Kumkum Bhagya- The beat that matched with mine (part-3)

Thanks a lot guys…hope it’s better than real kkb. ..I luv to see abhigya but tanu and aliya are more irritating…and kumkum , sure i will take your suggestion to my account…and thanks to all..though I am new.. all writters ,readers are supporting me…thanks a lot…again..

       I am really feeling restless …today what ever may happen I am going to propose her ..that’s it but for that she should come right…how much time is she taking yaar..abhi was thinking about her when tanu comes there.tanu,are you going out..abhi in mind,now what I will say …if I say to her that I am taking pragya to drive she will become mad at me or If I say I am going to propose …that’s it..no abhi ,you should not say …tanu in anger, abhi..abhi..I am talking to you..abhi came back to his sense.abhi,ha..woh ..doh..I am ..pragya comes there saying i am ready with smile …she stands between abhi and tanu ..she didn’t see tanu and asked abhi..how am I looking..abhi sighs pragya to looks back .pragya with much confusion looks back and was shocked to see tanu in anger..tanu,what is this abhi..pragya,woh. .we are going for a meeting..I mean  we are going to sign a contract .actually they are from US and so that..say na ..she eyes abhi..abhi in managing tone,ya..she is right..tanu,so..I will too come..abhi, nahi..woh. .highly professional hai..I don’t want my future wife to..you know n.a…tanu,is it..ok..abhi eying at pragya,why are you standing here dump..let’s go..pragya looks at him in anger and both leaves…

      Abhi..what you have done..another lie. ..you are impossible man..abhi thinks about it and was driving .he looks ar pragya who was looking out.
       “How can he behave to me like that..am I looking dump. Seriously I managed but what he did..yelled at me..but he lied to tanu..not bad..i am really happy today…after a long time I am feeling happy ..because of him..after long time we are alone ..pragya’s thoughts were disturbed when abhi asked her to get down.pragya looks at him and asked where we are..abhi makes pragya to get down and holds her hands.pragya looks at him.they had a cute eyelock but soon pragya looks away .abhi takes her in his arms…pragya,what are you doing..leave me down..I can walk..abhi while smiling,I know you can walk but listen I have a suprise for you..pragya, suprise..kya..
   ” I never thought that abhi will make some plans..he asked we can go for a drive but suprise..oh my god..he is becoming more romantic..”pragya thinks…

     Here you go…abhi makes pragya to stand and she looks around. The place was along a beach where a part is decorated with white and orange coverings with a table and two chairs and like a candle light dinner…pragya looks at abhi suprised…abhi asked pragya to come and they both walks together .
        Abhi makes pragya to sit as a gentleman and he too takes his seat.pragya ,really it’s super..but why so sudden..Abhi, I thought to suprise you..that’s it..pragya,that’s it..or..abhi ,I have to say something to you..pragya in suprised tone, what..tell..come on ….abhi,first have all what I have ordered for you …he smiles..pragya pouts .
  PRAGYA in mind,what he gonna say..oh my god..he gonna say that..no how can he..i think he have no feelings for me but some thing in my heart says that he gonna propose me.pragya looks at him while having her food ,abhi looks at her and smiles.
    Both finished their dinner,abhi takes pragya’s hands in his. ..both were standing near the beach .a melody song was playing background. He kneels down.pragya looks at him suprised.abhi starts to say..
    “Sometimes I feel like my heart will burst with all of the longing and excitement I feel when I think of you….They say you only fall in love once, but that can’t be true … Every time I look at you, I fall in love all over again.i want to live  rest of my life with you..will you….” abhi now stands saying i love you…I love you…and looks at pragya.pragya looks at him shocked..omg…he told those words. …three words …what should I say..should I say him…I too love him…but what will happen…abhi,oi fuggie…say me..

pragya,woh..ha..abhi,ha..seriously I proposed you in a best way but you…he looks at her.pragya clears her throat saying i mean …how could I say that..how can I..you are going to marry tanu..what will happen If she comes to know..she will..abhi stops her saying i am talking about you and me..first say you love me or not..and later we will think about her.pragya in tears ofcourse I love you …more than anything in this world..when you proposed me now I just want to hug you  and say I too..she hugs him saying thank you. .for this suprise. ..thank you..abhi hugs her back saying i love you more…and kissed her forehead..pragya breaks the hug asking now say how you gonna convince her.abhi,I don’t know..pragya looks at him in what you mean..abhi,don’t look at me like that..it’s killing me.pragya,now tell if I didn’t accept your proposal then what have you done ..abhi,simple ..I will marry tanu.pragya looks at him in anger.abhi side hugs her saying…for fun..I would have..pragya,you would have…abhi,i would have died …pragya had tears in her eyes..abhi by holding her chin,fuggie..pragya looks at him..abhi leans more towards her.pragya looks into abhi’s eyes…abhi leans to kiss her but pragya pushed him saying let’s leave..and moved from there..
Abhi smiles at her and moves with her by placing his hands on waist and both leaves from there.

         Both abhi and pragya reached home.they enters their room.abhi,fuggie..I am so happy today..you know I am feeling the most happiest man In the world..thanks a lot …abhi holds pragya’s hands.pragya,abhi..leave me..I have too..abhi ,you are unromantic. …pragya,acha..so i am unromantic right..then leave me..she removes her hand..abhi pulls her towards him.pragya falls on him. PRAGYA looks at abhi saying leave me ..first make tanu understand and later we can..abhi ,we can..pragya ,we can. …she looks into his eyes…abhi was lost now..pragya gets up and rushed to door …till that I am going to stay in dadi’s room..abhi,pouting…but..pragya,I could not believe you.you may …abhi runs to hold her but pragya runs from there saying good night rockstar. ….

       Next day, pragya was in kitchen helping robin .she was happy and was preparing breakfast.robin,mam ..I will go to store room because dadi asked me to bring her old chair.pragya nods and was cutting vegetables…..pragya senses someone’s hands on her waist.pragya knows it’s abhi.she leans towards him .abhi tickles her saying good morning..pragya smiles at him.abhi, only smile..pragya turns him asking then ..abhi,morning kiss ..pragya  smiles and says chee ..abhi keeps his hands on both side and leans towards her saying please give before someone comes…arey give …pragya ,I won’t..abhi ,then I will take it … before pragya could speak abhi pressed his lips on hers..pragya was shocked first but then she herself pushed towards him.abhi leaves her lips and moves down.he starts to give open kisses on her neck ..pragya closed her eyes..suddenly reality hits her .she pushed abhi saying leave me ..abhi if someone sees..pragya checks her swollen lips.abhi smiles at her.pragya pouts ..abhi pecked her lips again.pragya asked him to go and get ready as she Is preparing his favourite breakfast.abhi hugs her saying i will come soon..he leaves from there..
What happened today..why pragya is smilling more today…tanu asked aliya.aliya ,I don’t know why..but some thing is there..we should find it..tanu,shall I ask abhi..aliya,if you want to marry him or not …then keep quite..pragya comes there and takes blessings from dadi and dasi. Abhi comes there and he too takes blessings from them.raj and mitali too comes.abhi sits and pragya serves him.abhi smiles at her and tanu whispers aliya ,pragya is serving him like wife ..aliya,she is doing your work …you are sitting dump and don’t think more..let her do whatever but first we have to know about bhai’s feeling. Tanu nods her head.abhi takes a bite of aluparotta and says who made this ..disgusting..pragya,why..I made..is there anything..abhi,see by yourself..he feeds her and pragya thinks all are correct..then why he ..she looks at abhi who winks at her.pragya smiles at him .dadi smiles seeing their love..dasi coughs through which pragya gets back to her sense.pragya smiles at her.abhi too smiles….
Pragya was on her way to dadi’s room.suddenly someone pulled her inside .she looks and was shocked…screen flashes on her faces …..
I know I could not give some nice scenes ….but trust me..next episode will be a nice one as there are many suprise P lannings gonna happen..how will all react ..let’s see..hope you enjoyed…thanks to all from my heart for reading this fan fiction…

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