My heart is with you ragini epi 15 by sindhura

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Dadajii:- what is this sameer.i said clearly to you that not to take her complete name then why.
Sameer:- sorry dadajii i was concerned about her and i just spoke like that..
Dadajii:- you should not have spoke infront of them.
Sameer:- why dadajii
Dadajii:- because they are and seeing dp and rest were watching them secertely and says i will say to you later…
Sameer nodes and leaves from their thinking what happen to dadajii…
Dp:- its now sure that they are hiding something about ragini from all but how come we knew about her fully.
Laksh:- what if we go to delhi and knew about her secretly.
Rp:- it might wont work laksh as what if they are hiding something from us then definetly they will take precaution about her past.
Dp:-hmm lets first confront him and laksh you go with sameer and try to find why they hide ragini full name ok.
Laksh nodes and goes..

Dp:- lets go rp..
Rp nodes both goes towards shiv cabin.
Here while practising ragini guitar string brokes so she come out and asks a sanskar..
Ragini:- sanskar any strings are their in your office.
Sanskar:- they may be in store room.
Ragini:- ok i will get them.
Sanskar:- wait i will come with will be dark their.
Ragini:- how do you knew that i was afraid of darkness.
Sanskar:- i dont knew i just guessed .
Ragini:- may be you were right so many will be afraid of darkness.
Any way lets goo.
Sanskar in mind:- i dont knew about others but my ragini my wife is afraid of darkness and i will be like light in her darkness to threw away her fear…..
They both go towards store room..
Sameer is sitting in his cabin and laksh reaches their.
Laksh:-preparing presentation. where is ragini
Sameer:- haa she might be preparing for her concert.

Laksh:- from when she is singing.
Sameer:- she interested in music always laksh but she doesnt go professionally she started to sing in fm i think you knew about it.
Laksh:- hmm by the way untill now i dont knew that her full name is rajini ragini deshpande.
Sameer looks up but pretends like nothing happen by giving a sweet smile to him and says i think rajini told you history of her two names.
I think you were their at that time na..
Laksh:- ofcourse i was their but why you hided her name.
Sameer controls his anger and laksh even observes it..
Sameer:- why we will hide laksh are you kiding we never faced a complete situation to say her full name thats it.
Laksh:-haa you were right and where is bhai,wait i will search for him and come.
Sameer nodes with smile and relaxes after he left.
Laksh comes out and he too relax ss and thinks if i asked one more question he would have kicked me and goes out insearch of sanskar..
Ragini:- you said it was here na sanskar then why i cant find it.
Sanskar:- even i am searching ragini..
Ragini:- untill mrg u called me rajini after knewing my full name you started calling me ragini why.
Sanskar:- ragini is more easy than rajini so .
Ragini :- hmm Both starts again searching..
Ragini was walking back and sanskar was searching another side..
Ragini sees strings on top floor and tries to take it..

Sanskar:- shall i help you..
Ragini:- i am not so short i can take them.
Sanskar says ok and stands aside and sees her..
She lifts her weight and stands on her toes and tries to take strings..
She tries but fails and looks back at sanskar who is trying to stop his smile.
Ragini:- no need to stop your laugh,you can and i will take it you see..
Ragini jumps and tries to takes it but something falls on her she starts screaming which makes alert sanskar..
Ragin:- something fallen on me she jumps continuesly..
Sanskar laughs and sees coackroach near ragini leg so he started shouting.
Sanskar:- ragini coackroach ahhh.
Both starts jumping here and their and finally that coackroach passes from sanskar which caused him to jump on her waist and folded his legs around her waist.
Rags opens her mouth by seeing sanskar..
Later she burst into laugh and sanskar comes to his senses and and gets down from her and rubs his hair with his hands and blushes hard.
Ragini seeing him blushing pulls his cheecks and says ..
Oh my god sanskar you look cute while blushing.
Sanskar :- and you look amazing while laughing.
Both looks at each other and forgets surroundings .
Later due to some noices they both get their senses back and and rags looks surrounding feeling embrassed..
Rags finally founds string on top rack and says.
Ragini:- og i forget to take strings and again stands on her toes to take.
In that process…

Her top moves up and her waist was seen by sanskar he gets mesmerised and starts going towards her when he almost reach her he starts remembering everything and moves another side by turning back.
Sanskar in mind:- no not like this i started loving you and i should make you to love me for that we have to start everything and i will wait untill you love me..
Here air blew touches ragini waist and she realises that her waist was exposed she immediatedly takes strings and covers her waist turns to another side hestiately by thinking about sanskar but she get surprised and smiles by seeing him facing another side..she smiles and inshort she gets impressed goes and taps his shoulder..
Sanskar:- so you got it.
Ragini shows and says yaa..i won.
He smiles both again goes to his cabin.
Dp and rp were standing infront of dadajii.
Rp:- you knew shiv jii my bahu name was also ragini but not rajini ragini deshpande but her full nane is ragini gadodia..
Dadajii lifts his head and stands up immediatedly and comes towards them..
Dadaji:- what you said gadodia.
Rp and dp get confused:- yes.
Dadaji:- you said that she doesnt have parents and brought up by swara parents . What were their names..
Dp:- what happen shiv jii.
Dadajii:- just say who were they.
Rp:-shekar gadodia and sumitra gadodia..
Dadajii calls sameer.

Sameer immediatedly comes into cabin with tablet..
Dadajii:- sameer open those shekar and his wife photo and show to them.
sameer nodes and shows their photo to them.
Dp and rp says :- they were swara parents and ragini brought by them but how do you people have their photos..
Rp stands up and says seriously:- who is ragini shiv jii.
Sameer understands everything and says:- uncle ragini is deshpande daughter and if you have any doudt you can have our dna…dadajii says sameer to leave From their as he wants to talk with them personelly and later will say everything to him..
Sameer nodes and leaves from their.
Dadaji:- she is my grand daughter and your bahu too.
Dp and rp faces lighten up with happiness they both hugs each other…..
Shivjii:- untill i found shekar and sumitra plss dont say anything to anyone, specially to ragini and sameer.
Dp:- why dont u understand we all lost our happiness,sanskar forget to live now he is laughing in hope of she is ragini his wife.
Dadaji bangs his hands on table angrily and says ..

Dadaji:- and when he changed, if he loved that much then what made her to suicide ,its our luck that we got her or else .
Dp and rp says what ever shekar played with all of us and how they manipulated sanskar.
(Fb will be given to you people clearly once sanskar get to knew that she is ragini and from then ragini will get flashes so bare for this much late).
Dadajii:- here no one is,at fault shekar ruined everyone lifes because of his greedyness towards money..
Dp:- but ragini is our bahu and she is wife of sanskar.
Dadaji:- by the time we got her the n only we came to knew that she was married but with whom we dont knew and to knew that we need answers from shekar and we trying to find him.
Rp:- after ragini giving him property 25 laksh they were no wear.
Dadaji:- which property.
Rp:- we dont knew details..
Dadaji:-it seems their alot to find about her and what ever you knew about her property plss give detail.
and yaa ragini is your bahu and will be sanskar wife only but just be calm untill we find everything.
They nodes..
At night ..
Dadajii:-ragini and sameer i am going to jaipur i have some work their untill i return you both should be safe and take care of each other and another important thing pls dont show you antics here ok.

Ragini and sameer nodes.
Ap:- why are you saying like that shiv ji .
Sujatha:- if these two will be calm na i cant bare let them do what ever they want and this time they promised me that they will take me out in midnight for ice cream..
All looks at her..
Sujatha then realises and looks at rag and sam who looking nervous.
Dadajii:- so you already started here also and how many times i said for you both that dont go out in midnight..
Sameer:- dadajii she only does emotional blackmail to me and you knew i always comes to her emotional blackmail.
Ragini:- ahh who told to lisen to me .you would had left me alone.
Sameer:- you knew that i cant do that,thats why u d these all antics.
Dadaji:- fine i knew about you both that you wont leave each other hand in all aspects what ever it might but pls untill i return dont do anything and ya you both have to go to village and go in one piece and come back in one piece dont make sanskar and laksh uncomfortable and.
Sam and rag:- dont involve into any problem dont bring problems on your head ,eat ontime ,sleep ontime ,dont jump here and there.
Dadaji nodes his head in disbelief
Sujatha:- you dont worry shiv jii i will take care of them..
Dadaji ,ragini and sameer smiles seeing sujatha.

Precap:- sanskar dropping ragini to fm station and waiting for her..

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