kumkum bhagya – JAB WE MET – Chapter 7

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Pragya, adi and aditi was on their way to Mumbai. Aditi who looks at pragya working on the laptop asks why you are working even while travelling.. PRAGYA smiles at her saying important aditi..and she pulls her towards her. Aditi giggles saying mumma..you are impossible..adi who was sitting infrony was lost in his thoughts but he came back to his sense when aditi asked pragya where is papa. Pragya looks at her and says baby..he came yesterday to attend sid and roshini wedding…that’s it. We don’t have any relation with him adhu . Aditi in childish voice , but mumma..why he have to leave..he promised me that he wont leave us.she hugs pragya while placing her head near her chest. PRAGYA closed her laptop and hugs aditi thinking why you came infront of them..now how I gonna tell that you don’t have any feelings for them. Aditi cries saying why mumma ? PRAGYA makes her to sit on her lap and just pats her back. She says baby..I can’t see you like this..please don’t cry na.adi shouts adhu..see we reached Mumbai and there is a mall too. We can go and can enjoy out time here after joining the school. Aditi looks at the direction where adi shows and pragya knows that adi only can make aditi to forget her pains .Aditi exclaimed saying sure adi. ..we have to go and looks at pragya asking mumma..we will go na. Pragya nods saying sure.. they reached the school and entered the principal’s cabin. Adi and aditi in chorus , good morning mam . The lady who was checking her laptop looks at them smiling good morning kids. PRAGYA smiles saying hello.. principal , hi miss.PRAGYA ARORA  . They both sat while adi and aditi sits beside pragya. Principal : so kids are you excited to study here after your classes in London. They both nods yes and she says you can join here by tomorrow..you have to study well and make your mom proud of you. Both says ok while principal says but pragya you have filled both father’s and mother’s column with your name.. where is their father..i have to enrol as adi arora and aditi arora. Before pragya could say anything they heard a voice saying ABHISHEK MEHRA. They looked at abhi who was standing there with a smile on his face. Aditi runs to him saying papa..you came. Abhi picks her in his arms and kissed her cheeks . Aditi missing his cheeks says finally you are back papa.Abhi knowing about her as she missed him says papa had a work..so I left..I came now na . So what should I do so my princess will forgive me. Aditi , make me to stand. Abhi , but why..Aditi , do what i say papa. Abhi drops her down and looks with puppy eyes. Aditi , your punishment is put 10 sit- ups so you won’t forget me ,adi aur mumma. Abhi , I have to do now.. aditi , you have no other way Pappa.  Pragya shouts aditi …stop uour kiddish act.Abhi stops her saying leave it. And he sits and gets up by holding his ear. Aditi counts and smile overtooks her anger and abhi can do anything for her priceless smile. Aditi stopping him says stop..i forgave you.. Abhi picks her and sits beside pragya saying change their father’s name as ABHISHEK MEHRA as I am here.. principal , it means you are.. Abhi , yes..I am their father..and my assistant will come and will settle everything..make sure my kids are comfortable here. Principal nods and pragya was not given a chance to speak.
        All comes out while pragya shouts whom you are to take care of my kids . You don’t have any relation with me not them …I am again saying stay away from them. Abhi , remember I am father for them…you can’t change it right..I know I did a mistake but I didn’t did it intentionally ..and I had asked forgiveness many times but you are avoiding me. He pulls close to her saying i have every right on you and them ..so don’t make me to lose my patience before them as  you know more about me. PRAGYA pushed him while adi and aditi looks at each other. Abhi , ok let’s leave. He takes aditi in his arms saying pragya’s driver to leave  as he will drop them . PRAGYA didn’t utter a word as she knows if he gets anger he will never see around  and also she doesn’t want him to create any scenes. Abhi opens the passenger seat’s door and looks at pragya sighing to get in. PRAGYA sits with adi in her lap. Abhi closed the door and sits with aditi on his lap. Aditi , Pappa …are you sure you will drive when I am on your lap. Abhi nods while he corrects her chashma as she is wearing that and asked why you are wearing this.. aditi , why..am i looking like mumma.. Abhi looks at pragya who was looking at him for a answer and he says no. Aditi , why am I not looking good like mumma. Abhi chuckles saying you look more cute than your mumma.Abhi says eyeing at pragya. She just turns her face and abhi smiles at her.
        Abhi drives to mehra mansion as pragya confronted him.pragya,  why you are driving there..I am not coming..drop in our resort.Abhi , I don’t want to hear anything and you there gonna stay there as I don’t want you to suffer there alone. PRAGYA shouts will you stop the car. Abhi shouts back saying will you lower voice ..our kids are here  . PRAGYA looks at them but her anger was at peak. Abhi drives to mm and gets down with aditi. PRAGYA gets down saying i am not coming in. Dadi, aliya and everuonr comes out and dadi gets happy seeing them.aliya,  bhai ..they look cute and hugs pragya. PRAGYA stands idle as she doesn’t know to react . Aditi, whom are they papa? Abhi points dadi saying it’s dadi,aliya ,dasi and chachu.. Aditi gets down from abhi’s hold and bends to get blessings from dadi and signals adi to come . Adi tooks blessings from dadi and abhi asked aliya to take them in. Everyone leaves and adi looks at pragya.  Abhi, you go with aliya .she wull come.
They left while pragya says you can’t force me. I will not come..Abhi , so you won’t come. PRAGYA nods no. Abhi says sorry. Pragya confused asked for what..Abhi takes pragya in his arms saying for this..and he enters while pragya struggling to get out of his hold. Abhi says welcome home..Mrs. mehra .

Will be continued. ..

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    1. Silent reader

      That is cruel

  15. Aditiroy

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