Kumkum Bhagya 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhi realizes Pragya’s indifferent behavior

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The Episode starts with Disha sitting in the mandap for marriage with Sangram Singh. Pandit ji asks her to give her hand in his hand. Bua ji gives her hand in his hand. Disha thinks about Purab and thinks now he can’t save her. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil song plays….Purab manages to free himself and thinks to save Disha. Just then goon comes there and stops him. Purab says I will give you 50000 Rs. Goon says bribe. Purab beats him and gets his phone back. He thinks to call Abhi and says my Bhai will save me now. Abhi thinks he don’t know what to do as Purab handles legal formalities. Purab calls him and says he needs his help. He says his friend Disha land up in problem. The phone gets disconnected. Abhi thinks how to contact him. He comes out and thinks what to do, if he will get late to stop Disha’s marriage. Goon sees him and asks how did you come out. Purab beats him and thinks to hide unconscious goon first.

Purab thinks he shall go and help disha alone. Disha prays to God to save her respect and says my Papa is helpless, but you are not. She thinks if you don’t save me then I will jump in this havan kund and die, but will not become his Servant. Abhi tells Dadi that he was worried at first. Dadi asks him to get Purab married to someone. Abhi says yes. Aaliya thinks Dadi thought right firstly.

Sangram Singh is sitting on the mandap and suddenly pigeon’s potty falls on his clothes. Sangram singh gets upset and asks goon to give his clothes to him so that he can change. Other goon says you will not look good in his clothes and says he will clean his clothes and return to him. Sangram Singh agrees.

Abhi comes to Munni and asks about her leg. He asks if she is feeling pain. She don’t reply to him. He asks if she will talk to him and gets upset. He goes. He thinks she is not talking to him, it is a limit. He sees mangalsutra kept there and thinks to question her on her behavior. He says he don’t want to talk to her, but now he can’t bear anymore. He says you are not talking to me now, I don’t like your new avatar, why you are behaving strangely with me even after getting married to me twice. He asks her to share her feelings with him atleast as a friend. She says when my memory returned, you are behaving as if you lost your memory. We used to fight and our love is reflected in that also. He moves newspaper and sees her sleeping.

He makes her sleep properly and covers blanket on her. Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga….He thinks to talk to her when she wakes up. He comes out and collides with Robin. Robin apologizes. Aaliya scolds him. Abhi says it was his mistake. Aaliya asks for forgiveness. Abhi says Pragya can forgive her, but he will not. Aaliya thinks abhi have to get her marry to Purab being her brother.

Tanu is with Abhi and bandages his foot. Abhi thinks Pragya came seeing him hurt and says he knows that she will come. Tanu smiles. He is shocked to see Tanu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Seriously these directors are making us mad and also disgusting after seeing today’s precap
    If these directors are not willing to put an end to this show atleast they should have showed abhigya living happily by throwing aliya and tanu out and then they should have shown purab’s track but here they are not ready to bring happiness in both abhi and purab’s life
    Why these directors are not even considering audience wish of abhigya getting united
    What mistake did we audience commit ?
    Did we commit a mistake of liking abhigya and supporting kkb even after 800 episodes hoping that these directors will respect our wish but now i am totally hell angry on them
    But one thing i want to say to these directors i don’t know whether you people are there in top 10 trp chart or not but my only wish is please leave shabbir and sriti out of kkb and then continue with new abhi and pragya because you people don’t deserve such wonderful artists at all and also because of this current kkb story some audience started to bad mouth about shabbir and sriti as if they are only writing this story
    So please either unite abhigya or kill them both and end the crap
    Don’t try to test the audience’s patience

  2. Friends i have a doubt what is the meaning of using double bodies because in Twitter one person twitted that for tanu and abhi scenes there is no double body shots but for abhigya they are using
    So only i am asking you people and also i want to know whether the consumer court is taking some action on kkb or not if anybody knows about it please let us know

  3. Leave these directors alone they are just senseless nd aimless but proud of themselves

  4. Only crapp

  5. I have so given up on the Pragya/Abhi BS. It’s not worth commenting on whether it’s really Munni or Pragya anymore. If you give so much importance to this, the writers think we are really into the show. I just keep reading up on it hear and have stopped watching it. Not worth my precious 20 minutes wasted on nonsense.

    Not sure how the show is still in the top running. My only analysis is most people are watching it and end up on this site to blast the stupidity of the story, Maybe that’s the reason the viewing rate is still high but not because of interest as the show promoters/writers/idiots are thinking.

  6. Pranav

    I agree with u sharmilla

  7. Hamidah, Malaysia

    I thought the show was getting ridiculous so I stopped watching it 6 mths ago. Now I’m only reading the written version which is so badly written and I still finds it ridiculous. Why do writers prolong the story with crazy and stupid additions of pple, double roles or memory lost?
    Maybe they could learn something by watching Pakistani dramas! Short and impactful!!!!

  8. This kkb drectors just fool us.they don’t have a new story.they bring old story and just change actors.and again villain wins in their plans and I think the director may competition with sath nibhanan sathiy

    KKB is on 5th position in overall with a slight rise. In urban ratings it is still out of top – 5.

  10. Hi sisy
    How are you? Hope you are good and also busy with your bro’s engagement preparation i think
    Enjoy sisy
    And sisy i don’t know what to do with kkb i stopped watching it but reading updates
    I am feeling irritated to the core sisy
    Don’t know what serial to watch as i am fed up of kkb

  11. Decided to stop watching the serial. I think will prolong another two years. Fed up with the villain characters

  12. I think now the most important love story is purab and disha.
    For abhi and pragya, after 850 episodes of love, it’s abnormal that Abhi will love another woman, even if it’s pragya sosie…it will be pragya in the end…but I don’t understand where is pragya in the show?if she’s dead, why they don’t show this? if she’s sick in a village, why they don’t show us???who’s munni? Now 30 episodes with the blu/yellow sari and may be 30 others with orange sari and we don’t understand any thing

  13. Nicole Ruby-Ann

    I have stopped watching the show for almost a year now, because i can’t watch anymore of this crap… Although I keep reading the written update, with the hope Abhigya will unite ..finally. but still no track of that.
    Some day in yhe near future i might stop reading the written updates too.

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