Kumkum Bhagya 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Aaliya’s plan ruins to make Tanu closer to Abhi

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The Episode starts with Prachi telling Shahana that everyone thinks that she’s wrong. Ranbir had planned to marry me by cheat and you supported him. She says nobody thinks about me, what I want. Shahana says you can’t see his feelings, love and goodness. Prachi says she doesn’t want to be with him, why she is forced. Shahana tells that she got to know about her feelings before her and tells her that Ranbir loves her, but she doesn’t want to accept it. She tells that when you had called him for Maasi, he came running to us, got her bailed out. Prachi asks her to do his aarti. Shahana says I took you to the temple as I was sure that Ranbir will keep you happy. Prachi says he was marrying me by cheat. Shahana says he backed off at the last minute, as he is good. Prachi tells that Ranbir is repenting for not marrying me and tells that he is not the same Ranbir, whom I had loved, he is changed. Sarita behen comes out and asks where did they go? They make excuses and go inside the house. Sarita behen thinks they are lying.

Aaliya talks to the Nurse, who tells her that she will stay in the room next to Mr. Mehra’s room and will take care of him, but can’t stay in his room. Aaliya says I can understand. Dadi says we shouldn’t have brought him here, Rhea started drinking seeing his condition and the nurse is afraid of him. Aaliya tells that if Bhai was in hospital then their shares…and then says she is not worried about shares and profit, but worried for him. She says he kept calm when I raised my hand on him. Dadi says he got afraid of you. Aaliya asks her to tell if she has a better idea than her and asks what she thinks that hospital people can take good care of him than us. Dadi cries and says nobody can take care of him, tells that his room is messed up, his clothes are torn and he is not eating food also. Aaliya asks her to give some time to Abhi and asks Tai ji to take Dadi to her room. Dadi says I can’t see him in this condition.

Aaliya tells that she can forgive anyone, but not Pragya. Tanu smiles. Rhea comes home drunk and is about to fall. Tanu holds her. Rhea asks her to leave her hand. Aaliya asks Rhea to go and sleep. Rhea is about to fall. Mitali holds her and takes her to the room with Servant’s help. Aaliya asks Tanu to come with her. She shows Abhi and Rhea’s pic to Tanu. She tells that they have a great bonding. Tanu says she has attitude and anger. Aaliya says yes, but she is my only niece. Tanu says you have another niece too. Aaliya says she doesn’t need anyone related to Pragya and tells that Rhea doesn’t need a lecture, but love. She tells that Bhai doesn’t remember Pragya and when he gets fine, then he shall think that Pragya left him and she supported him and bonded with Rhea as her mother. Tanu asks with which angle, I am looking like a mother. Aaliya asks her to understand what she wants to say. Tanu repeats the same. Aaliya thinks she is still dumb. She tells her that she will tell her how to bond with Rhea and tells that Rhea loves Ranbir, Vikram’s son. She says she will introduce her to them. Mitali comes there and asks what to do with Gayatri, who will do the work as she didn’t come. Aaliya says she will call her.

Shahana comes to Prachi and says sorry for lying. Prachi hugs her. Shahana thinks she can’t say sorry for helping Ranbir. Prachi asks her to say sorry for helping him. Shahana refuses to say sort for the same. Prachi says then your first sorry doesn’t matter. Shahana thinks Prachi is scolding her due to Ranbir. They see Pragya coming there. Shahana asks her about her school. She asks about the mischievous kid there. Pragya says she will handle him. Shahana says that kid will become your favorite in the end.

Aaliya tells Tanu that she is happy to see her back. Tanu says this is my family, whom I missed a lot. Aaliya asks if this is the only reason? Tanu says my first love is Abhi, though I am married to someone else and I didn’t know how he will react. Aaliya says she didn’t want to forgive her, but after whatever happened with him, they shall move on. She asks Tanu to interact with Abhi, so that when he get well then he shall see you. She asks her to go to him and says Bhai will identify you as he loved you. Tanu says he had married Pragya then. Aaliya says due to your modeling contract, that’s why I got him married to Pragya for a year, but..Tanu tells that it couldn’t happen. She asks her to wish her luck and go to Abhi’s room. She calls Abhi as Abhi dear….Just then Abhi comes there and holds the broom to attack her. Tanu sits down and tells him that she is very scared and asks her to keep the broom down. Abhi is about to hit her, but throws the broom and asks her to catch him. Tanu tries to run out asking save me from this mad guy. Abhi stands on the door and says you called me mad. Mitali tells that they heard Tanu’s voice coming from Abhi’s room. Abhi asks Tanu to come to his room tomorrow and tells that they will play tomorrow. Tanu refuses. Abhi takes something and is about to hit her, when Aaliya comes there. Abhi gets scared seeing her and runs to the bathroom to hide there. He says he is hungry and asks for the food. Mitali says she will bring it. Tanu tells Aaliya that Abhi has become completely mad. Aaliya asks how can you say that and tells that he will be fine soon. Tanu asks did the doctor say this? Aaliya says no, he said bhai will never be fine, but how can we leave hope being his family. She asks Mitali to give food to Abhi. Mitali brings the food and keeps the plate in his room, and then informs him aloud. Abhi comes out of the bathroom and tries to eat the food, but he couldn’t take the food in his mouth. Mitali sees his struggle to have food and thinks about what has happened to him, he couldn’t eat food and that’s why he remains hungry all day. Pragya is waiting outside when Doctor comes there. Pragya tells that she is Abhi’s caretaker and asks what happened to him. The doctor refuses to tell her about him. Pragya says my work is my puja and I shall know else how will I take care of him. The doctor says good, his body movement is impaired and has no link with the brain. Pragya asks what do you mean? He says he will try to eat the food, but he can’t. He tells that the bullet has affected his right frontal lobe. Pragya tells that he gets angry suddenly. The doctor says blood supply is less in the brain, and there is no improvement, he is like a lively dead body. Pragya is shocked.

Precap: Tanu introduces Gayatri to everyone saying along with the house work, she will take care of Abhi. Tanu calls Gayatri to her. Gayatri bumps into Ranbir and her veil moves away. Before anyone sees her face, she quickly puts her veil back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Samaila

    Great, at the end of this track we’ll see a slapping competition:
    1) Pallavi to Ranbir
    2) Pragya to Tanu
    3) Dasi to Tanu
    4) Pragya to Aliya
    5) Dasi to Aliya
    6) Prachi to Aliya
    7) Rhea to Aliya
    8) Abhi to Tanu
    9) Abhi to Aliya(what I’m waiting for)

    1. Samaila

      10) Purab to Aliya
      11) Purab to Tanu

    2. Pragya to Tanu
      Abhi To Tanu
      Abhi To Aliya

    3. Rhea Prachi Pragya all three to slap Alia

  2. From previous episode.. I don’t understand..it seems like there are two mind- time frames happening at the same time.. Prachi’s mind is still stuck in a couple of months ago where she brokered a deal with Rhea to break Mira and Abhi’s wedding in return for securing Pragya’s happiness…while now she’s still honoring the deal even though time has passed and events have occurred where their parents did marry and separated now and Abhi is a mentally challenged man now..how happy is Pragya now?? If Prachi had a brain, which she doesn’t, she should tell Rhea that the deal is off, coz their mother is still not happy…but no, the dunce Prachi, is still trying to buzz Ranbir off because of Rhea and her shitty deal …in the meantime, Rhea guzzling alcoholic drinks like a pro, she probably forgot the deal with Prachi.. What a lunatic set of characters!!!!..and as for Prachi, good lord, I’ve never seen a woman fight love from a man like her, you’d think Ranbir is a leper!! He should become a cold man and let her beg for his love or better yet, she should become a nun…freaking nutcases in this serial..

  3. Prachi is more of Abhi’s kid than Pragya like misunderstanding and blinded by anger and refusal 2 listen 2 reason like woww and everything is her fault in the 1st place like if she wanted she could tell him the truth but no Ranbir made 1 mistake yes but he backed off and she can’t even see that and now she thinks he’s a terrible person srsly Shanana is literally more interesting than Prachi how is it she understands Ranbir than her Shanana should be the main character honestly at least she has some degree of common sense and let me guess Rhea is gonna accept Tanu as her new mom 4 selfish reasons again correct…

  4. Samaila

    Tuna fish is already married, jai ho to her husband for tolerating her.

    1. LOL Thank-you for calling her Tuna-fish! The ‘Tuna’ was based on another commentator who was mis-spelling her name. After teasing the other commentator about the spelling I added on the ‘fish’ because of her clothing and her verbal sniffing around…everything. Of course the fish connotation also leads to an old western insult for some types of women’s behaviour. I love seeing the nickname in use!

  5. Wait Tanu is married, then maybe this Digvijay is Tanu’s husband. 🤔🙄

  6. i follow this series many years, but still I don’t know where is sany son of Purab and Disha, and Disha never asked where is their son?

  7. Sweet_Shadow

    Tuna Fish: I’m married to someone else
    Me: Iski Husband kaun hai? Aisi chudail ke sath shaadi kaun kiya? Now i think digvijay is that pagal who married Tanu, aur koi nahi ho sakta, ek digvijay hi hai jo tuna fish ko tolerate kar sakta hai.

  8. Sweet_Shadow

    Prachi is mad, can’t accept Ranbir’s love

  9. Samaila

    Pranbir ka situation dekhke mujhe Sufiyaana Pyaar Mera ka yaad agaya.

  10. Lol, Tanu must have begged the writer’s to take her back coz no other show wanted to touch her. She looks like she went through some heavy stuff by the looks of her face, shame. When will Aliyah go down and kicked out. As for the kids they boring and we not interested in them.

  11. Azher Mohamed Fazal

    This is too much for paragya high time she has her side aliyah has to agree with it isssh tanu back this is ridiculous and prachi has to agree with ranbir what a programmer…high time all has to end well rhea has to agree with pragaya which daughter has no feelings for a mother..

  12. How funny pragya cover her face with the thupatta rather than changing her face with some makeup It’s not acceptable and also not realistic.

  13. pragya you don’t carrying so please pragya you don’t think about tanu and aliya you just leave it if you do mind let her do if you want no more excuces for them now what I will do now.
    pranchi you don’t fight for shanana please pranchi if do like this otherwise shanana she will gets upest because of that pranchi you just think like that try to understand that pranchi.
    ranbir please say sorry for pranchi that ranbir he will not do anything for you I promise you pranchi please try to understand that pranchi you say sorry for ranbir but you can do it okay.
    pranchi please be cool down 😇 and safe okay.

  14. One thing over n over abhi n pragayh never together always something or the other taking them apart n prachi is so so stupid . It makes me want to stop looking . I love the show but it is so annoying now n alia is still strong in evil , when will she get caught n put down 😬🙄 give us some thing that will interest us , get ranbhir n prachi to make up back n stop having her behave like a witch only fighting all the time smh

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