Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter 7

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I’m very very sorry for not uploading for last two days guys , had my oratorical competition, so please forgive me

So here is the


In murthi mansion

The beautiful sunrise disturb our sleeping beauties, they both woke up and wished good morning each other

Then they got ready

Nandhini was wearing a blue color tops with blue jeggins and same color simple earring, she applied little makeup and pink lip gloss

Shruthi was wearing a red tops wth red jeggins and same color earring and little make-up and reddish pink lip gloss

Both were looking beautiful and cute

In malhotra mansion.

Manik and Roshan got up and wished each other a good morning and got ready

Manik was wearing a blue shirt, black jeans and leather jacket, he wore a watch in his left hand and was looking so dashing

Roshan was wearing a brown shirt, grey blazer and jeans , he also wore a watch and was looking handsome

Both were thinking about their loved ones, manik wanted to spk to nandhini

Both bid bye to each other
Manik left to college wth fab5 in his car and Roshan left to college with ameer in his bike

At the same time nandhini Nd Shruthi also drove to college

All reached the college every preparations was going on for fresher’s party

Nandhini and Shruti bid a bye to each other and went to the respective classes

In second year classroom

Fab5 was already present in the class and navya also, as soon as she entered the class navya wished her a morning, while she entered Manik saw her and was struck in her beauty

Manik’s POV: oh my god she is so cute in this dress, her face was so innocent I can’t take my eyes of her
End of POV

Dhruv also saw nandhini

Dhruv s POV: wow she is so cute she is different frm others I dnt know but I’m falling for her
End of POV

As it was fresher’s party the class was not going on so they speak abt fresher’s party

In first year classroom

Roshan ameer and Isha was already in the class , Shruthi also entered the class Roshan was lost in her beauty with mouth wide open

Roshan’s POV: I dnt know whether I’m attracted to some girl this much, this feeling I never get on any other girls, but I dnt know the same feel she also have I want to know
End of POV

Ameer: bro enough of dreaming

Shruthi: hi isha

Isha: hi Shruthi how u prepared

Shruthi: awesome.wait let me ask to Roshan

Shruthi: hi Roshan

Roshan: hi

Shruthi: how u prepared for today’s performance

Roshan: superb, definitely it will be good

Shruthi: that’s good and what abt u ameer?

Ameer: I also prepared well

Shruthi: OK guys

At that time, a attender came and said to shruthi and Roshan that Raghav sir called them to common staff room

And the same thing said to Manik and nandhini also.

In 2nd year everyone was confused that y did sir called manik and nandhini alone but both left to staff room, manik was so happy as he got time to speak wth nandhini.

Shruthi and Roshan also left, he s also very happy

In first floor corridor

Manik: hi nandhini

Nandhini: hi

Manik: are u comfortable in this college

Nandhini: yes

Manik was stammering as he can’t able to speak looking through her eyes

Manik: Nandhini can we be friends.?

Nandhini: but manik I’ll think of it, I heard so ur very adamant and don’t speak with any girls except fab5, how u asking for friendship wth me

Manik:, I don’t kniw but I feel like , ur known to me

Nandhini: I’ll answer u tomorrow

Manik: OK take ur time

At the same time both couple’s met each other

Shruthi:dii what r u doing here??

Nandhini: shruthi, Raghav sir called us

Shruthi: he called us also, don’t know wht is the problem

Roshan: he called u also bro

Shruthi: oh hello buddhu my sissy said us tht means ur bro also OK

Manik’ yes Roshan me also

Roshan: by the way bhai , she is my friend Shruthi

Manik: oh hai Shruthi ( forwarded his hand)

Shruthi also shaked hand wth him

Both the sisters were going in front and the brothers followed them

Manik: waise bro ur gf is so cute

Roshan:bhai she is my friend.

Manik: oh common I know u very well

They all reached the staff room

Raghav sir: all four of u should do a group performance as principal personally wanted it

All 4 were shocked

Raghav: Now go and quickly think of it

All were thinking about what song they perform

Suddenly Nandu got an idea and said a song

Shruthi; wow dii its so good we will perform that song, what u say Roshan

Roshan: yeah that’s really good

Manik also accepted and all were preparing for that

In the evening the fresher’s party is gonna start in 1hour

Both brothers got ready and they were looking dashing and handsome

Manik was wearing a red shirt with sandalwood color blazer and blue jeans, he wore watch and was so handsome

Roshan was wearing a white shirt and blue blazer Nd jeans, he was looking dashing

Both were waiting for their partners in the common room

Both nandhini and Shruthi got ready in changing room and went to the common room

Nandhini was wearing a sandal color backless gown(as like in the new years night), she was wearing Austrian diamond jewels and curled her hair little and applied make-up and red lip gloss, she was looking hot and beautiful

Shruthi was wearing a white backless gown she was also wearing diamond jewels and left her hair straight open, she applied make-up and pink lip gloss and was looking cute and breathtaking

Both came to common room. Every eyes was on them but our both handsome men was turned and searching for them in another place.

Nandhini saw Manik and called him

Both manik and Roshan turned and mesmerized to see their beautiful ladies in front of them

Manik’s POV: wow she is looking so beautiful, I can’t take my eyes of her, I wanted to be wth her always

Roshan’s POV: wow sweet heart u really look awesome, u r like an angel in this dress yes ur my angel. Soon I wanna express my feelings to u
End of POV.

At that time isha and ameer also came to them.
Isha: wow Shruthi u look so beautiful and stunning.

Shruthi: thank u isha and u also looking fabulous and see Roshan and ameer also looking so handsome today.

Roshan and ameer thanked her

Fab5 also came

Dhruv was lost in nandhini, when mukti made him to reality

The principal and the professors came and the anchor started the program

Anchor: good evening everyone, tonight our college is looking so beautiful bcoz of the girls and also handsome boys

So this was the first years fresher’s party, and everyone gonna rock here , and first we are gonna see the performance of fab5

So guys put ur hands to welcome our very own fab5

Everyone were shouting fab5 fab5.

Then the fav 5 performed for the song deewangi deewangi from om shanti on

Cabir was playing drum’s, and mukti , dhruv and manik was playing guitar and aliya was playing keyboard

Everyone was enjoying their performance, and manik was singing awesome , after the performance over everyone gave a great applause to them, and Nandhini was also attracted by his performance

Manik came back to the trio

Shruthi: wow bro ur performance was awesome

Manik: thank u shruthi

Nandhini: yeah manik really it was fab performance

Roshan: superb bro

Manik: thank u all

OK next nandhini u gonna do ur solo performance
Best of luck

Shruthi hugged her and said best of luck

Roshan: all the best dii

Nandhini; thank u all

Anchor: so guys next was a solo performance of nandhini murthi, even though she joined our college before few days she and her sister got so popular
So let’s welcome nandhini with a warm applause

Nandhini came to stage all the three gave her a thumbs up

Nandhini started to sing ( the female version of kabhi Jo baadal barse)

The spot light fall on Nandu

She started singing closing her eyes

Oh pehle kabhi na tune mujhe hum diya,
Phir mujhe kyun tanha kar diya
Guzaare the Jo lamhe pyaar ke
Hamesha tujhe apna maanke
Toh phir tune badli kyun Ada yeh kyun kita…

She opened her eyes and saw manik and sang

Kabhi Jo baadal barse, mein dekhoon tujhe aankhein barke tu large mujhe pehli baarish ki dua
Tere pehloon mein rehloon mein khudko pagal kehloon Jo hum diya khushiyan sehloon saathiya

( guys I can’t write the whole song pls plug in it)

So after nandhini’s performance was over manik was staring continuously her

Shruthi: dii it was superb di awesome performance

Roshan: yeah it’s superb

Manik’s POV: wow her voice is so sweet how cute she sings I fall for her more

Dhruv also mesmerized by her voice

Manik was stealing glances of her

Precap: performance of shruhan nd group performance of manan and shruhan and also couple dance of everyone

Guys will update soon sorry for late and keep supporting lots of love to all of u

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