kiara- i forgot to tell prachi owns a diary producing company called a.s.p she once told me it this means aryan,sahana,prachi

sahana was feeling jealous of kiara but when she knew prachi named a company after her sje felt happy

aryan- prachi kept a company in name of me and sahana

kiara- oh so you are aryan actually i don’t know so can you all please do a introduction of your

they did introduction

i will show only some rooms

kiara showed abhigya room

abhigya felt good that the room had their choices

kiara- actually prachi had kept some choices in mind and made room

wardbode (i will only show one wardrobe )

abhigya gone in their room there was a photo of prachi0

in sahana room

kiara- she too had kept it per your choices

sahana- wow prachi still remember i like purple colour

kiara- yes and everyday she talks about you and prachi childhood stories



ranbir chose a room which had more pictures of prachi and ranbir had sneakily saw prachi room color

prachi photos (i really like to put mugdha photos)

in ranbir room everyone left ranbir is talking to prachi photo

ranbir- you know chikchiki you look good in modern dresses but i am angry you did not talk with me but i know that you are also angry that i accept that stupid bet but i promise to i will win you back ms.arora

rhea room


ria- di i know you are angry with me but you love me you know all my choices you know my favourite is oink so you kept it pink

prachi calls everyone for dinner she let everyone sit for dinner in their places when see saw ranbir was going to sit with her she sat between kiara and sahana then kiara saw the watch

kiara- prachi time

prachi sees the time

prachi- 10 mins are left for chowmein and sutli meeting

kiara- it sungt liee and chen lee

prachi- same only

pragya- prachi but how you both met

prachi- kiu and i met in a village actually kiu wanted to work and i wanted a personal assistant we met in a wedding pf a common friend oh yeah remembering comman friend i remember i have to go to sangeet this week of saanvi and shrey

kiara- yeah oh no 10 minutes over now go and do the meeting while eating food

prachi- ok sweetheart (she kissed her cheek)

after 1 hour

everyone is in sofa

kiara- aunty can you come to prachi room everyyime it be like this she doesn’t eat her food amd after finishing food she sleeps and i have to wake her up and tell her to eat but it’s hard to wake her up

pragya- ok

abhi,pragya, sahana,kiara leave to prachi room ranbir follows them

prachi room

there they saw prachi was sleeping while her head was tilted her back was in the back of the bed and laptop on her lap and the food was kept in table

ranbir- (in mind) my chikchiki looks so cute while sleeping

kiara- prachi wake up

prachi- just 5 minutes

pragya- prachi wake up

prachi- kiu from when did you started mimicking mom voice

ranbir,abhi laughed

kiara- it not me it your mom

prachi woke up with a jerk

prachi- woh actually i was feeling sleepy so i slept

pragya- nothing happens now eat

prachi ate the food

after some time

m.k family heard some music coming from terrace they went and saw

prachi and kiara sitting and prachi was singing with a guitar https://youtu.be/FN0ova_eHPc

(az hindi lyrics, kehte hain khuda )

kiara then gave prachi a overcoat

all the people were so lost in music that they didn’t notice the song jad finished

prachi- what are all of you doing here

sahana- we didn’t know that you were so fabulous singer

prachi- that i am now can you tell me what happened what alia did

pragya- prachi give her respect

prachi- those who don’t respect my mom i will mot respect them now please tell

i will reveal in next chapter what happened

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