Kumkum Bhagya 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Pragya saves Rhea’s life yet again

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The Episode starts with Ranbir looking at Prachi while she is speaking. Rhea couldn’t tolerate to see them together. Intehaa song plays as Ranbir admires Prachi talking to someone. A lady notices him and tells that the girl loves you a lot. Ranbir thanks the lady and asks her to enjoy the drink and party. Prachi takes the drink from Ranbir’s tray to serve. Pragya comes there with the waiters asking them to serve on time and eat their food on time too. Mitali recalls Aaliya’s words and decides to treat her as a Servant. She calls Pragya. Pragya gets happy to see her and calls her. Mitali talks to her rudely and calls her Servant, tells that her waiters are not focusing on the work. She asks Pragya for doing time pass with her. Pragya says she was doing work and stopped to talk to her. Mitali asks her to serve her starters. Pragya says it is hot. Mitali takes it to taste and feels it is hot. Pragya says I had told you. Mitali asks for water.

Rhea searches for Pallavi thinking she can handle Prachi. She sees Pragya coming from the other side and says Maa in her heart. She gets emotional. Pragya also gets emotional and reminisces their moments. Pragya walks towards her. Rhea turns her face. Pragya stops and gets teary eyes. Rhea turns towards her and looks at Pragya wiping her tears. Pragya sees the arrow fired towards Rhea while the Ram leela is going on stage. Pragya runs to save Rhea and hugs her. Rhea asks what does she wants to do? The actor performing on the stage comes to her and apologizes, asking if she is hurt? Pragya scolds him for being careless and firing arrow blindly. He tells that it is light weight and that’s why came here. Pragya says anything would have happened to my daughter and stops. Rhea thinks Pragya cares for her and if I was on Prachi’s place with her, then she would have fought with everyone for my happiness.

Ranbir thinks he has become waiter in love else men become lover. He finds her tray finished and tries to give the drinks to the guests, but nobody takes. Ranbir drinks a glass of juice and throws the another glass. Rhea comes there. Ranbir tells Prachi that the tray is over so she shall talk to him. Prachi says she is busy. Ranbir takes her from there. Sarita behen asks Shahana to do the work and tells that Pragya and Prachi have done the work with her. Aaliya talks to Mitali on phone and tells that Pragya made your mouth burn intentionally. She asks her to teach her a lesson. She comes to Sarita behen and asks if they can’t make good food, starters and juice. Sarita behen tells that her food is good else waiters wouldn’t have taken many trays from here and guests are liking it. She threatens to leave from there and says you will not get caterer at this time. She asks Aaliya to apologize to her. Aaliya has no choice than to apologize to her and says sorry. Sarita behen and Shahana get happy. Aaliya throws a tray and asks them to add the loss to their calculations and goes.

A waiter tells Pragya that Sarita behen is calling her. Pragya says she is going there. Abhi comes from other side and collides with her. Something falls on his suit. He tells it is very hard for him to get ready and looks at Pragya. Pragya says it was your mistake, you was not looking infront and collided with me.Abhi says you are accusing me rather than accepting your mistake. He says you don’t want to understand me. Pragya says you will never change, gets angry on small things, catch small things and takes reverse meaning of the words. She says I told you that we have to hide truth from Prachi, as she is not yet ready to hear it, and didn’t ask you to stay away from Prachi. Abhi asks why do you say such words that I catch and tells that he don’t want to talk to her. He collides with something and injures his hand. Pragya goes to the bathroom to help him. Allah wariyan plays…..She comes inside the bathroom. Abhi looks at her while washing his injury from his hand. Pragya holds his hand and gets concerned. He refuses to let her touch him. He says when you don’t think that I deserve to meet my daughter then why are you doing this? Pragya wipes his hand injury with a cloth. Abhi says you have hurt me a lot. He says when you are not concerned for me then why you are showing it. He says why are you getting hurt seeing my injury. Pragya says she is hurt with his thoughts. He says you have hurt me and habitual for it. Abhi says it is your business to hurt me. Pragya says she has earned so much happiness that she never missed anything. Abhi says you left it for me. She thinks she don’t want to hurt him. Abhi thinks say it here and end all the arguments.

Rhea thinks why Ranbir is after Prachi, when he is getting engaged with me. Prachi asks Ranbir to tell where are they going, else she will not come. Ranbir asks her if she is doubting on him and thinking him as a flirt and tells that he trusts her a lot and she….He says I will not talk to you. Rhea thinks Prachi is very sticky with him. Prachi goes to Ranbir and tells that she has so much work in the party. Ranbir asks her to go. Prachi holds his hand. Rhea thinks leave his hand else I can do anything.

Precap: Ranbir tells Prachi that he will make his would be wife wear the ring and makes Prachi wear the ring. Prachi smiles while Rhea gets shocked. Abhi asks Pragya to tell about her feelings and asks her to tell if she loves him or not. Pragya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. there really has to be a change in aaliyah now. because this behavior is really beastly now. the writer must change her role. one cannot be that devilish and hateful.
    you only teach nonsense people. if you can’t write a movie, don’t do it. you shame your country. if your relationship has problems you have to prove otherwise.how can you stop a father from seeing his daughter. why is pragya eternally so mysterious. you shame marriage. you always show us that triangle love is the best. marriage is a beautiful thing. if two people love each other let them get married. but don’t let a third join.if you don’t love someone why is someone else forcing themselves to join.stop your mess now. we live in a modern century. if you got stuck, you have to retrain or take lessons from professional people. you are that old fashioned

    1. Finally someone else also burst some good thoughts
      I am also saying this
      Movie and serials are entertainment
      Entertainment means happiness joy and main thing is to forget the sarrow of viewers and viewers mind will be free relaxed by watching serials
      But now a days Hindi and Tamil serials make more frustration

    2. the writers and producers r living in a fantasy world they should look at us soaps and learn all real life no stupid fiction this is 2020 wake up its not 1800 all women should comment on these shows THE CULPRIT IS EKTA KAPOOR BACKWORD b*t*h

  2. Stop this shit from here now !!!
    We are now only wasting our time by watching this kind of incidents. Don’t you think these stupid ideology of your had already made your kumkum bhagya serial worst. Just see your TRP.
    We are not getting anymore enjoyment from watching kumkum bhagya.

  3. allyah kill a lady runs over every one create problem in ahi and praghia life using her own niece and every one listen to her even that STINKER MITALLI THEY R FREE LOADERS ohTHE SAME FOOL EKTA KAPOOR KUNDLI BAGHIA

  4. Ekta kapoor or whoever that is in charge of the serie is making us understand that evil is good and truth no longer exist. And that evil people like Aaliyah and Rhea are ruling the world. They got money so they can do whatever they want. My question is what ever that is happening is that how india culture is? So many questions that have not been answered and they keep showing irrelevant episodes.Because of all this nonsense i have switched to korean movies. I regretted that i subscribed to indian channel to watch kumkum bhagya on my sky box.

  5. The best part was that with Kiara ,it was so beautiful so romantic , very good performance, even their outfits were beautiful and the plot was very nice . It could’ve ended there , but no ! You have ruined it & for what? For this rubbish of a sequel?!

  6. WORST SHOW EVER ..!!!! Still showing nonsense. Their children are going to get engaged , here, abhi and pragya are busy in solving whether you love me or not. Such an illogical plot .
    I have came here today, after so many months, and still a crap !! I can’t understand, why didn’t they all just sit and talk and make everything clear.

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