Kumkum Bhagya 8th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Abhi reveals to Kohli’s about his relation with Prachi

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The Episode starts with Pragya crying thinking about Aaliya’s words that Abhi is going to marry Meera. She recalls Abhi’s words that he will never leave her and loves her. She thinks she can never believe this. She recalls Aaliya’s words again. She hears Abhi’s voice message asking her to meet 1:30 pm, as he is going to meet Pallavi now in the hospital as she met with a heart attack. Pragya thinks he is getting married, I will ask him. She collides with Sarita behen and tells that she is going to meet him. Sarita behen prays to God to make Pragya and Prachi meet Abhi.

Dadi argues with everyone that Abhi’s happiness lies with Pragya and says nobody will be happy in this house. Rhea says I will be happy. Aaliya says Rhea will be happy. Dadi asks Aaliya to understand atleast. Mitali says they were separated with their wish during Kiara’s time. Dadi says if Daljeet was here, then she wouldn’t have get this happen. She asks Raj to make them understand. Raj says whenever Pragya is away from Abhi, then he is happy. Dadi prays to daljeet Dadi. Aaliya says Dadi is not with us, because of Pragya. Dadi says I am not happy with Abhi and Meera’s marriage. Aaliya asks Dadi to leave from the house. Dadi gets shocked.

Ranbir gets shocked. Prachi asks what are you saying? Ranbir says if Rhea is your sister, then Chief and your mom….Prachi says they are husband and wife. She says they were unaware of each other, as Mehra sir used to think her mother as Anuradha, who is Sarita behen’s daughter. Prachi asks what Pallavi was about to tell her, when doctor came. Ranbir says I wish I could tell you that I can’t see you again, with whom I want to spend my life with. He gets teary eyes. Prachi asks him to be with Pallavi aunty and says she will go. He says I will drop you. Prachi says she will go and asks him to stay with his mom. She turns to go, while Ranbir looks at her sadly. Song plays…….teri galiyan plays. Prachi looks at him and goes.

Prachi comes out of the hospital and is going out, when she gets hit by Abhi’s car and falls down on the road. Abhi gets down from the car and rushes to her. He asks where was your concentration and makes her sit on the bench. He brings the first aid box and asks who looks down while crossing the road instead of left and right. He applies ointment to her hand. Prachi calls him Papa and says when you didn’t know about me, then also you used to take care of me. Abhi says I used to feel a deep relation with you. Prachi hugs him and cries, says even she used to feel the connection. She asks him to make Rhea understand not to do wrong and says we have to pay for her mistakes. Abhi asks her to leave that conversation. Prachi says Rhea said bad things to Maa and kicked me out of the house. Abhi apologizes on Rhea’s behalf and says she is some what stupid and stubborn, but not bad at heart. Prachi says what do you mean? If she will say anything and will be good at heart and we shall bear it. She says this is injustice and says Rhea is bad. Abhi says Prachi. Prachi says you don’t know what happened? Abhi says I know, but ….Prachi says she is bad and becoming more bad.

Abhi gets up and shouts stop it. Prachi says Rhea said that Maa can’t call her daughter and Rhea will not call her mother. She asks him to tell how he will feel if she asks him not to call her daughter. Abhi asks her to relax. Prachi says I can’t relax and says Rhea said us so much, when we were not having any mistake. Abhi asks her to understand. Prachi asks him to understand and says Maa was crying taking Rhea’s name and says she will never forgive Rhea for her doings. Abhi loses his cool and asks her to stop. He asks her not to worry about Pragya and asks her to go home. He says I will sort out everything. Prachi says nothing will be sorted. Abhi asks her to go and ask her mom, there is nothing like impossible in my dictionary. He says once I decided something, I do it. He says I have come here to meet Pallavi and says sorry. He asks Prachi to understand that Rhea is without a mother since 20 years and that’s why it is my mistake that she is stubborn and spoilt, but not that bad which you think. He asks her to take care of her hand and goes inside the hospital.

Pragya is in the car and thinks he let me go from the home, but I can’t let him marry someone else. I can’t bear this pain. she thinks whatever had happened until now was mutual, so how can he take the decision alone.

Vikram asks the nurse to give the bills. Abhi comes and hugs him. He says you called me when you thought of meeting. He hugs Ranbir and tells Beeji that nobody called him. He says if I don’t go inside then Pallavi will shout at me. He goes inside and asks can I come in? Pallavi asks why did you come here, leaving all the office work. Abhi says I didn’t know that I have to handle you too, I dealt with Vikram, Ranbir and Beeji there. Pallavi says if you have come to meet me, then would have brought chocolates, bouquet etc. Abhi says I came to meet Ranbir, to ask him not to trouble you. He says you have to take care of yourself as new responsibilities are awaiting. Pallavi says Abhi is talking about Ranbir and Rhea. He gets the alarm alert and tells that he has to go and meet Pragya. He tells that his wife had come to his house many times, whom they thought her as Anuradha. He says I want to clear everyone’s misunderstanding. He tells Beeji that Prachi is my Pragya’s daughter. He says Pragya is my wife, she is Rhea’s mother too. He says I am going to meet her, it is very urgent. He says he will go and meet her. Vikram, Pallavi and Beeji get shocked.

Pragya waits for Abhi in the hotel and thinks she is calling him at the wrong number. She calls him at the number from which she got the voice message. She calls him, while he reaches the hotel and calls her. Their calls seem to be busy. Pragya gets water from the waiter. Abhi didn’t see her and goes at other side. Pragya looks for him and is about to go, when Abhi sees her and calls her name. Pragya walks towards him. Abhi asks were you leaving? She says no. He says I need to talk to you about something important and says he agreed to marry Meera. Pragya asks did you come to give invitation. She asks him to do whatever he wants to, and asks him not to give false hopes to everyone, says everyone thinks that you love me. Abhi asks her to listen as she starts leaving. He says you are not changed and runs behind her. Pragya says you said that you are standing at the same place where I left you. Abhi says I didn’t lie and asks her to listen. He runs behind her and asks her to stop. He takes her to the room of the hotel. Pragya asks why did you call me here, to give explanation or to tell your love story. Abhi says I will not let you go until my conversation ends. Pragya asks him to say.

Abhi says I thought you will understand. Pragya says I am not that Pragya anymore and will not believe your story. She says I believed you when you was about to marry Tanu. Abhi says you wanted me to marry Tanu. Pragya says I thought Tanu is pregnant with your baby. Abhi says I never went close to anybody except you. Pragya says you couldn’t keep Tanu away from yourself even after our marriage and says it was your mistake. She asks him not to lie, else she has to say everything. He says I was just close to you. She asks him not to talk emotional things and says you went to Tanu on our wedding night. Abhi asks her to talk about their present and not past. She says now you want to go to Meera. Abhi says Meera is not like Tanu, she has taken good care of Rhea and respects me. He asks her not to compare Meera with Tanu. He says she is not gold digger and that’s why don’t say this about her. Pragya is shocked.

Precap-Abhi says Meera is with Rhea since 20 years.Pragya says I am happy,infact I might celebrate more than the two of you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Wow Aaliya is disgusting and Prachi does have a point Abhi is just so blind it’s ridiculous I feel so bad 4 Ranbir tho can’t even imagine what he must be going through Pallavi is unbelievable she can’t deal with the fact that Ranbir loves some1 more than her…Y do I get the feeling this is all going 2 end with every1 hating Prachi and her leaving the city… Pragya misunderstands almost as much as Abhi good grief

    1. No I feel this abhi-meera track is actually going to pave way for prachi and pragya permanent re-entry into mehra house. Rhea-aliya are going to be against pragya and prachi still. Then talks of ranbir-rhea marriage are going to start again and amid all this drama somewhere I feel meera will turn negative and abhi will get to know about pranbir love amid rhea-ranbir marriage drama.

    2. Zeenath Saleem

      Don’t you think this kumkum bhagya is a never ending episode with same story n the evil lady knows everything n hear everything.

    3. I am not disgusted with the autocracies when the ladies are beautiful but when they are ugly like Alyia and Mitali it gets me on my nerves. In the other show Kundali, I love how Mahira is getting her way because she is pretty, Sherlin is pretty when dressed.

  2. Abhi you don’t marry meera I don’t like it abhi please cancelled the function abhi try to understand that.
    pragya she will gets upset for you abhi I am not sure.
    Aliya why you talk like that to pragya now see what I will do now.
    pragya she will came to scold you aliya because of that.
    aliya shame on you.
    daddi she said correct Abhi and pragya that nice for you.
    Rhea we should not talk like to pragya please try to understand that rhea of you do like this otherwise now see what I will do now keep it your mind don’t change your Topic.

  3. Abhi will never learn how to explain his thoughts.He says firstly the word that should be spilled out as the final one. He is not listening to Prachi and he is not exihibing any sign of empathy, sympathy and love for her. Without having any knowledge except the fake informatios injected by Alia, how can he sorth the truth? Hard days are on the way for Pragya again. Is she going to fight or is she giving up?
    While Alia is celebrating as the winner, suddenly something happenes and she loses the game. This is the usual propagation of this show. Now it is the time of such a turn.

    1. Has Pragya ever had ANY goods days? No. She may have had a few good hours here and there before the 20 year leap. And there was her time with King singh. But Pragya has had nothing but ‘hard days’. Aliyah has always been the star of this show. Pragya and Abhi are just the mice or the victims so that the writers can give Aliyah something to do and call it a show. Aliyah’s full name? Ekta Kapoor. Neither of them could get a single man to be interested in them, ever. Aliyah had to coerce Purab. Ekta Kapoor? Well she saved face, and decided to be called something else which doesn’t require men.

    2. You are right Akitsuer. I should say harder days

    3. The annoying thing is not only does abhi make so many mistakes and never take responsibility for it when needed as he conveniently puts the blame on pragya, but he is also now treating prachi the same way he has always treated pragya, and he is treating rhea the way he has always treated aliya. It’s honestly disgusting seeing all this. These vamps need to be exposed and punished.

  4. Why is the marriage portrayed in a very very bad manner. How a person can force another one who does not love her/him to marry with him/her?? Too primitive. In contemporary world such individuals are defined as sick and they recieve medical treatment. Why all Indian serials are promoting that wrong consideration of marriage? Is it a custom in India ? I haven’t heard any public reaction

    1. It is pathetic that a mother is not being understanding about her son’s feelings at all. Such mothers are an embarrassment for all mothers around as ITV mothers try and make out as if mothers are freakishly obsessed with their sons to the point that they act like obsessive lovers for their son. It’s disgusting. Just for rhea they are butchering so many characters.

    2. Thanks Sammy for information. It is so problematic such sensitive matters have been used as part of a normal life without any criticism. It will serve to normalize those behaviors in public view. So It may be more dengereous for societies in which extended family life is survival. To become an indepent person being aware of the limits of your resposibilities will be difficult for so many young people

    3. I agree with you. Is it that easy to break a marriage in India or to be married and still go ahead to marry someone else.

      The portray given to India marriage is so unrealistic

  5. Abhi tells the Kohlis that Pragya is his wife but he does not say Prachi is his daughter he say Prachi is Pragyas daughter. He does not love Pragya or Prachi because he cant see pass Rhea or Aliyah
    And he agreed so easily to marry Meera and expect that Pragya must fix his mess. What type of love is that. I didn’t like Sing cause I thought his coming in between Abhi and Pragya but now I think she was better off with Sing more happier

    1. Agreed Colette, Singh treated Pragya like she was a human. How can Abhi treat anyone like a human when he is a shell… a light fixture simply shining out ‘Aliyah’. Pragya earns the title of being ‘stupid/idiot’ by always being attracted to an apparition which calls itself Abhi but is in fact a demon named ‘Aliyah’. Aliyah has captured enough power that she is beyond police, doctors… etc. Has Aliyah ever been in a hospital? (I think once, when she thought she was losing Purab, someone she actually never had). Do you see how the producer’s life is reflected through this monstrosity called a ‘show’? Think about the man that Ekta had hoped to marry… but couldn’t. Real lesbians know that they are lesbians from childhood/youth, so I have been informed by ‘real’ lesbians. Angry rejected women who label themselves as lesbians are just that… angry and rejected. With Aliyah, she decided she had a brother who would serve as ‘her man’, because no other man could stand to be around her. Look at Aliyah. Who does she have around her? Greedy minions and rats. (sorry rats, not meaning to insult any animal). Now look at …. You get my meaning. Pragya is everything that a disillusioned woman would hate. Pragya has to have a role where she fails at everything… because beautiful, smart, capable women cannot be allowed to exist in a world where scared, ugly women with no hearts and a demand that others should pay for their lives want to rule… everything.

  6. I think Rhea is a spoiled brat, her aunt is a witch , and they’re dragging this story line for to long it is not realistic a child can tell a parent who to marry and Abhi says ok really!

  7. If Abhi really really love Pragya he should never agree to marry Metra. He should let The a know that he really love her mother his wife and try to straighten all misunderstanding between mother and child. Shea is just a spoil vindictive brat.

  8. I still have a feeling that pallavi will still hate prachi even after knowing the truth and also abhi is not a good husband and a good father he said that prachi is pragya’s daughter he even said that pragya is rhea’s mother but he did not mention that prachi is his daughter also i hope this doesn’t create another misunderstanding among the Kholi family that pragya had cheated on abhi or something like that cause this show is best in creating more and more misunderstandings

  9. How can abhi act soo mean…y is he soo blind about rhea…y does he defend her even when she is wrong…he tells prachi that rhea has lived without mom for 20 years…y cant u get through the fact that even prachi has lived without him for woo many years….and prachi too can question him as he did stop pragya from leaving the house atleast for his newborn child…he never made an attenpt to search them in those 20 years….dono when will he stop supporting rhea and alia…i think even after knowing that rhea tried to kill prachi he is gonna tell that she is just stubborn but not bad by heart… seriously this is ridiculous

  10. pallavi whe should not talk like that pranchi please.
    pallavi I said many times we should not talk like that pranchi and ranbir.
    see pallavi if you talk like this otherwise now see what I will do now keep it your mind okay.


  12. I believe if Kiara comes back..it’s gonna bring abhi and pragya closer…not Prachi and rhea anymore .

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