My Enemy – My solace ( Three shots) by subi part 2

My Enemy – My solace ( Three shots)
Part 2

Hey guys this is Subi again . So let’s start our journey…..

Sanky’s pov…..

She turned after cutting her call.. Her facial expressions showed that she got to know everything. I mean ” swara weds sanky ” Haha silly girl… Soon her expression changed to anger… Haha I guess she remembered the kiss…… Crazy girl.. But my girl… I shaked my head seeing her going to room……..

I just love teasing her… Afterall.. I have right to do it…… Life is hilarious with her.. I don’t know what she have in that mobile.. Full time.. Just mobile… I thought she is a mobile addict too.. But she is different.. I know no youngsters follow.. ” Early to bed.. Early to rise ” theory.. Even me.. But she does it… She goes to bed… Just after dinner and then she is using mobile.. But by 10 she puts mobile to charge and sleeps.. Even wakes up before 6 get freshnup.. But again she lies in bed using mobile. Till 7 or something……

Handling those three people is really hard now.. Yah my mom, My sis, my wife..ahh. Really my dad and me are having tough time.. All time they are chatting.. Not even giving us food or things we need.. Ofcourse I don’t talk with swara more.. But will give little kisses to tease her… Yah.. I love her… But I don’t know about her… I love her from childhood.. But I know she don’t.. And she called me after engagement to cancel the wedding.. So I talked rude with her….. But she is still hanging to that… I still remember my all backfire plans.. Even her plans backfire.. It’s like I can’t be without her pranks.. And teasing her..
It’s been a month we are married… She don’t even give a damn to me… Haven’t even spoked a word.. I still remember.. It was a day after a week of our marriage. I was in office. That time I got a idea to irritate her buying taking a guest over home.. Haha.. So I called Rahul. He was my friend plus colleague… But after reaching home.. I expected her to get annoyed. But to my disappointment.. She was happy with his arrival.. Then I got to know his wife anjali and swara are besties.. she used to call him cdckbb.. I don’t know y…..isn’t the name weird.. ( guys imagine srk and kajol as Rahul and anjali) So she know him and very well and they are talking….. And I served both snacks.. Huh.. Then later she even called anjali. That day fully they are talking and I’m playing with niki.. Not knowing what they are all talking.. Oh yah.. Niki…. Nikita ( siso how is it.. You want to become his daughter na. Now you are ??) Rahul and anjali daughter who is now one year old………

Life wasn’t easy with and without her… I was earning to hear her voice… Yah I hear her voice ofcourse but only when she speak with others…..I know she is a chatter box… But she don’t speak with me…. Sad of me…. I used to get her somethings.. Like I know she love chocolate.. But she gives it to uttra.. She don’t take anything from me.. Even she don’t allow me to give petrol allowance… She pays it. Yah I forgot to say.. She is doing her internship.. So she manages her things with her salary…. I’m feeling sad seeing this.. But I can’t say her not to do. She already thinks me bad if I did this
She will get more angry. It’s tough for me… But I can’t leave the matter. OK first I’ll try to get her friendship..

But how to do it….

OK I’ll take her to pub….yah. It’s a good idea. I know she wants to go. But she don’t go as its not safe.. Or something.. One thing if she agreed to me means…she trust me.. Then it’s easy for me. To get her…… Yes to get her.. She is not only my love.. Also my desire… I just can’t wait to make her mine……I myself don’t know how I’m controlling myself. Her all antics make my desire grow…

OK first I’ll ask her for moving to pub.. For that I should leave office soon…..

Sanskar pov ends…

Swara’s pov….

It’s been a month we got married.. Actually you guys know what.. He is cute. Not that kadoos. . Even I’m liking his romance side… But I haven’t talked with him.. May be coz of fear.. I still remember how rude he was.. When I called him about cancelling marriage….. But he irritate me so much.. So I don’t like talking with him.. And coming to love.. Changeless.. I don’t fall in love.. But I’m committed to him.. So I should get used to him.. Afterall marriage is a commitment…. … But he is so hard to understand… And also tough to resist.. . Must admit.. He is handsome as hell… Haha.. Here I’m blabbering about him.. While sitting in living room alone… But he is in office.. I miss my mil and uttra a lot.. They went for some relative marriage….. Wow. It seems like he has returned… But I’m embrassed to face him.. You know. After hearing about ” swara weds sanky ” matter.. Hahah.. Silly me.. OK.. Anyway.. He will mind his business.. Eeeeeee but when I got to room he will start his romance…

I’m watching spongebob movie in TV.. When he sat opposite to me.. I watched the movie like he is not there.. Then he called me…. ” swara ” I turned my gaze to him…..there is my Enemy….

I sighed like what… He stated.. ” shall we be friends?? ” what y suddenly.. He is asking.. I stared at him for reason.. He got my thinking and continued.. ” actually I’m tired of irritating and become friends.. And I’m asking this because.. You know I don’t have girl friends.. But I’m willing to go to pub… ” Other words I didn’t give a damn to them.. The word pub made me excited.. Wow.. I wanna go…… Haha I came to sense when he told that word.. Wow really.. I’m so excited… Hehehe.. Yah he told. ” so I wanna take u with me.. So shall we be friends.. It will be easy for us… ” ofcourse I can become his friend If takes me to pub.. Yaar it’s my dream.. And I can be safe with my hubby na.. Haha seriously my hubby… First time…I spoke to him ” OK we can.. Shall I get ready.. ” He laughed lightly..

And shaked his head in OK.. Do I look so desperate.. But I don’t care.. I went to my room as soon as possible.. Wow I was literally dancing.. Now.. I took a black sleeveless one piece that stop by my knees… I got ready. I didn’t apply any make up I tied my hair loose bony tail.. I know it’s not matching.. But I don’t care. I just do what I’m comfortable with.. I live my life for me. Not for others.. I grabbed my black clutch… When going out of room… I had a second thought… I quickly got in. And took my pocket knife and pepper spray.. I kept the knife inside my handkerchief.. And pepper spray in my clutch.. And went out of room.. I’m too cautious about my safety.. I carry it everywhere I go. we can only depend on ourselves…. That’s my policy…. ( girls seriously always carry this both whenever you go out… It’s a precautions… I do carry always when I go out of home..)

When I went down.. He was waiting for me.. I nodded my head.. Like let’s move…… We both headed outside…

Screen blurs…. ( to know what happened after this wait for next part)

Some hours later….

Sanky’s pov. ..

We both returned from pub… She was hanging to me for support… I was holding her.. It’s the first time she drank… She doesn’t know to handle.. But.. Unknowingly she is provoking me.. By pushing her on me… My one hand is on her hand.. Other is around her waist.. I was taking her to my.. No no our room.. As we entered.. I put her on the bed.. She let out a small moan.. Indicating her pain.. But it provoked me like anything.. I saw her.. She was already gazing me.. The tension is building between us… I called. ” swara ” she saw me… I continued ” I’m sry.. I need you baby.. “… She pulled me above her. ( guys swara is fully not in sense… And sanky is in half sense…) due to her pull…

I fall on her. Our bodies are touching eachother.. Only disturbance is our dress. I looked into her eyes. It’s showing desire… Without wasting time.. I smashed her lips with mine…..she was equally participating…… We are kissing like there is no tomorrow…. After sometime.. I remembered.. That. Door is not locked… I went down.. And closed the door.. I know my parents have spare key.. Then I rushed to my room.. I locked it and looked towards her.. She was lying in bed.. He dress is above her thighs… She was looking tempting… I started moving towards her while removing my dress.. Oh god.. She is so s*xy.. I’ll make her mine… I undressed myself and got above her…… Again I grabbed her lips.. Aah.. It’s so juicy. I can spend my full day for this… But my hands roamed everywhere in her body.. I was trying to undress her. She was feeling shy even now… But I’m not in a state to stop… I undressed her forcefully.. She was blushing like anything.. She downed her eyes.. In shy

Blushed even more.. Seeing me naked.. She closed her eyes.. I smiled naughtily and went to her ears… ” swara y are closing your eyes.. It’s yours baby… Don’t you wanna see it… ” I bite her ear lobes by saying this… She let out a moan. Making me hard.. And blushed even more…… Then I finally undressed her.. Now we both are in our birth suit. . I eyed her beauty. That is provoking me…. I kissed her everywhere I can.. She roamed her hands on me. I was melting in her touch. I need it more and more…. Aah.. Her hands touched my part.. She quickly took her hands out of shy.. I didn’t force her.. I was kissing and licking her core. She was sweating and crawling like hell… After this. I can’t control myself. I came above her .. And tried pushing myself.. It’s so tight….. But I tried again. It went half.. She was crying.. I can’t see her like this.. Also I can’t stop myself.. I kissed her and pushed in a force.. It went in…she was trying to push me.. But I held her tight….. Soon she stopped resisting……she began to enjoy.. I started thrusting faster… We both drenched in sweat.. Room is filled with moans…..

Screen blurs…

PRECAP: remaining hot scene and romance.. Day after the Romance… Their realization.. ” swara weds sanky ” matter.. And nok joks… .

Note 1: guys only one part remaining.. Shall I give it as a one big part or as two parts… Tell me…

Note 2: see di and janu.. I’m better than you in romance.. Haha read it…. And accept..I’m better..

……………………..To be continued…………………..

So this is subi signing off.. Tell me your comments.. Bubbye.. Love you all ??


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