Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Digvijay’s fake Police/goons take Abhi-Pragya to farmhouse

Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya asking Abhi not to keep her away from him and let her be with him in any circumstances. Abhi promises her and takes the final round. He says marriage is completed and congrats Pragya. He tells Pragya that there is a strength in this white thread and tells that he is filling love in the thread and tied it on her hand. He asks her to think of it as a mangalsutra. Pragya also ties it on his hand, says until it is with you, I am with you. He takes the sindoor from the plate kept in front of the Goddess and says my name Kumkum is again in your maang, says nobody can separate us. He asks if she is happy. Pragya says yes, my kumkum is very important to me. Abhi congratulates her. Pragya congratulates him too. Allah wariyan plays….Some people standing there look at them and smile.

Digvijay asks Commissioner if he didn’t ask Inspector not to arrest his men? Commissioner says he told them, but the Inspector is honest and he has no brother like you, who has kidnapped his nephew, from whom he gets scared. Digvijay says so you mean that I am a bad brother. Commissioner says yes, more worse than bad and tells that you don’t have any respect for your brother and don’t have any love for your nephew, who used to call you Chacha. Digvijay asks him to call him and asks him to suspend him. Commissioner says he can’t do this and asks him to tell why does he want to kill Abhishek Mehra. Digvijay says he wants to kill him as he snatched something precious from him. He says he would have told him if he was his brother, but not to the commissioner. He says you will see your team’s helplessness and tells that nobody can save Abhishek Mehra now. He leaves.

Commissioner gets worried for Abhi. Digvijay comes to his office and calls some men there. He gets angry and hurts his hand. Dadi, Sarita behen, and others wait for Abhi and Pragya. Purab says I want to do Di’s aarti when she comes with Abhi. Sarita behen says Pragya says right about you and asks him to do puja. Tai ji asks what to do with the kumkum thaali. Dadi asks her to make its Alta with it and bring it. Tai ji says ok and turns to go when she feels pain in her knee and the kumkum plate falls down. They get worried. Sarita behen prays for Abhi and Pragya’s safety.

Abhi is in the car with Pragya and looks for the way. She says we have forgotten our way surely. Abhi says we missed the way, but we will think about everything positively and will romance in between. Pragya asks him to stop the car and ask someone for the way. Abhi stops the car and gets down. He asks what did you do? Digvijay goons come there as police team. Abhi says we have lost the way. Fake Inspector says someone wants to kill you and that’s why we have come to protect you. He says we will come in your car so that we can help you. They sit in Abhi’s car. Abhi drives the car. The fake Inspector/goon thinks of Digvijay hiring him to kill Abhi. He thinks they have to come on time.

Vikram asks Pallavi about Ranbir. Pallavi says he is in the room. He asks her to be in contact with Meera if she wants. Pallavi thinks she knows what to do. Vikram comes to the room. Ranbir thinks if he got to know about my half marriage. Pallavi also comes there. Ranbir finds 34 missed calls from Rhea. Vikram says he has hurt Rhea’s heart. Ranbir says she has manipulated so much. Pallavi says Ranbir is unwell. Vikram says he has done wrong with Rhea, as he told a bad joke to her. Ranbir says you came to tell this and says thank God. Vikram says did you know that…and tells that Abhi is in danger because of your lie. He says your joke has turned true as someone wants to kill me, thankfully he is saved now, but this thing happened due to your black tongue. He asks him not to say this type of joke again. Ranbir laughs and says I thought that you love my mother, but actually you love chief. Vikram says God will listen to you. Ranbir says God doesn’t listen to me. Ranbir prays that Abhi and Pragya call his Papa in 5 seconds, but Vikram didn’t get the call. Pallavi takes Vikram from there.

Purab opens the file and thinks papers are missing. Dadi asks if he is going somewhere. Purab says no and tells that he needs to see some papers tomorrow. Dadi and Sarita behen get worried about Pragya and Abhi. Sarita behen says Pragya’s call is not connecting. Purab says they are fine and says he will call him.

Digvijay’s goon takes Abhi and Pragya to the farmhouse. He says this is of his Dada. Pragya says it is very beautiful and asks if there is some function today. He says his sister’s sangeet. Fake constables come there and say someone was following them on the way. Abhi and Pragya get tensed.

Precap: The Fake Police asks Abhi to switch off his phone so that he doesn’t get traced by the goons. Abhi and Pragya dance during the function in the farmhouse. The fake Inspector goes back and shoots the Real Inspector and rescues Digvijay’s Shooter 2 was arrested. All the Shooters 1 and 2 get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Samaila

    This has turned into trash 🗑. Abe Anil Kuch Toh dhang se kar

    1. Hi samaila u have uploaded mysterious love pls upload fast

  2. Ekta Dont have work. All her serials are same. Die and reborn . We ppl are stupid to watch these nonsense serials and make them rich and richer

  3. Leisa s morris

    Pure and utter crap. Im not interested in no reincarnation. Weve had at least 3 time leaps and not once has aliyah really paid for any of her crimes,in fact she has been rewarded bu marrying purab and being boss in the house. What would be the purpose of a reincarnation? Would they scrap pranbir and every other storyline? Why cant pragya and abhi fight all their misfortune together whybthis continued separation? Is the kumkum only gd for a couple of days and the rest is yrs of separation? Abhi and pragya has been apart more than they’ve been together smh. What did abhi take from this man that he couldnt avenge in the last 20 yrs that he only waited until pragya came back?

  4. I don’t think there will be abhigya rebirth and if it is than I’m not going to watch kumkum bhagya guess what I’m not watching now also i will only watch when I get a proper pranbir track

  5. Kill them and end this stupid show….this is bare nonsense..making these amazing actors look like fool…

  6. The show is getting worse and worse everyday. No story, no idea. Everything is fake and rootless. There is no need to create unnecessary and cartoon kidnaping stories. In and around their house there are so many problems that can be related to the real life. I am convinced the Indians can never create serials of real life. They’ll continue to tell wrong and bad dogmatic beliefs repeatedly only by changing the artists.

    1. Angela Ngoyi

      Well said pragya and abhi are just wasted actors i pray a hollywood producer steals them…. Abhigya gone to waste

  7. Kumkum bhagya is now getting boring
    Better to stop watching

  8. Why don’t u read Your fans comments It’s really boring You need to spice it up a little

  9. this episode lacks spice

  10. Useless story line as always. If abhi and pragya dies, you will die in real life for writing such useless story. Rubbish

    1. Kiekiekie

  11. Irene Chukwu

    If you authors decide to kill Abhi and Pragya it means you are satanic and have proved that evil has triumphed over good. It means you have removed the two from acting. That means also that you have reduced the number of viewers. Though it may not matter to you , nobody would act as romantic as Abhi and Pragya. Their actions on screen are real
    We want to see them as often as possible. No other couple captivate my attention as the two. Pls don’t remove them from the movie. You allowed Dado to be killed b Somonica and we didn’t see her again. Now if you want to remove Abhi and Pragya by allowing them to be killed, then I personally will not watch this movie again because no other person can entertain us with their romance as they did and still do. Abhi and Pragya are simply the best!

  12. This is pure crap going to stop watching i loved it now just rubbish .

  13. Amal

    Oh Gosh 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. This is very boring, a lot of repetition for how many times they want to kill Abhi and Pragya. Make this drama more interesting do not highlight for so many months the goons. The viewers are tired of this. I decided not to watch this anymore but watch other movies that have lessons not like this crop. They should change the title into Aliya and the Goons.

  15. Abhi if robber comes than you can call police to arrest in the jail.
    Abhi nothing to worry about robber he will not come.
    Abhi you can go to your house and take rest for same time releex disturb for you.
    Abhi you can hold the pragya hand take rest for same time be relex be safe.

  16. For me, the main thing is that Abhigya would remain the main ones in the series and again not go to show the most skillful Pranbir than theirs … For me, rebirth is not the worst scenario, since then all boring characters will be removed, but I would still like to see Alia’s punishment …

  17. rhea you don’t eat rice should not be fat avoid that do some exercise be slim it will look nice for you rhea you can do it.
    rhea you can drink green tea that is nice for you and be healthy be fit now see if abhi he will gets shock.

  18. We want abhigya story don’t separate again Pragya and abhi acting is fun and good


    This program is becoming an insult on our intelligence. The story is being stretched beyond limits. There is no entertaining value left. The bad people keep on winning. The same sentiments for the sister series Kundali Bhagya. Stupid nonsense.

  20. stop this trash now, too long story, make no sence watching , proudcer rate 0

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