Kumkum Bhagya 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Rhea gets upset seeing the divorce papers

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The Episode starts with Rhea throwing the divorce papers on Prachi and asks her to celebrate happiness, but this happiness will not last long, as I will return very soon. Pallavi says this will happen, when you get out of jail. She says I will make sure Rhea that you will be rotten in jail all life. She holds her hand and takes her out. She then pushes her on the floor and asks her to get out. Rhea says I will not away from here. She wakes up shouting she will not leave, how dare she to push her. She thinks thank god, it is a dream, she will not go out even in dreams. She comes out of the room and sees Ranbir and prachi sleeping on the bed, holding each other hands. She gets angry and throws the vase kept on the side tables in the corridor.

Prachi wakes up hearing the noise and sees Ranbir on the bed. Ranbir gets up and says sorry, I had slept while sitting. He says I was holding your hand and slept. He says we had pillows between us and I didn’t take advantage of you. Prachi smiles a bit. He asks if you are smiling. She nods no and asks him to sleep on the bed from now onwards. He asks if pillows shall be there or not. He says ok, will be there. Prachi sets up the bedsheet and the comforter on the bed properly. Ranbir also helps her. Aryan looks at them and sings atak gaya yeh mann atak gaya hai. Prachi says I will go and freshen up. Ranbir scolds Aryan and asks what is atak gaya, let me see her. Aryan asks for the boxing gloves. Prachi comes out after changing her clothes and gets dizzy. She is about to faint. Ranbir holds her and asks if she is ok. Prachi hugs him and smiles. Aryan thinks they love each other so much, I wish their children keep them close always. Shahana comes there and sees Aryan praying. She says she came to call them for breakfast. She says you might not look at breakfast because of your wife. Ranbir says yes, I will concentrate on my wife, rather than breakfast and says she has pregnancy glow on her face. He holds her hand and goes. Shahana tells Aryan that she saw him praying. He says someone came in his life and changed him. He gives the credit to Mili, and says just like Stanley changed you. Shahana says you are bad and goes. Aryan laughs.

Rhea comes to Aaliya’s room and asks her to get up. Shaina gets up and asks what happened? Rhea asks her to sleep. Aaliya says let me sleep. Rhea asks her to wake up and tells that Pallavi was throwing her out of the house, and Prachi asked Ranbir to divorce her. She says I can just feel that something bad is going to happen. She says I know that divorce papers are getting ready and today they will make me sign. Aaliya says let the papers come. Shaina asks her to think positive and says Ranbir will accept you and will throw Prachi out. Rhea says I don’t like people flattering me. Shaina says I was telling as it was dream. Rhea says it was my morning dream. Aaliya says morning dream will come true. Rhea says she has a plan, but it can backfire. Aaliya says either we will win or will be out. Rhea says we are stuck in middle, we have to play this gamble.

Pallavi talks to lawyer on phone about divorce papers. Vikram comes there and asks her. Pallavi says she is getting Rhea divorce Ranbir so that Prachi can stay here without any problem. She asks him to trust her. Vikram says he trusts her. Shaina asks Mahua to give tea. Mahua says after opening the door, I will give you tea. Rhea asks Mahua to give tea and she goes to open the door. The courier guy tells that there is a courier on Pallavi Kohli’s name. He says he will give it to Pallavi only. Rhea is going to call Pallavi, when Aaliya stop her and tells that Pallavi must be hiding something from them. She pretends to be Pallavi and receives the courier. They open the envelope and read the divorce papers. Dida asks Rhea who had come. Rhea hides the papers. Dida asks what is she hiding?

Vikram tells good morning to Ranbir and Prachi. Prachi says good morning. Pallavi says I hope Ranbir is taking good care of yours. Vikram asks her to tell. Prachi says yes, he is taking good care of me. Vikram says how you will react hearing the good news. He asks Pallavi if I shall tell you. Ranbir says we know, Dida had told us. Prachi says Dida informed us. Pallavi asks are you okay with it. Prachi says I am happy. Ranbir says everyone is happy and Dida made everyone have sweets. Vikram says Prachi reacted positively and it is good. Ranbir says Kalyani gave birth to the calf. Pallavi says Kalyani. She asks when did Mummy hear me saying this? Prachi says wendy dadi told Dida. Pallavi says our good news is different.

Dida asks Rhea what is she hiding. Pallavi asks Rhea to tell what Mummy ji is asking. Rhea says I am in complete shock as you got the papers ready. Vikram asks Pallavi if these are the same papers. Pallavi says yes. Rhea tells Aaliya that she was right. Dida asks what is happening. Rhea tears the papers and says you have made your decision and I have made my decision. She throws the papers on Pallavi. Pallavi raises her hand to slap Rhea, but Aaliya holds her hand.

Precap: Ranbir tells Prachi that crying phase is over, now new phase will start, where you and I will be there. He says I have taken divorce from Rhea, says whatever relation we had is over. And now you have to leave from this house. Rhea is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Pranbir’s official reunion is around the corner it seems. Then trouble starts again where the next seperation phase begins, leap and delivery.

    1. At least let them sleep without a pillow wall once before next separation.

    2. @Fandomora also a consummation scene we deserve to see before the next separation.

    3. I would say that’s too much. We didn’t get one till now. Closest was first honeymoon track and that was to bring this Prachi’s pregnancy. Next one would be for next Pranbir child. I am expecting two, a boy and a girl.

    4. Not possible, because prachi is already pregnant.

    5. Yes. May be not before this separation but before the one after so they can bring another child.

    6. Why can’t they? Just because she’s pregnant? In ITV they care about these things only and act as if it’s illegal. In reality nobody cares. Plus we haven’t even seen a proper consummation scene of theirs. Literally next time we’ll see them it’ll be them as parents which is annoying cos kids will be hovering around them. They ruined everything by their obsession with that she devil and getting Prachi pregnant so soon!

    7. If their consummation is to be bring another child then don’t you think it needs to happen AFTER Prachi has delivered this current child??

      Actually it will be good if it happens: PRANBIR stay together through the birth of this child and when Prachi again gets pregnant, they separate, though it would be like when Pragya was pregnant with Kiara but didn’t know it so Ranbir won’t be knowing at the time of separation that Prachi is pregnant

  2. Is it just me or is this all a bit too rushed now? How did they even get in the same bed? They were getting closer yes but now it’s like they’ve taken 10 steps closer. Even Prachi who last week nearly left him now lets him sleep in the same bed as her. She is likely to let RR divorce now after expressing her undying love for her sister. I want a slow phase of their relationship just how it was when they met. It’s like they are rushing for the next separation now

    1. Because now lovable rhea is shedding tears everyday. Makers must be in heart ache. So they are uniting pranbir soon and soon separation then their rhea will smile. So they are rushing. Only evils should smile in dream bhagya.

    2. Earlier biggest issue Prachi had was Rhea’s manipulations which makes her wonder if Ranbir was just lying to her and has moved on with Rhea. After the RR convo outside her room this fear has vanished. So it’s understandable that Prachi would allow Ranbir in the room. Ranbir slept on the floor holding her hand last time so I guess a similar thing happened where Ranbir was holding Prachi’s hand until Prachi fell sleep. But this time when he got sleepy he also slept on the bed may be because he was on the other side sitting on the bed originally.

    3. We deserve some good romantic pranbir scene..as we have been tortured for past 8 months more or less

  3. tasneem mathee

    wow Rhea is crazy not certifiable but insane

  4. Why do Arhana interfere in every scene now of theirs! 🙄 like just leave them alone for once they’re a married couple

    1. No one in KM understand the concept of married couple and privacy except Dida.

  5. If destroying divorce paper is the dream. Why chudail apologized in zee5 bts. Chudail did something.

    1. May be because she left without taking prasad from Dida.

    2. Unlikely but let’s see day and night someone is dreaming in km.

    3. Fandomara
      In zee5 bts her dialogue is
      ” i know meine jo kuch bhi kaha mujhe nahi kehna chahiye tha.but i have no option. Mujhe aise lag raha tha sab mujhe hi daat rahthi

    4. I think she did something. But if rhea did something wrong dida will not call her rhea puthar. Um.

    5. Who said destroying divorce paper is the dream ?? Isn’t it the next day and Rhea is awake ??

    6. Yes, next day rhea is awake and she is in pink dress.

    7. We Don’t know Colin..what is dream , what is reality in kkb ..but one thing is clear they are in hurry showing pranbir rommance. They won’t even let us enjoy their growing closeness..why so much hurry

    8. No one is saying for sure. But that last bit felt like a dream specially Dida shouting “what are you hiding?” That’s not like Dida normally. Also as you pointed out connection between Pallavi and Rhea will fall if it is real

  6. YY, mentioned tina is in red pink outfit. I can’t find it.
    Really she is that outfit?

    1. Shreya check tina’s hipi account. May be she post something there. I don’t have net . So i can’t

    2. Surya, no I checked her hipi account. She us not in red pink outfit. In Instagram also I can’t see. I checked her story post everything.

    3. Maera from BL is also doing a dance performance solo. Maybe Tina is doing the same. I don’t think they will really stoop so low to have a hero and villain doing a dance together. We know Mugdha isn’t there unfortunately perhaps they didn’t call her or she’s busy with her movie promotions

    4. Plus Maera is playing a villain like Tina too. That show leads is doing a dance together whilst the villain is seperate I think. In KKB, it seems it’s just Krishna but if there’s Tina, it’s likely hers is solo performance

    5. Let’s just hope these rumours are false. I’m sure Tina would have posted a story or something. She normally always does

    6. Due to Krishna’s words from the interview today, he speculated that he’s dancing alone and Radha is at home. Which means there’s no Radha dancing with him. Now we know Krishna is playing Lord Krishna. When there’s Krishna there’s always Radha. Rishi and Lakshmi are performing as Krishna and Radha. Krishna the actor, is performing as Krishna too. But there’s no Radha as we know. So that means there could be no Tina. She’s definitely not dancing with him thank god. I really don’t think she’s even doing a performance actually. Like @ally said, she always shares stories of like her every look from everywhere she goes. If she’s dressed up for the Janmashtami special she would have shared a story. So don’t take tension guys and don’t believe rumours until we see for ourselves.

    7. There’s no ‘Maera’ in Bhagya Lakshmi??

      I watch that as well, and there’s no villain named ‘Maera’ in that. Lady villain in that is Malishka. Well there are others but only Malishka is after the male lead so only she’s worth mentioning

    8. Malishka’s name is Maera Mishra

    9. I don’t watch BL but from what I saw during Holi special you can’t say Malishka is after male lead since she is literally his girl friend whom he himself claims to love and agreed to marry.

    10. @Colin yes Malishka real name is Maera that’s what she meant

  7. Btw has pallu ever had a dream???i think this time round its either hers or villain buji,well i dont understand why aaliyah doesnt bond with his son n Millli(DIL)…bt i cnt help to think that Aryan might be Disha’s son,Aaliyah did her mischiefs

  8. Is the last part a dream again? Because in that aarti bts, they were all acting so casual, Dida was doing puja and asked nicely to Rhea to take it but she refused. It doesn’t seem like a drama happened. So how will it make sense if Dida does puja after this last scene? After Rhea teared papers and threw them at Pallo. It must be a dream 🙂

    1. May be Dida is happy now that Rhea insulted Pallavi, Pallavi wouldn’t want Rhea as her DIL at all 🤣🤣🤣

  9. If destruction of Pallavi’s divorce papers is a dream then Ranbir showing Rhea his divorce papers should also be a part of that dream since it’s continuation of the former, BUT Ranbir showing Rhea divorce papers cannot be anyone’s dream since no one has even an inkling that Ranbir has done it or even planned it.

    So the tomorrow’s precap must be real,and if it’s real then Rhea tearing Pallavi’s divorce papers also has to be true

    1. May be Rhea refused to sign but didn’t throw torn papers on Pallavi’s face

    2. Fandomara, still, in essence, disobedience of Pallavi.

      And how to fit Pallavi raising her hand on Rhea and Alia stopping it??

      Where does this new dream start and end ??

    3. Rhea can say she wants to respect Pallavi’s decision she took for the sake of Prachi’s child but she cannot knowing Prachi’s child is Sid’s and not Ranbir’s. Then it won’t be complete disobedience. As of when the dream starts I think when Dida start shouting (simply because Dida doesn’t behave like that) but I am not sure of anything.

  10. Guys tina is not performing just check her story tommrow she was with appy

  11. If rhea destroys the paper on pallavi’s face also if it was real also, she will not hate or upset with rhea because she too don’t want that divorce to happen. She just wants Prachi’s trust she got that.
    But my fear is what will happen after the accusation

    1. Nothing will happen because that’s the specialty of KKB. Alia literally told that their plan is such that either they would win or they will be thrown out of KM. But at the end of the track neither would happen.

    2. I Don’t know how many dreams we have to see..they are moving story better in dream than in reality..as writer loves rhea a lot so all bad things happen with rhea are in dreams

    3. This week and next week full of dream sequences.
      Only because to save rhea.

  12. Ranbir and rishab is performing in janmashtami special episode. Only heros of two bhagya’s.

    1. That’s good to hear. People can stop assuming that Mugdha refused because she’s not on “talking terms” with Krishna. It’s clear only MLs of both Bhagyas were invited. Shradha and Mugdha the FLs weren’t.

  13. As per my theory
    Rhea tearing divorce paper is a dream.of Rhea and it would start from everyone comes to her.She would pass on paper either to shaina or Alia from back hand only and one by one everybody would ask her what is she hiding and then she would get irritated she would say I am hiding nothing and would mis behave for which she would ask forgiveness.

    1. In that case why would Ranbir shows his divorce papers and when does Rhea brings paternity issue of Prachi’s child?

    2. I think the plan which Rhea share with Alia was to question child’s paternity by reminding everyone regarding hotel incident.so she might have raised that and she might have thought that RK and others would believe her but RK would side with prachi and then RK would bring this divorce issue and I still think sid coming back is Rhea’s nightmare

    3. Sanam but if Rhea didn’t tear Pallavi’s divorce papers at all then why did Ranbir bring his divorce papers??

      I mean, how is relevant to answer Rhea’s accusations on Prachi’s child’s paternity by showing his divorce papers??

      If Pallavi’s divorce papers are safe then Ranbir can simply sign them only, no need to bring out his divorce papers

  14. Mugdha is shooting outdoor. Really she left hell hole?

    1. I think it’s just outside the set. Mugdha has done that pose outside several times, sometimes even with Prachi’s night suit. T doesn’t always mean she is shooting outdoors.

    2. No. She is really shooting outdoor. That is the place where goons snatched her mangalsutra.

  15. I think next hospital scene is on the way. But I don’t know who is admitted but in mugdha’s new story there are many nurses in background.

  16. But i only want prachi to get hurt and admit. kholi’s and mehra’s should be saved.

  17. Fiddausy Kurfee

    But what about sid,is I think he just came for one scene

    1. Me too. Only that bts, nobody share posts with him. So most likely he was there for just one scene

    2. Kush shared something ?

  18. According to new precap Rhea brings Sid after Ranbir present his divorce papers. So what could prompt Ranbir to bring divorce papers?

  19. And they are dragging this scene for days. It started yesterday and going to continue to tomorrow. I thought they only grad parties and events. This is too much now.

  20. My stand is still same that no body would be knowing right now that divorce papers have come in KM, RK would be taking care of PK, Rhea would feel jealous and mis behave with everyone, Rhea may again start that PK snatched RK and try to humiliate PK and would make PK cry so RK would bring divorce papers.

  21. If next track is hospital track then two possibilities.
    1. Rhea fake her miscarriage and blame Prachi
    2. Rhea try to kill PK’s child ( outside KM)

    I see more chances of 2nd to be happened

  22. Disgusting precap.

  23. After today’s precap I want PK to unmask Rhea at least on this point that she wanted to leave KM because Rhea begged to PK for her child. How she came to her and cried and if not PK is opening her mouth then at least sahana should because sahana knows Rhea begged to pk and warned her also and RK also knows that Rhea was planning something with respect to PK

    1. “RK also knows that Rhea was planning something with respect to PK” don’t forget they suffer from memory loss.

  24. It looks like aarti scene will be on Monday. It is dragging and making me scare.
    When the talk comes about sid automatically I gets scared. But hereafter prachi will not try to support rhea because of this lie.

  25. Zee tv released new promo. Ranbir stand for prachi

    1. More than anything I hope that this promo is real.

  26. Fiddausy Kurfee

    I’m totally confused,so that’s means they bring that pictures of sid and prachi to prove prachi baby is for sid

    1. I think that picture part is just for promo

    2. In theory Sahana deleted Sid-Prachi photos during VP anniversary party and Sid iping Prachi’s tears were when they met after 1 month leap and Rhea was showing it on live video so cannot have pictures there either. But these are same producers who had recent photos on Pranbir’s 1 year anniversary celebration so for them all these are possible.

    3. I think the picture part is just for promo

    4. I too think pictures are only for promo. But in actual episode something will happen that will not be related to promo. So don’t take promo seriously. Just to attract viewers they will show anything.

    5. Tomorrow’s precap scene will happen and ranbir take Stands for prachi. Then pooja bts

  27. Given the KKB’s obsession of having promo being someone’s dream whose dream can this new promo be (in case it is a dream)?

    1. One girl will give horror effect for every scenes. Love scene horror effect, humiliation horror effect, angry horror effect. Horror women will be dreaming.

    2. Or Ms.Aliya purab Khanna

    3. Shreya, their plan is to make everyone suspect Prachi so why would they dream Ranbir taking a stand for Prachi?

  28. Fiddausy Kurfee

    Rhea is not going to be exposed,prachi and ranbir are not going to reunite,so is better we stop watching this shitt and save our mental health, they make mockery on marriage and now pregnancy,so what is left to watch

    1. Yes, I too thought this before 1 month and I stopped. But after 1 week I came back again to this shit. If the show goes off air we will be happy. Our life will be saved.

  29. They are not only bringing up Siddharth but the hotel incidence as well

    1. There were no photos of hotel incident shown in promo. Were there any photoshoped ones because the one Ranbir tore seems to have Prachi and Sid hugging.

    2. Fandomara , when they call Siddharth as Prachi’s child’s father , they implicitly bring up their affair and the hotel incidence is the representative of Prachi and Siddharth’s affair , so indirectly this also brings that up

  30. If Pallavi is going to be firmly on Prachi’s side at least for her child then she can cut short Rhea’s accusation in a second because she is witness to Prachi and Shahana’s conversation about Prachi wanting to leave house so that Rhea’s child can get the undeserving right in Kohli family

    1. Pallavi wants Ranbir’s first born. When the paternity of Prachi’s child is in question Pallavi has no reason to take Prachi’s side until it is proven Prachi is infact carrying Ranbir’s first born. So I don’t expect Pallavi to talk.

    2. Fandomara but in hospital itself Pallavi herself raised questions on Prachi’s child’s paternity , to which Ranbir anwered her back then and there and told he has not even a shred of doubt that this child is his , and apparently Pallavi has accepted that , else why would she become so obsessed with that child that she is even ignoring Rhea’s pregnancy which was once the most important thing for her ??

      And when Pallavi has accepted that Prachi’s child IS Ranbir’s then why would Rhea raising a doubt on it will make her re-question herself ?? On the contrary she has listened to Prachi and Shahana’s conversation which according to them was private so they had no reason to tell lies during it. In that conversation Prachi clearly said that she is leaving because she wants Rhea’s child to get legitimacy.

      Now logical question , which Pallavi is smart enough to think of is , even if suppose Prachi’s child is Siddharth’s , yet it is gaining all the love and respect and rights of being a Kohli heir so why would Prachi abandon all that if her intentions are not clear ??

    3. Her intentions are not *pure

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