Shani 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Ganesha gives hint to Shani

Shani 9th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Sometimes, when in trouble, even your loved ones fail to trust your karmas. Shani teaches that in such situations one should think well and stay strong before the circumstances. That will help him find a solution from the problem. ||

Shani returns to Surya Loka. He is disturbed recalling Simhika’s condition. I have to save my mother but for that I cannot risk someone else’s mother’s life. Kakol and Hanuman rush to him. Hanuman asks him where he was. I thought I was most fast in the world but you turned disappeared much more quickly on me. You fooled us well. Kakol also questions him. We were so concerned for you. We checked everywhere. You could have told us atleast. Shani asks for some time alone. Kakol stops his way. I know how worried you are for Mata Chhaya. She is like my mother too. Mata Anjana and Yami come there. Shani is again thinking about what Simhika told him to do. Hanuman asks Shani where he is lost. Shani asks Mata Anjana why she came here. Yami tells him she brought her here. I agree that you created a shield around her but I thought she will be safer here. Mata Anjana says I dint come for my safety. I came to encourage my son Shani. You have done a lot for me and Hanuman. If I can help you in any way to find Devi Chhaya then I will be glad. I will cook something now. Have something. Shani declines and quietly walks away even when kakol shouts after him. They are boggled at his behaviour. Kakol thinks to speak to Ganesha. Where is he though?

Ganesha comes to meet Brahma Dev who tells him to return. I cannot help you. Ganesha says I would have if you had said you will not help me. You said you cannot help me. You can atleast guide me. You have 4 heads. Move one on my every question. This way you wont tell me anything and we both will also be able to help each other. I know you wan tot help Shani but you cannot go against Mahadev’s words. Just nod your head to answer my question. Does this have anything to do with Tridev? Brahma Dev nods his head. Ganesha asks his next question. Was this boon given by Narayan or Mahadev? Brahma Dev shakes his head. Ganesha asks him if this is related to Rahu? He nods his head again. Ganesha understands everything. Hanuman and Shani tortured Shani but he himself cannot do anything. Someone would have helped him. When a kid is in trouble then it is the mother who is hurt the most and tries protecting her kid. My mother was also angry when Mahadev cut my head. She even stood against Mahadev. Rahu’s mother has captivated Devi Chhaya to harm Shani. Brahma Dev decides to tell him. He says something to Ganesha in mute. Ganesha decides to leave right away so he can help Shani. Mahadev appears just then. Ganesha stops in his tracks.

Dev Vishwakarma and Surya Dev combine their powers but fail in bringing Sanghya back to life. Shani and Yam hold them as they are almost about to fall. Surya Dev calls it impossible. We joined our powers yet nothing came out of it. yami cries and Yam is also sad. Shani observes them.

Shani is in the corridor when Mata Anjana, Hanuman and Kakol meet him. Hanuman asks him if Surya Dev succeeded. Shani shakes his head. Ganesha comes there too. Kakol is relieved to see him. You went to Kailash right? Did you find out anything? Ganesha is quiet. Hanuman knows he never comes without a reason. what did you come to say? Ganesha tells him he came to say good bye to them. They look at him in shock. Flashback shows Mahadev telling Ganesha that he was told Tridev wont help anyone this time. You still instigated Brahma Dev to speak. Ganesha reasons he was only trying to help Shani. Mahadev tells him every action has a counter reaction. You will have to do bear the result of your karma. You will go in sadhna. Ganesha gives in. I want to meet Shani once though. Can I? Mahadev allows him but only on the condition that he cannot disclose anything to Shani. Flashback ends.

Ganesha tells Shani he knows he will find a solution. Relation between a kid and of a mother is very strong. A mother’s love can make a kid do anything. Not just you, any kid can do anything for his mother. Mother holds us together when we break apart. Sometimes kids have to also hold his mother together when she breaks apart. Mahadev thumps his trident angrily on the ground because of which the earth shakes. Ganesha mentally apologizes to his father. I only told Shani a truth about life. Rest is his karma and Karamfal. He bids adieu to Shani. We will meet again. Remember my words till then. You will find a way. Shani is in thoughts.

Simhika looks at the time. Hanuman and Shani will be under my control soon. Go to Sabha and see what Shani will do. Ketu asks her if she wants the rest of his body to be in pieces. She replies that he will only be able to harm him when he will be able to see him. She uses her powers to make him almost invisible. Now no one will be able to see you. She whispers something in his ears. Ketu agrees to follow her word. He leaves for Surya Loka. Rahu asks his mother why she sent Ketu there. I too could have done it. She tells him she has some other task for him. Right now I want to know if Shani will succeed in doing what I asked him to do or not.

Surya Dev and Dev Vishwakarma both are clueless about Sanghya’s condition. Dev Vishwakarma says I feel the water element has left Sanghya’s body. Shani thinks of what Ganesha had said. He notices Yami crying. Simhika’s words also echo in his head. Ketu whispers the deadline in his ears. Sun is about to set. What will you do now? Shani tells him he will do what your mother thinks I will do. Ketu tells him to go ahead.

Simhika is sure Shani wont be able to escape this time. Fight with your own family now. You have Surya Dev, Dharmaraj and Hanuman around you but you cannot seek anyone’s help as I am keeping an eye on you with the help of Ketu. You would feel like telling Hanuman everything but you wont be able to do it. You will have to bring Anjana to me. Surya Dev’s light cannot save you from the darkness that I have brought in your life. Even the God of death Yam cannot help either you or his mother. Yami will die crying. Your life is in my hands completely. Shani closes his eyes and a tear appears. There is no way left. I must break Devi Sanghya’s statue.

Precap: Shani understands what he has to do. Chhaya prays to Mahadev to stop Shani from doing anything wrong. Shani takes a step towards Devi Sanghya. Ketu appears there (almost invisible but audible). He warns Surya Dev that Shani has come to take revenge from Devi Sanghya. He wants to kill her by breaking her statue. Hanuman stands in Shani’s way.

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