Kumkum Bhagya – Accept Me (Part-7)

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First i want to say thank u all for reading my ff i am really happy that u liked the few episodes i wrote sorry for the late update i hope you can forgive me and i hope u enjoy this episode it may be really long and boring so please support it enough talking back to the story

The episode begins with pragya still taking measures now at his chest when she realise how close they are . since he is taller than her she looks up to his face and see him looking at her they have a small eyelock broken by divya’s cough she looks at them feeling embarrassed and smile while going to the kitchen abhi goes to the sofa to sit and look at the designs just then pragya receives a message from her PA with the sample pictures of colors of tissues she looks at her phone then move to the sofa to sit and without realising she sits on abhi

p;oh heating sofa now i know where i will pass all my free time(in her mind)

abhi being little shy to tell her to get up starts to shake to tell her the it is not the sofa

pragya starts thinking which sofa shakes this much thinking this she turns and see abhi

p;what are u doing under me and how did u get there

a;what i was sitting in peace and u sat there only and now u are accusing me oh i see its again one of your crazy plans na

they keep fighting till divya come back saying dinner is ready then realise their position and tease them well. after the dinner abhi drops pragya at her place she get down without saying bye runs inside greets every one very fast runs to her room freshen up the goes to her work room and starts making the dresses next morning she goes back to her room freshen up goes down to get a coffee then goes back to the work room there she call her PA to tell her that she will be absent for three day and also invites her for her engagement
the starts back her work skipping her breakfast at 12pm abhi calls sarla ma

a;hi aunti ji
s;hello beta
a; is pragya home i have tried to call her all day long and she is not pickin g my calls is there any pb
s ;nothing like that she is just in working mode now talking to no one eating nothing typical pragya
a;seriously she did not eat any thing
s; yes and i am sure she did not even sleep last night .
a; ok aunti i will be there in few minutes

some time later the call bell rings one servant opens it as soon as the door open abhi storms in looking at every one goes to get blessings from sarla then ask where is she

every one is shocked by his concern they just show upstairs where he just runs look left and right when his eyes fall on a room on whose door it is written do nor disturb
he knocks that door saying pragya open the door it me abhi

p;can’t u see what is written do not disturb
a;open this door if not i will break it i am not kiding
p;go ahead
a; i will count up to 5
1,2,3, then he hears the sound of the door opening
p; what do u want
a;come lets go have lunch out
p ;seriously u do not see all i have to do
a; ok no lunch out
a ;(shouts)aunti ji please can u please send some one with some food up here
p;abhi i do not have time can’t u get that
abhi just ignores her and gets in her work room and say;now you can do your work
which does happily then sarla herself comes with the food hands it to abhi who thanks her and goes towards pragya
a; open your mouth
p; abhi please i do not have time
a;(in scolding manner) i said open your mouth

she react like a kid being scolded and just opens her mouth
abhi puts the food and she starts eating he say good girl he keeps feeding her then sarla who was watching this from the door thinks (i have made the best choice for y pragya with him she will be so happy) with that tough she lives from there .
after feeding her and washing his hands and gets a glass of water and feeds it to pragya

after that pragya is still doin her work abhi has not yet left and he says
a;time to sleep for an hour

p; if i sleep now i will not get up till tomorrow

a; i promise i will wake u up in an hour
p; u are not going back to your hour
a;just sleep

she leans on her spot and immediately doze off abhi take her head slowly and puts on his lap and just admires her while she is sleeping

the screen shift to tanu talking on phone to aliya

t;how can your brother be engaged and u do not tell me

aa; what engaged the engagement is in one day and how did u know that
t ;i saw them the other day going for a date she looked so cheap(lye) do know who she is
aa ; no when i asked they told me it was a surprise

tanu thinks; thank god she do not know it is pragya arora if did she will not agree to help me

aa; tanu are u still there

t ;yes i want to ask u one thing
aa;ok ask
t; you know i love your brother na i can not loose him please help me

a ; if she is as bad as u say then sure i will help u
they continue their talk then the screen shift again to abhi stiil admiring pragya then he realise that it is almost an hour past the time that he told pragya the slowly wakes her up then she starts back her work and abhi lives

time passes and now it is the engagement day every body is doing the engagement preparation no one has seen pragya since the morning then the screen shift to the work room where pragya is sleeping when her phone rings this wake her up .she picks up the call

a;hello future fiance
p;oh it’s u
a;why do u sound so disappointed to hear my voice
p ; i was having my beauty sleep and u woke me up

a; u? sleeping?that must means you have finished you work
p; for the engagement cloths yes
a; but how is it possible every day that i came there u were working on my dress what about urs
p; i had already started all my dresses as soon as i heard that mom already foxed my marriage oh bdw can u pass home to try it on so that i can see if there is any thing to fix
a;i was already on my way see u

some time later abhi come to the work room see pragya who had just finished to freshen up drying her hair .he goes in then comes out with the cloths taking them to pragya’s room try them on and comes back she looks at it then smile and it ok now go take it off which he does and goes with it to his house

in the afternoon guest start coming at the mm abhi comes down in a sky blue sherwani with pearls and golden work designs on it and a golden color pants after some time the aroras came in divya welcomed the abhi who was talking to purab stoped talking and started staring at pragya with shining eyes and an opened mouth she was wearing a pale pink lehenga with pearl matching those of abhi and golden work with a transparent pale pink durpata on her shoulder her stomach was out and it was perfectly flat in shot she was looking very hot here is the like to visualise the dress i am good at describing


purab did not miss this chance to tease him well then he leftb to go and talk to pragya and bulbul then came aliya she saw abhi and went to him

aa; wow bhai u guy did it in grand
a;oh finally u arrived
aa; i told u five minutes away i was on my way. where is my surprise
a;wait some time let me look for her
aa;wow bhai u are wearing an arora creation
a; how did u know
aa;did u forget i am a big fan of pragya arora i can recognise her creation every where i even took some time to see this one because it is not yet in shops or in catalogues it is an exclusive model how did u get it ,it must have been so expensive

a;it cost me nothing

aa;how is that even possible
a;my future wife made it aliya still not getting it makes a confused face and think

the screen shift to pragya runing in front and purab following her saying ;you disturbed my best friend na now it is time to pay
she runs while purab has stopped she now starts walking still looking if purab is still following her when she bumps into aliya without looking at herjust say sorry and starts going when abhi just grab her hand and makes her stand between him and aliya without facing aliya
p;you where have u been i have looked for u every where.
just then aliya cough to get her attention when pragya turns an face aliya she just start shouting;aaaah omg omg u u u are pra.. pragya

a;aliya calm down i want to present my future fiance to u

aa;who cares about your fiance see who is infront of me and u are talking to me about your fiance

a;aliya list…….
the words juts die in his mouth as aliya starts asking questions to pragya
aa;OMG you are so beautiful . i am a big fan can i touch u, can i hug u?

abhi just holds her to calm her down which works

abhi; now can u listen


abhi; this is pragya arora the soon to be pragya abhishek mehra

aa;what OM this is the best day of my life pragya is going to be my bhabi omg i can die of joy .

she holds pragya hugs her tight looks at her from every side thinking (she is so pretty is this a dream) then looks up to see every body looking at them and pragya being like ok whats going on here the screen freeze on this action

no precap thanks for reading hope u like it

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  1. Princesskrisha

    Awww cute n awesome sriti loved it i liked dress description of youtrs n abhigya were so cute

  2. Sethidisha002

    wow amazing

  3. Awesome yaar…

  4. Awesome dear

  5. Hi sritijosee , the way pragya flirts with abhi is amazing n out of the box. U r doing a great job dear.

  6. Awesome dear…… Aliya reaction is super….

  7. Saranya24

    Really amazing i loved it????

  8. Superb ma day by day it is awesome loved all the scenes

  9. amazing.

    1. Sritijosee

      Thanks for liking

  10. Superb??

  11. Sritijosee

    Sorry guys if i cannot reply to our comments one by one evry day i will try when the computer is available but i will like to thank all of u who read and like my ff

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