Swaran Ghar 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran and Ajit save Aarav

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The Episode starts with Aarav saying my Dadi is a power woman, she will defeat you all. The kidnappers laugh. Swaran is on the way with Shorvori and Ajit. Ajit drives the car. Swaran gets a video. She gets shocked. Aarav shouts for help. The kidnapper threatens Swaran. Swaran cries. Ajit asks her not to cry. Swaran asks how can they do this, they must be punished. She sees the video again. She recalls the lady. She says so many people are involved, we have to get them punished. She prays. Nakul calls Swaran. He asks did you see Aarav’s video, what’s happening there. She says you calm down, we all are finding Aarav, I will find him, be strong, don’t worry. He says I m arranging money, stay away from them, they are dangerous people, ask them to wait for money.

Kiran asks Nimmo to call Roshan Bajaj, they want money. Vikram says police is tracing the phone calls. Nimmo says Nakul is trying hard, he is coming back. Kiran says I can’t wait, I want my child. She cries. She sees Swaran and Aarav’s pic. She scolds Swaran and breaks the pic. Vikram says its not her mistake, she is trying to save Aarav. Nimmo says I know she did this. He picks the pic frame and keeps it aside. Swaran asks Ajit to stop the car. She sees one of the kidnapper and tells Ajit about the guy. She says I can’t forget his face, we will go and find Aarav. Shorvori calls the inspector. Inspector says we got their location. Arjun says I m also coming.

Swaran says my Aarav is around. Shorvori says police would be coming. Ajit says stay here, tell the police that we went this side. Swaran recalls Aarav. She picks the chocolate wrapper. She says I gave this chocolate to Aarav, my heart says that Aarav is here. Ajit says we have to stay careful, Aarav shouldn’t get hurt. He picks a stick.

Aarav chants Satnam Vaheguru’s name. Swaran hears his voice. She also chants. She turns and sees the kidnapper. He says your grandson was there, you are a power woman, you came here, you won’t go back. She asks where is he. The kidnapper attacks. Ajit catches him. He asks Swaran to find Aarav.

He fights the kidnappers. Swaran comes inside and looks for Aarav. She sees Aarav tied up. She hugs him. She says I have come, I will take you. He asks are you also feeling scared. She tries to open the ropes. She gets a sickle and cuts the ropes. The lady comes and points the gun at her. She says now you both will die together. Swaran asks how dare you touch Aarav. She sees Ajit caught and beaten up by the kidnappers. She stays calm and says nothing will happen, I have to be strong. She asks Aarav to say Satnam Vaheguru. The lady says you think your Lord will save you. Swaran says I m sure. The lady threatens her and shoots. Ajit gets shocked.

Swaran asks Aarav are you fine. She picks a stick. The lady jokes on her. Swaran closes eyes. Aarav says I m feeling scared. Swaran hits the rod on the lady’s feet. The lady drops the gun. Ajit gets up and fights the kidnappers. Arjun comes and kicks the gun away. The lady runs. Swaran asks Ajit to handle Aarav, she can’t let the kidnappers run away. She runs after the lady. The kidnapper attacks Arjun. Ajit saves Aarav. Kidnappers go after Swaran. Swaran runs. She falls down. She gets surrounded by the kidnappers.

Ajit asks the police to find Swaran. Swaran says a woman isn’t weak, a mother is never weak. She catches all the kidnappers, and brings them to the police. Ajit and Arjun look on.

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