Choti Sardarni 6th March 2021 Written Episode Update: All kids mad at Meher

Choti Sardarni 6th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher is in the car with the kids. They are all silent. Yuvi comes home and tells Kulwant what he did. She says wonderful. Meher’s own kids will hate her now. It’s enough to kill her.

Param hugs Harleen. He says Yuvi was lying right? All kids were lying, right? My Meher mama can’t hurt anyone. She can never hurt anyone. She can’t murder Jagga. Harleen says no one was lying. They were all saying truth. Meher was in jail for 5 years. Samaira says he’s a kid. Harleen says he should know the reality of Meher. He considers her GOd. He should know her past. Harleen hugs her and says you’re grown up now. Your Meher mama lied. Meher and Jagga had a fight. She threatened him. Harleen tells him everything. Param sits down in shock.

Meher sits in her room in tears. Karan and Seher are crying. Sarab gives water to Seher. He says nothing happened. Don’t cry. See what I got for my princess. Your mama is the best. I decorated the room for my princess. The kids keep crying. Meher recalls Seher asking her did she kill Jagga? The kids called her a murderer. Meher wipes her arm. Seher cries and says mama it’s hurting. Meher keeps rubbing it. Seher says mama it’s hurting me. Meher hugs her and cries. Meher says I am so sorry. You had to suffer so much because of me. Sarab says relax Meher ji. Meher says I am really sorry. Param comes in. Param says you say sorry when you do a mistake. That means you actually did the mistake? You’re a murderer. Sarab and Meher are shocked. Meher hugs him and says that was a false accusation. I didn’t kill anyone. Param says but you lied and then you went to Kashmir. You lied. Karan says you told me your wrong name. You hid your face. I was looking for my mom yet you didn’t tell me. Seher says you lied to me as well. You kept me away from my dad. Sarab says you kids are too young to know all this. You can’t understand. The kids leave crying. Sarab goes after them.

Harleen says this had to happen. I knew this. Your past would ruin Sarab and param’s life. Your sin will keep the following them. Meher shouts and says I am innocent. I didn’t do any murder. I suffer for the sin I didn’t do. I spent 5 years in jail. I went through so much justice but you don’t care. The court evicted me. I stayed away from my husband and kids. All my happiness was ruined what about that? I had to stay away from my family and lie to my kids because of you. Harleen says don’t blame me for your mstake. Courts verdict won’t change people’s perception of you. We can’t stay happy if you are here. Samaira says di stop it. This isn’t Meher’s mistake. She hugs Meher and says it will all be okay. Go to the kids. They need you. Meher says I don’t care about people. For me nothing is more important than my family. I will make my kids understand and they will.

Scene 2
The kids lock the door. Sarab says Param please open the door. Meher says I know I hid things from you but I was helpless. I will tell you everything. Won’t you give your mom a chance? Param says no. Karan says you will tell us another false story. You say I make fake stories, you all do. Meher cries. Sarab hugs her. Sarab says Param open the door. Param says I won’t listen to you. The kids hug each other and cry. Sarab hugs Meher. She cries.

Param is about to open the door. He recalls what Harleen said. Param cries. Sarab says Meher ji.. All of this had to happen one day. We had to face it. You know. But don’t forget we can fight anything together. Like always, we will face this and win. Meher says I lost. Sarab says you are a soldier’s daughter. Losing isn’t in your blood. You will face it. Go to Yuvi and speak to him so this doesn’t happen. Clean the dirt from his mind. Sarab says you should talk to Kulwant as well. Meher says she won’t understand. Sarab says she will have to. She can’t harm my wife and kids. If she doesn’t understand I will have to take a stand. Give her a warning that I won’t stay silent.

Samaira says di you didn’t do right. Harleen says you take care of Sarab. He needs you not that murderer Meher. I knew this truth would come to stand in front of us one day. Let me see the kids. They are hungry. You shouldn’t care about who is right or wrong. Just that you should be with Sarab.

Scene 3
Meher comes to Kulwant’s house. She says Kulwant kaur come out. Meher looks at Jagga and Amrita’s photo. She cries. Meher recalls her moments with them. Kulwant comes there. She stabs Meher. Meher holds her hand. Bitu says mummy ji stop. She tries to stab Meher. Everyone asks her to stop. Meher twists her arm and takes the knife. Meher says enough. You are so full of poison that you want to kill your own daughter? You are punishing me for a sin that I didn’t do. You lost your son but I also lost my brother. Court evicted me. Kulwant says I don’t care about court and proofs. All I know is that my jagga called me. He said betrayal.. Kulwant asks who? He said meher. Kulwant says all proofs and witnesses are a lie. Meher says I.. Kulwant says I won’t hear a word. Get out of my house. I will kill you.

Episode ends.

Precap-Meher counts 3.. 2…. 1.. She looks at Yuvi and opens her arms. She’s teary. Samaira makes Sarab eat Meher comes in and sees them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Samaila

    I feel like killing Harleen, like she knows that Meher didn’t kill Jagga but she’s still manipulating Param

    1. Even me feeling the same 😭😭😭

    2. Harleen mention Meher’s past so xo harleen too must say i too torture your mother from the day she received Choti Sardarni title from Sarabjit Gill my brother ,i got jealous and started my way to get rid of your mum out of Gill mansion,,pls Meher mention robbie’s past to harleen the day one to steal the large amount of $$$$$$$$
      Param pls try to understand your Meher mum’s love

  2. Snowflake

    Anyone has precap link?

  3. Feeling the same, she is a woman too and mother still she doesn’t understand. Harleen sent her own daughter to boarding school. I don’t think she cares about real motherhood. No heart for Meher and the kids.

    1. @Tisha Harleen Doesn’t know the meaning of true love, be it the love of a mother or that of a wife..
      Her priority is domination over Sarab and his life.
      Even though, She knows that Sarab is happy with Meher but still forcing Samaira over Sarab. She thinks Sarab will be happy being away from Meher. For her, It’s about what she thinks is Right, not about what is actually Right! Sometimes I feel like slapping Harleen!

  4. The makers are really packing a punch in these episodes! Harleen is cruel and so toxic 😡 She really doesn’t know how to behave with kids, despite having one, even though it seems that Kushi is lost somewhere in the ether 🤣😂 She’s is creating so much hate and tension in that house! And WHY is samira still there? Talk about an overstayed house guest! How much rejection does she want?

  5. I hope meher must have courage and fight for her family. But like always she will be mad with Sarab to see with samaira. I hope meher put over tables samaira or do something but I dont what expect. Obvious the true is this, maybe could not lie but Harleen is a complete witch.

    1. @ Luz…Meher hasn’t been upset with Sarab once because of Samira. She trusts him more than God. If Samira continues to push, perhaps Meher will call her out on her inappprpriate behaviour, but Sarab has not done anything wrong.

    2. Yeap but you know how are choti writters.You can expect all.

    3. Luz, when was Meher mad at sarab seeing him with samaira or any other woman? They have never had issues such thing. Why you always made up stories? If you think she might have a problem , becouse you think she will pls say it so as it is a possibility. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

  6. I can’t tolerate this harleen any more what kind of a women she is??? Even though she is a mother how can she do all this to kids??
    Someone give me a chance to kill harleen I can’t control my anger 😡😡😡
    Oh no the precap seems Meher feels suspecious about samaira that she loves sarab onesidedly ..

    1. Dear,Harleen is not a mom. Indeed , Kuchi studies in a board school also remeber Kuchi said to meher no bua le chachi , Kuchi said to her meher mommy.

    2. No one mention to harleen abt her husband who also wants to kill and cheater and also a robbery so harleen let her husband stay in Gill mansion,,Meher didnt do anything wrong,then why she ask her to leave ok now i remember Sarab N param always listen to Meher,, so she is annoyed with Meher..she was displeased with Meher one more Meher hold the title CS given by Sarabjit Gill and she didnt receuved the title so she plan ,, started to troubled her

  7. I hope meher won’t take foolish decisions after this
    Lets wait ..

    1. I am scarry of that. You know how is meher and choti arguments.

  8. I have to say…as malicious as Kulwant is, she is an evil genius. She knows how to tear people down in general, but she knew how to emotionally weaken Meher via her family. And it’s working. Harleen just barks, causes drama, but her efforts don’t go anywhere. I would say keep Kulwant, get rid of Harleen and introduce other villains for variety.

    1. Very much true about those two. Harleen is evil but her evilness go no where if Meher doesn’t allow her. But Kulwant is something else know how to calculate, and she is ruthless

  9. Meher is going through a nightmare at the moment. I think she will win over Yuvi and Kulwant Kaur might ‘forgive’ her. On the other hand, her husband is too easily being seduced by another woman. Sumaira on her part is playing an amazing game and the over sensitive Sarab could be an easy prey to Sumaira. Meher is having a battle against her mother, children and now husband too.

    1. @AJ All of this was bound to happen at some point. Kulwant just forced it to happen sooner and Harleen is fueling that fire. This is a good thing. It will force Meher to face the past that has been haunting her. She is already standing up to Harleen. She’s never spoken to her with this tone before. And remember…Meher is having to fight AGAINST Kulwant, Harleen and Samira and fight FOR Sarab and the kids.

    2. Radhika Purohit

      @AJ who are you talking about??? Sarabjeet singh gill??? Seriously?? When a person is sick and is not eating anything … but he is supposed to take medication… his wife isnt at home and his friend gets him food … initially probably he refuses but upon insistance and because he needs to take medicine ( also he himself isnt feeling well) so he gives in and has food fed to him with a spoon by his friend… and this you feel is falling for samiara??? Seriously??? If sarab can see a man giving roses to mehar and still trust mehar then mehar will also have trust on sarab!!! I dont feel there is anything wrong in the precap…. as far as sarab is concerned samaira is only and only his friend… and if ones mind is pure then he / she has every right to share a plate of food with his / her friend …. irrespective of the friends gender….

    3. Exactly Sarab is very much gentleman he knows and respect every relationship. Sumaira is cheap personality just throwing herself on married man who’s wife and kids are around. Sumaira time to go vacation is over. Harleen can keep Robby who wants to kill her brother but she can’t keep meher because her brother is happy with her. She need to be shown door to which goes to her sasural. Poor yuvi his parents died and only person is grandma who is doing everything to destroy kid future. Hope meher takes him with her . She owes to jagga and amrita who were like parents to her .

    4. The trust works both ways. Meher has not once questioned Sarab about the engagement with Samira. Their trusting relationship is the constant in the show’s formula.

  10. I think the right thing meher was supposed to do was to tell the kids everything right after she came to the Gill mansion because she knew harleen the witch will always stand in her way one day. I think she took the best decision by confronting Kulwant..This Samaira to what is wrong with her, why is she performing meher’s role.She is more delusional than we think.

  11. Radhika Purohit

    I feel the kids are absolutely right… considering param clearly said that he knows mehar is not a murderess… that gives me enough satisfaction that harleens plan wasnt successfull .. and the rest of the confrontation by param, karan and sehar was long overdue i would say… sarab and mehar are supposed to give an explanation to the kids and nothing can actually justify both their actions… param and karan thought their mom was dead for 5 years !!! That is absolutely wrong… mehars foolish request 5 years ago and sarab obliged… as a mother its understandable that she didnt want her kids to see her in jail… but as children… as long as they knew their mother was innocent they would have loved to meet her atleast once a year probably… even for prisoners visitors are allowed!!! And the most injustice was done to sehar… she wasnt even told who her father was… not even his name!! She was away from her father who loves her so much… she has every right to be mad at mehar….
    And we can also see that all 3 are mad at mehar for depriving them the joy of having both their parents with them… which basically means they love both mehar and sarab too much🥰🥰 its hard for param to comprehend that the same mehar and sarab who taught him to never lie, had been lieing to him for past 5 years!!! But as always time heals it… in one or 2 days param, karan and sehar will forgive their parents and they will be happy…again 😍😍😍
    And as for the precap… even if mehar sees sarab and samaira hugging like friends ( like in previous episode) she will always take it in the right sense as friendship… which is true as far as her husband is concerned!! But samairas intentions are yet to be understood… so in precap… sarab need to have food as he has medicines to take and so samaira giving him food and since he refused eating as a friend if she feeds him there is nothing wrong in it considering mehar wasnt there at home and sarab has to have food to take medication!!! So can just ignore the precap… its just to make everyone curious…
    And sarab really needs someone to hit some sense into his head … i cannot believe he actually sent mehar alone to kulwant kaur!!! She could actually kill mehar!! I know he was worried about kids…. then they could sort out kids issue and go together to atari to solve that issue… whats the need for multitasking… or did he forget that last time mehar went alone to meet jagga and what happened!!!
    And lastly harleen!!! I dont know what to say about her!!!
    Looks like untill all this issue is sorted sarab will have one symptom each day… for some time… untill then harleen will try to push samiara onto sarab… then bam !!! one day he will be paralyzed… harleen will blame mehar and ask samaira again to take permanent place in sarabs life… but then sarab is paralyzed and then one day doctor tells that there is no hope that sarab will walk again!! Bam!!! Samiara will run away… mehar will take care of sarab and just like she healed angel in serbia she will heal sarab back to health… and then harleen will again become mehars fan… and she will apologize for her behaviour…and mehar will forgive her too🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ because i dont feel the writers will make harleen out of gill mansion!! Which is why she hasnt questioned sehars paternity openly… because if she does that there is no way sarab and mehar will forgive her…. so writers have cleverly refrained her from saying it openly!!!

    1. @ Radhika this is a very good prediction. I know questioning Seher’s paternity would be the end of Harleen, but what about her keeping Meher away for an entire year?! I hope Sarab comes to know this. This cannot be forgiven so easily. I’m just so tired of Harleen’s character. That mansion is now full of kids and after this is all said and done, she’ll be background noise again, so I just don’t see the point of keeping her on the show. I really hope she does question the paternity and her character spontaneously combusts.

    2. Radhika Purohit

      Yes @ MD… even i wish the same… but if the writers plan on keeping her as a constant presence in gill mansion then that wont happen… it will all depend on what they wanna show in future… sarab and harleen parting ways or they continuing to stay together… because she had told samaira she will speak to sarab that sehar isnt his kid… and till now even after seeing him decorate the room for sehar she hasnt uttered a word !!! And neither has she accepted sehar!!! So I guess the writers really dont want to give us the happiness of getting rid of harleen🙈🙈

    3. 🤔 perhaps Harleen is waiting for Sarab to fully heal before bringing it up? Though the signs of Sarab’s muscle spasms have been there, we may not see this for a while or it may just dissipate. Remember when they kept showing Meher feeling dizzy pre-leap? Only for us to find out that she wasn’t eating properly 🙄 So we’ll see if Sarab’s health does in fact get worse and if so, I anticipate it would be a short track, since he is the main lead!

    4. Radhika Purohit

      You are right @MD.. these pains may be for no reason at all!!! 🤭😂

    5. First time I am agreed with you radika.The children are right.And the other you write also I imagine the same. But you know how are writters in choti.

    6. Radhika Purohit

      Yes we all know about writers of choti sardarni… THEY ARE BEST 😍😍😍

    7. The Best if you said 😂😂. They give me a lot of stress.

    8. Radhika Purohit

      Yes they do to everyone… which no other show actually does.. that means that they are that good in keeping us hooked to the story!!! Also they have gifted the entire television viewers with a magical couple !!! A loving caring understanding couple with immense trust on each other!!!

    9. Dear Radhika, when I watch an episode as exosted and sad as today, I am always expect and eager to some clam and motivated view of yours. To give me some kind of confort. So thank you very much. Keep it up.

  12. Although meher did wrong by staying away from her family but somehow her action were justified because how will her kids feel when they hear their mama is in jail?. That Harleen I’m tired of her creating problems each day. I wish she will die in this serial. I’m just praying the kids will give meher a listening ear

  13. With all respect to all comments and everyone’s anger towards Harleen, I am feeling the same for Harleen. However, Radhika took time to provide an optimistic and clear analysis. Thank you, Radhika. One day Mehrab will start enjoying life with kids, but they will pay a high price for their reunion because of Harleen’s wrongdoings with her criminal mindset and hatred against Meher. It is tough to see Mehrab going through the pain, but they will overcome all the challenges as long as they are together under one roof. Their LOVE for each other is complete with four components of LOVE: Care, Respect, Responsibility and Knowledge about each other. Where there is love, there is a way.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Thank you @Baci… wonderful analysis about mehrab😍😍

    2. @ radhika Yes thank you 👏🙌🙏 when I get anxious or have doubt about the show, reading your analysis always makes me calm!! I throughly enjoy your posts!!

  14. Sarab should have left Harleen in the US, not like she was looking after the children. Sarab seems to have been taking care of them on his own. Harleen’s obsession with Samaira makes me wonder if she herself is in love with Samaira. Kulwant needs psychiatric help and Yuvi needs to be taken out of that poisonous atmosphere. Meher should sue for custody, when they question Yuvi and find out all the wonderful things Kulwant taught him they will give custody to Meher and put Kulwant in a straitjacket. I don’t think anyone is interested in Bittu or Rana – they can move away and out of the story with their wives.

    1. Kalika: I was😀😀😀 when I read your comment if Harleen is in love with these samaira woman, because I was like 🤔🙄” how and when the engegment ring ended up on samaira’s finger? ‘then I found my answer that Harleen might puted it on her! Because we all knew wasn’t sarab!

  15. MD, I agree with you; Radhika’s analysis keeps me hopeful and calm. You have said it right. Sometimes, I read her comments twice or more times to keep myself calm. I am immensely connected with Mehrab’s trust in each other and thoroughly enjoy their determination and confidence in each other.

  16. Harleen: People forget she is more than a sister to Sarab in this serial – she is like a mother, and in the absence of their parents, she is indeed a mother figure. Also, she is Sarab’s only relative in the serial – briefly, there was Dolly Momsi but she left long time ago. Hence, she is part and parcel of the serial and I think there is zero chance her character will ever end. Indeed, the current Harleen is a replacement of the first Harleen.
    Paternity: Even after finding out Meher was pregnant with someone else’s child (Manav), Harleen never made a public issue out of this. And by now she has accepted Karan, though not lovingly. As far as Seher is concerned, she merely suspect’s she may be Kaul’s child but there is no proof. In Karan’s case it was proved Meher was pregnant before her marriage and there was no doubt. It might eventually be proved that Seher is indeed Sarab’s child but at the moment nobody is making a fuss.
    Samaira: There is little doubt she is trying to seduce Sarab despite the fact he has said they will only be friends. Both Sarab and Meher have shown in this serial that they are not overly jeolous if their spouse has had a partner before – remember Manav. So, as long as Samaira does not go too far, Meher will not mind. Except that Samaira has tried to go too far already.

    1. Though Harleen is family and taking on a sister and motherly role in Sarab’s life, her actions are not with good intentions and what she should focus on is Sarab’s happiness. NOT her definition of his happiness. He’s made it clear to her and Samira that he wants Meher. They should respect that. As for Samira, she should understand that it’s time for her to leave. They are dealing with personal family issues and she needs to be respectful of that.

    2. I think @AJ and @ Radhika most likely Harleen will still be a part of the show and to have hope that she will depart the show is not realistic. However, I would like her to face consequences to her actions. We know Mehrab will forgive her because of who they are, but I’m tired of her getting away with her behaviour towards Meher, Seher and Karan. Harleen is disturbing the peace of the Gill household. I don’t think she will ever consider Meher good enough for Sarab.

  17. Radhika Purohit

    Thank you @ MD,Baci and ayni… really happy to know that you guys like reading my comments…. choti sardarni does gives us many tracks wherein we are anxious as to what happens next…
    I remember the time i was most anxious was after manavs return… especially before the serbia track 2.0… i always had a suspicion deep down that mehar not revealing that manav was her boyfriend and that she is apprehensive about vikram because he is a lookalike , would cause problem in mehrabs life… i used to feel that maybe sarab will get to know it from somewhere else and he would not like it… BUT, the makers made mehar herself reveal everything to sarab and he understood her too… that sequence made me realize that come what may mehar and sarab will always trust each other…even the revelation of Vikram being manav to sarab wss delayed… these are all events which in any other show would have caused major drifts in the lead couples lives… but nothing of that sort happened here… which is why after this for all the tracks i have a positove outlook and try to share it because afterall mehrab will always be together…. even during the 5 year leap when they were away because of fate they were still together emotionally and mentally.. i guess that’s enough proof for tge strength of their relationship 😍😍

    1. Yes! I was nervous for Meher when she was finally telling Sarab about Manav’s murder in Serbia and when Manav is Vikram who after Karan’s custody. I thought it was going to cause so much tension in their relationship, but Sarab was so understanding and empathized with her!! I still have moments where the show makes me nervous and plays with my heart strings, but knowing that Mehrab are together again with all of their kids has provided a lot of comfort. Each episode this week has been amazing! I am loving the pace, the drama and all the cute moments. A special shout out to Seher, who’s acting has been just phenomenal! The addition of the Gill kids has been such a hit so far. I cannot wait for them to continue taunting Harleen!

  18. Why is Harleen behaving like that? I thought it was because she was angry at Meher for leaving but now I just realize that she is even filling Param’s mind with false stories just to get back at Meher. Does she realize that she is hurting the kids because they love their mother so much and trying to turn them against their mother will only hurt them more. I’m just waiting for her exit or separation from Sarab and his family.

  19. I oversaw Samaria’s comments to Harleen when she tried to brainwash Param and scold Mehar. She hugged Meher as well. For a minute, I thought about Samaria playing a positive role in Mehrab’s life. Samaria loves Sarab, and it is one-sided love. When you love someone, your want to see that person happy. Sarab gave Samaria a strong message that they are good friends and never thought of getting involved with her in any other relationship. Meher called her friend as well. Perhaps Samaria plays a role to expose Harleen’s actions and solve this complex issue between kids and Mehrab. Just a thought.

    1. Baci, I wish makers shows her as a good friend with character, self steemed and accepting her reality and take herself from equation with dignity. If they do that, she will definitely be the biggest winner and friends for life.

  20. @Radhika…not that I’m defending Meher’s decision to ask Sarab to tell their kids that she is dead, but at the time, she was sentenced to life imprisonment. She probably thought it would be best for her family to move on, since she cannot spend her life with them and didn’t want her kids to see her as a prisoner. I don’t think she ever anticipated being released.
    @K. Khan…absolutely right! Harleen is a bad bua, a liar, and a terrible example for the kids. I truly hope she gets exposed…it would be fantastic if her truth can be brought forward by the kids!
    @Baci…now that would be an unexpected twist!!! We did witness Lalita, the nurse that was supposed to poison Param as per Aditi’s instructions when she was first introduced to the show. We saw both Lalita and eventually Aditi couldn’t execute their evil plans after getting to know Mehrab. There is that expression “kill em’ with kindness” so perhaps Samira will have a change in heart?! Whether she would actually expose Harleen or not…I would love to see this, since she created this entire mess! Harleen once cosidered leaving back to Canada for Robbie because Sarab’s family was complete and happiness was restored. Perhaps she should revisit this, LOL 🙂

    1. I am very sad . Harleen and samaira and kulwant are the three witches in this show..😔

    2. Radhika Purohit

      I totally agree with you @ MD…from mehars point of view she is definitely right… and sarab being a father is able to understand and support her decision… what i meant in my comment is about the kids point of view… its a hard situation for them to realize that all the adults around them had been lying to them for the past 5 years!!! And one among them while telling the truth today said a lie too that mehar really committed the crime… param knows mehar didn’t commit the crime… so basically he knows harleen lied too again!!! So their decision of not listening to anyone anymore is because all are lying..and is justified… here both the parties… the kids and meharab are right… it will take sometime for the kids to realize that their parents are right too and then probably hear them out and their explanations… its so sad that kids had to deal with this in this way… entire school except for param karan and sehar knew that their mother was accused and punished… of course she was innocent..but they knew nothing about the whole incident itself… after all they are mehrabs kids… anger wont last long in their minds🥰

    3. @ Radhika absolutely! Poor kids were tormented and completely blind sided. I hope that Param calls Harleen out on her lie. I was so hoping that it would be revealed as to why Meher was in Kashmir for a year, since it came up, but I guess there was enough going on all at once. There were some powerful things that happened in this episode: Meher standing up to Harleen, kids calling parents out on their lies, Meher falling apart in Sarab’s arms admitting defeat and Sarab giving her strength that together they will solve this mess, and Meher standing up to Kulwant! It was such an emotional and important moment for Sarab to see how weak Meher has become and remind her how strong they can be together. I am truly impressed with the makers during this post Kashmir leap.

    4. Radhika Purohit

      Yes @ MD..and also yesterday’s episode clearly gave us the confirmation that nothing is gonna make mehar leave her husband and kids anymore… otherwise yesterday’s incident would have pushed her to think so but she standing upto harleen and telling she doesnt care about society was really a glimpse of the old mehar… and yes sarab is mehars biggest strength… having to face so much in the past 5 years without him by her side has made her weak… but now he is with her and will fill her with the strength and courage….

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