Dil Dhadakne Dho Na Episode 3

Hello guys here is next episode. Thank you so much for your support.

Episode starts

Jenny : We are dividing you people into teams so that you can coordinate the work. Team 1 the leader will be Jeevika Arora. Along with her are Tanya Sharma ,Neha Gupta ,Rishabh Verma and Avinash Kumar. The other teams are

As she goes on with the  next teams Neha Rishabh and Jeevika rejoice being in a single team. Tanya gets irritated.
Jenny: Team A will meet Viren sir now in his cabin. Others can stay back till your coordinators come.

Jeevika and Team walk inside Viren’s cabin. On seeing Viren Tanya goes to hug him.. Viren is irked

Viren: Dont you have manners? Is this how you behave to a boss

Tanya: Cant boss be a friend?

Viren: Never . Now stay aside if you want this internship to go on. Jenny who is the leader

Jenny: Jeevika Arora sir

Jeevika steps forward

Viren: I saw your portfolio. Its impressive Miss Arora. Expecting a lot from you

Jeevika: Ill give my best sir

Viren: Good..so listen carefully you are going to work on our new marketing strategy. Jenny will give you your work files and you should work under me. Based on your progress your future in this company will be determined

All get into work. Tanya drools over Viren. The scene freezes


Its interval time. Adi is out to the canteen with his friends . He sees Pankhuri at a distance and is unable to take his eyes off her.

Bunny: Adi…Adi..what happened?

Adi: Nothing bruh,,lets go

They walk to the counter. Adi feels like he is being pulled towards Pankhuri. He then notices that Pankhuri is surrounded by a group of girls making fun of her Adi walks towards them

Adi: Latika…what is all this?

Latika: What Adi?

Adi: Teasing our own batchmate is bad

Latika: But Adi..

Adi: If seniors rag its wrong and if we do its teasing. So mean. Dont repeat it

Adi takes Pankhuri with him

Adi: Dont you have any friends here?

Pankhuri: No..I did my schooling In Kullu. So  I know none here

Adi: Okay then I will be your friend. By the way Sorry for what Latika did.

Pankhuri: Why are you sorry?

Adi: She is my childhood friend..my mom’s friend’s daughter. Thats why. Next is Daniel Sir’s class. Bit strict. Lets go soon

Adi takes Pankhuri with him. Latika fumes

Manvi’s college

Arushi: Manvi…today Virat Deewan is here for a special lecture

Manvi: Who?

Arushi: Dont say that you dont know him. The Deewan group of companies ka vaaris

Manvi: Acha..

In the seriousness of talks Manvi doesn’t notice a stone on her way and stumbles upon it hurting her foot.
Manvi: Ouch…diiidiii

Virat looks behind to see Manvi as he is attracted by the unique cry. He runs to her

Virat: Umesh bring the first aid kit from the car. Are you alright miss?

Manvi: Cant you see that Im bleeding and in pain

Virat: Oops sorry

Virat tends to her. Moments later the bleeding stops .

Manvi: Thank you

She is about to get up and slips. Virat holds her

Manvi steadies herself and walks away with Arushi’s support

Virat: Your shout was unique..all cry maa..you shouted didi

Manvi: My didi is my maa..

Virat is surprised to hear that. The scene freezes


Jeevika completes her task and does the supervision . She finds mistakes in Tanya’s work

Jeevika: Tanya what have you done? Its completely wrong

Tanya: Dont show off that you are a leader. You are just a leader here in this small group not a president of a country

Before Jeevika reacts Tanya is slapped.


  1. its amazing . waiting for next episode.

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Mahikagaur . I’ll upload in an hour

  2. Jasminerahul

    viren telling tanya that boss can’t be a friend was superb.still she is so rude to jeevika.is viren the one who slapped her? adi lost in pankhuri …saving her from ragging. ……apologizing on his friend’s behalf was nice.virman first aid scene n the conversation was lovely.nice pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine Happy that you liked Viren’s dialogue to Tanya and Adi saving Pankhuri ❤️❤️Very happy that you liked Virman scene ❤️❤️.

  3. Oh! So sorry. I am reading it late. It was wonderful episode. Well, 😍😍. I loved the episode

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