Kumkum Bhagya 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Suresh pleading Pragya to request Bulbul to accept him. Pragya says she cannot as Bulbul loves Purab and he cannot get her in life. He falls unconscious hearing that. Rachna (pregnant since 2-3 years, since the serial started and still continuing to be pregnant) comes there. Abhi’s bodyguards gets him into auto. Rachna apologizes Pragya for Suresh’s misbehavior in her party and asks why did she call him when she knew about Purab and Bulbul’s marriage announcement. Pragya says she did not knew about it and Abhi invited him, asks her to take care of him and leave home as it is late night. Rachna leaves.

Daadi asks Sarla to calm down. Sarla asks how can she. Purbi’s mom says she is more shocked than anyone else as she believed Suresh more than anyone else and asks Purbi to not take tuition from Suresh. Daadi says it is good Suresh’s truth came out, Suresh is paying for rejecting Pragya.

Abhi tries to hide under bed thinking Pragya will scold her. Pragya sees him and thinks he trying to find something and should help him. He also gets under bed. He says cockroach. She asks where is it. He says he was just trying to hide from her. She asks why. He says he thought she would pull his leg for what he said downstairs. He gives her a book and asks to tell how many times A is printed in it. She says how can she say. He says just like that, he was lying downstairs. She asks what kind of comparison it is. He says it is his comparison. She says A is printed 26960 times. He starts counting and then says he knows she is trying to being smart and asks if she is really smart, then she should fulfill her challenge of proposing him. She hesitantly tells a romantic poem. He gets impressed and subconsciously comes near her. They both romantically look at each other. Serial’s title song….plays in the background.

Abhi praises her and says it is unbelievable, she can be so romantic. She asks if she won the challenge. He says of course. She asks what is her gift then. He says he will change her name form chashmish to fuggi. She asks if he thinks she is swollen. He shows her childhood chubby pic. She asks where did he get it from. He says he got it from internet. She says her childhood name is pinky and asks him to change his name to Abhi fuggi instead. Abhi continues teasingher. He gets a call and says he will reach soon. He calls Purab and asks him to reach designer’s boutique to select dresses. Purab asks him to bring Pragya as she is the best person to tell Bulbul’s choice. Abhi agrees and thinks how should he convince her. Purab also thinks to convince Bulbul now.

Abhi asks Pragya to get ready for shopping. She says she will not come. He asks her to call Purab and tell, he will win challenge. She asks what challenge. He says he challenged Purab that Pragya will come for marriage shopping and he challenged she will not, so if she does not, he will win. She angrily gets into changing room.

Tanu asks Mitali about Abhi. Mitali says she should forget Abhi. Tanu asks why. She says she does not see her future here. Tanu asks her to stop and tell where is Abhi. Mitali says she went out with Pragya. Tanu asks where. Mitlai says she does not know, even daadi must not be knowing, she even heard Abhi calling producer and speaking about Pragya, looks like he will replace her with Pragya in every ads. Aaliya comes there and says Tanu that Pragya has come to his house due to destiny and when everyone has accepted her, she should also accept it and forget Abhi. Tanu gets annoyed and walks out from there.
Precap: Abhi taunts Pragya in bouquet and she angrily walks out, leaving Bulbul and Purab surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

    1. Pretty sad – is 1st the Highlight of your day?


    how perfectly pragya proposes Abhi…wow so romantic …..! waiting for abhi’s propose to pragya.

    1. lolololol!!! I guess this kind of sh^% is made for morons like you? What is this “proposing” business? It is ridiculous. They are married already. A proposal is when a couple is in a relationship or dating before marriage and the guy proposes to the girl “to marry him” when he is ready. “Proposing” doesn’t even make sense here. It is just BS… they are doing whatever they want and stupid people are falling for it.

  2. glad that suresh didn’t created more drama.. only one solution for suresh & tanu that they should marry each other then rabul & abhigya will be happy forever… suresh & tanu are villains for them..

  3. Luv u abhigya.luv u more dan ny one.i lyk matured luv stories such as yours.

  4. I am cracking up looking at this “proposing” on this show? It doesn’t make any sense. It is icky and embarrassing to see BS pushed on people like this. A guy proposes to a girl to marry BEFORE MARRIAGE not “proposing” with poems. It is so sad as an Indian to see Indians so desperate to copy everything from the west but they don’t do it right.

  5. Abhi you r super

  6. Abhi you r super

  7. good episode cant wait for tomorrows episode

  8. good episode cant wait for tomorrows episode right the best

  9. what’ BS? n sorry 2 say H Hasan bt d shw itslf hsnt yet cmpltd 1 year den hw d hell cn rachna b 2-3 years pregnant!!i thnk u nd 2 knw d premiere date of d shw n dn say ds crap agn n agn dt rachna is 2-3 years pregnant!

    1. No its in serial years its kinda like dog years so hasan commented it in that fashion

  10. nice episode…………………

  11. well good episode I love uuu my dear rabul…

  12. Hello whatever…uh r realy whatever nd whoever…if uh dun lyk these things in indians..wht the hell uh r doing here by reading the updates..nd if uh r indian thn m sure its the stupids lyk uh who r insulting thier own locality..nd yeah they olways be lyk whatever…huh..

  13. Waiting for abhi to propose pragya

    1. And ya those who don’t like proposing thing then don’t watch… And D’s is a serial and anything can happen here…. And plz quickly show abhi’s proposal to pragya nd not like how pragya proposed … Show in a different way and for longer tym

  14. Aw today’s episode was so cute. You can tell abhi is starting to form a friendship with Pragya…next step is to fall in love with her! Lol. I’m a little confused though…does he still think they’re going to get a divorce? Cuz he keeps saying one day you will actually love someone to Pragya like doesn’t he knows it’s too late for a divorce and the families are too involved lol

  15. Not that i don’t like pragay and Abhi.
    I think Abhi and Alia are faking , How can one he forget his love Tanu ? even after Suresh scolded him he calls him to his house , why ?

    1. He’s obviously forgetting about Tanu cuz hes getting more involved with Pragya…he’s clearly out of love with Tanu for many reasons….hes never going to forget how she picked her career over marrying him. And we don’t know that Abhi invited suresh…..they never mention who did but I think its aliya (shes obviously faking) but I don’t think abhi is faking it at all.

  16. H Hasan The serial begun on 15th April 2014 so Rachna is 10 months pregnant looool
    But when one day or just one shaadi is equal to 1 or 2 weeks, it is obvious that a 9 months pregnancy will become 24 months Looool
    Anyway you made me laugh

  17. Purbul ?????

  18. why pragya look so thin haha….her body not nice

  19. aliaya she never gave up burab as she is live but good episode

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