj’s love tune plays. Man’s face(Sharad Malhotra) appears. How is my choice, Tanu..?? Tanu says Awesome, Rishi. SCREEN FREEZES ON KUNJ, AALIYA/TANU AND RISHI.

Precap: Kunj comes home and shouts Aaliya. Aaliya comes. Kunj slaps Aaliya.

  1. nice dear but this sudden twist can u plzzzz can u plzzz give us a filler and again u should update frequently lovvvvvvvvvve uuuuuuuu

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Lopez.

  2. Great bro….but you made us wait for long time…nice update bt put a shocking twist at the end….precap is also shocking… hope she ll not be our aaliya….waiting for the next one… plz be regular bro….

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks akshaya.

  3. Jasminerahul

    Kapoor is getting nightmares because of guilt.Hope he bursts out the truth.do that tanu’s mother’s pride will be cut.sarla longing to meet roshni.she doesn’t know that its her motherhood which is making her crave for roshni.aliya getting birthday gift from abhi. So cute.kunj found aliya hugging sharad malhotra.happy that you brought sharad malhotra here.sad that kunj misunderstood aliya.in precap he even slapped her.sad.Hope misunderstandings get cleared.Is it aliya’s humshakal or twin?why her nAme is tanu?why tanu is shika instead of kratika?

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks jasmine di. This is twist whether she is Aaliya’s humshakal or her twin. Your questions will be answered in upcoming updates.

  4. superb episode yaar all the scenes are nice the twist seems interesting can’t wait for next episode

    1. Shakaib

      Thank you minu.

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