Kumkum Bhagya 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Purab invites Abhi to come and stay with him

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A man enters the police station, he looks around before walking to the inspector, he is with his lawyer who asks him to sit, the lawyer replies he is the lawyer of Purab Khanna and they are here for the bail of Tanu Mehra, Inspector asks what is the occupation of Purab, he replies there is not any column, Purab replies that he is not that famous but the person who came before him is a rockstar, the inspector is tensed saying that he did not think that person was rock star, Purab replies he did not show off his wealth even when he was a rock star so how would he take any sides now, the inspector says he lives in a chawl, Purab replies that Abhi rose from the ground so doesnot fear getting hurt.

The constable asks Tanu to come out because she has got the bail, Tanu replies she knew she would get the bail because she cannot live in a place like this, she exclaims that she was once a model with dreams to become a super model but they all were ruined, the constable replies he also desired to be an actor but Shahrukh Khan beat him to Mumbai and became a superstar, Tanu says he should also go as then one more idiot would go away from the city, Tanu comes to the inspector, she thanks him in excitement but is shocked to see Purab, he asks her to come with him, she thanks him for getting her bail, Purab replies he did not do anything as it was Abhi, she sees him with the constable, Tanu asks if he would stop drinking as he even started with the constable, Tanu says to Purab that people usually hold the hands of someone in order to relieve the stress, Abhi choose alcohol which ruins even the most respectful people, constable assures he was just standing and not drinking anything, Abhi recalls how he was thrown out from Pragya’s house, she did not even listen to him, Purab sensing there is a problem asks what is the matter as now all the problems have been solved, Abhi doesnot say anything explaining Tanu would now face the problems when she would have to answer his questions.
Tanu seeing the car is really excited, thinking she would now get a ride after so long, she plans to take the longer route so she can relieve the stress, she starts taking selfies, Abhi asks her to come inside.

The car drives into the Chawl, the entire family is standing along with all the neighbours wondering who might have come, Dadi along with Mitali Bhabhi exclaim it might be Pragya who would have come to take them with her, the neighbors also exclaim it might be someone really wealthy. Mitali asks if she can make dinner, Aliya asks her to make it as it is not Pragya.

They step out of the car, Dadi is shocked to see Purab, he comes to seek the blessings of Dadi, Mitali is asked to bring water, but she says that she will make tea, the neighbours say that the entire family speaks English but have a lot of big connections.
The neighbours say that they felt they would have to fight with Tanu as now she also had come back, Aliya starts fighting with them, they ask her to step aside from the car, Aliya says that he is her husband, the reply that he is her husband which is why he left her, she is about to slap her but the neighbour stops her, Tanu asks Aliya to come aside as these people are not worth fighting for.
Abhi brings the wooden bed, Purab sits with Abhi having tea, Mitali doesnot bring biscuits, when she is asked, Mitali says that they have finished, Purab says there is no need, he insists that Abhi come with him to his house, Abhi however replies there is no need as Purab was the one who handled all the cases and paid off the debts along with the legal charges, he cannot accept any more favours from him, as he would not be able to look him because of the sense of shame, Purab replies he was an orphan when Abhi kept him in the house, since when did he start feeling shame, he then asks Dadi but she declines because if she is not with Abhi he would not take care of himself, Purab says if she would not come then Abhi would also decline, and if he doesnot come then Mitali Bhabhi and Aunt would also not come, Aliya asks what about her as she is his wife and has the first right, he however turns to leave after saying that Abhi can come to him whenever he feels, he leaves when Tanu asks him to clarify it once and for all, Purab replies he is not saying anything because of a reason, Aliya demands he clarify it , he replies she makes his life hell so he cannot live with her anymore, Purab explains that the day when she called Disha was the last day of their relation because Aliya replies she called Disha as she is still in his heart.

Ranbir turns but he doesnot see Prachi beside, he walks out to see that she is talking on the mobile, she replies she told him Ranbir would wake up as he knows she is not beside him, Ranbir mentions he would kill Sid, she asks how does he know, Ranbir mentions that he knows it is Sid, Ranbir starts scolding Sid saying that Prachi works from 9 to 5 so why does he have to call in the middle of the night, Ranbir is constantly scolding him, Sid replies that his mobile is on speaker so he desired to introduce Waleed, Ranbir asks Prachi to bring water, Sid replies he would scold him after drinking water, Ranbir is constantly saying thing without even listening to what Sid has to say, Ranbir mentions he was also the boss of Prachi but never called her after hours for work, Sid questions how did he get Prachi to marry him, Ranbir is really frustrated but Sid is constantly making fun, Prachi ends the call saying that she would send the quotations, she finalizes the task, Ranbir asks her to not be so angry as he knows he gets jealous when Sid says he desires to have a wife like her, Ranbir knows there is only one couple like him but the other was off Chief however their cannot be any other relation like their, he demands a kiss from her after she slaps him but she asks him to close his eyes, he feels like she was going to kiss him but she asks him to sleep, he starts teasing her and they both rejoice on the bed.

Abhi asks Mitali Bhabhi to close the door as it is going to be loud, he questions why did they not tell him that the person whose purse Tanu stole, came to their house as the inspector told him, he also found out that the person was actually Pragya, Dadi starts to explain when Aliya says she will talk with Abhi, he asks her to move aside as Dadi can speak and will reveal the truth, Dadi explains Aliya said his heart was weak because of drinking so they have to hide the truth about Pragya, this is why she insisted he go to the police station as he would eventually find out the truth. Mitali Bhabhi and Aunt also blame Aliya saying she asked them to stay quiet.

Abhi goes to Tanu and Aliya demanding they speak the truth, Aliya tries to clarify when he insists she think before speaking as if he hears a lie then it would act the same as oil does in the food, he doesnot know how he would react after that.

Precap: Abhi is shocked when he reads about auction of Mehra mansion in a newspaper. Pragya tells Sushma that she knew importance of that mansion and she still put it in auction without asking. That mansion is important for Dadi and Dadi for her (Pragya). She won’t see it getting auctioned. Sushma says she has one condition to stop the auction.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. ok the episode was not really interesting.
    Tanu is so stupid how can she think that Abhi would not know that she is in prison because of Pragya. Aaliya is so stupid how can she think that Purab still wants to be with her.
    I hope there was not only one episode with Purab.

    Precap MM auction and Sushma gives Pragya one condition
    Some people on IG are already in panic because of the condition- they think the condition could be Pragya and the business partner in the same house.
    I think the condition will be that Pragya should live in the MM together with Shushma.

    1. @Meli Singh
      From whose genius mind did this idea occur that Sushma’s condition would be Pragya to live with her business partner in the same house ?? How is this even remotely logical ?? And why would Sushma put forth this condition ?? To Test Pragya’s feelings for Abhi ?? That’s absurd. That would intruding in Pragya’s private life and I don’t think Sushma is that kind of woman.

      Your own guess is more plausible

    2. Malavika

      Alia is such a main character. She is responsible for all the problems in KKB.
      Due to her talent of brainwashing and instigating people and:
      1. Abhi and Pragya are angry at each other.
      2. Pallavi hates Prachi
      3. Rhea hates Prachi and her mom
      4. Disha hates Purab/staying away from him.
      5. Kohli family hate mehra family and are business rivals.
      6. Ranbir hates Rhea (although she deserved it but Alia is behind it).
      7. Abhi is angry at Prachi and Ranbir.
      8. Mitali hates Pragya.
      9. Raj hates Pragya.

  2. I find it cute with pranbir’s growing possessiveness of each other especially Prachi u can c how scared she is of losing him as he’s all she has left 🥺😢ranbir’s outburst was hilarious😂🤣 tho he has a point and man this Sid is giving me mad stalker and obsessive vibes. Wonder wat Aaliya did this time and the fact that Aryan isn’t even bothered says a lot and lol love Purab’s response does any1 know where Aryan and Shanana r

    1. Leisa morris

      I think aryan is with purab as for shahana she maybe still with the old lady,damn i forgot her name

  3. So is any1 else still not getting a feeling Sushma might turn negative later or wat😥and Aaliya is funny she actually thought Purab wanted 2 be with her love how he just openly rejects her😂 wonder how Aryan feels abt her now but how is Purab rich tho while the Mehras r poor 😦😯😶🤔

    1. @Em
      And the negative feeling is based on the condition or the auction?
      So far she does not give me any negative feelings. An empty building also costs money, and she is a businesswoman, so why pay for something that is not used. An auction is more logical and profitable.

  4. I think the producer doesn’t want to involve 2nd generation in main story. Now Prachi & and Ranbir are two useless people who are not attacking problems eagerly. 1. They are not searching jop opportunities 2. They aren’t aware of Abhi’s condition… in short the show turned into the ocean of problems but those two are not interested in any problem their own or the ather’s

    1. @STRYwrt

      1) Did you forget or missed where it was discussed that Aryan and Ranbir are trying to set up their own start-ups and Prachi works in Kohli company only , Ranbir’s cousin Siddharth is her colleague. PRANBIR are not sitting around vella and unemployed , if they were then do you think they could have afforded to live in a rented flat ?? Who do you think pays the rent ?? and how ??

      2) Again , they are well aware of Abhi’s condition , but in what way do you think they can help him ?? Don’t forget that they have disowned by both Mehra and Kohli families , and problems of either of the families , is not their problem anymore. Even if they were to want to help , neither of the families would be willing to take their help.

    2. You said right . And please ignore these useless comments. In logon ko har baar pranbir ko blame karna atha hai . Aur kuch nai

    3. #Colin I want to underline the intension of the producer, if the producer wants to keep them in the show, he/she will find a way of attaching them to the story

    4. @STRYwrt
      We have known Ekta since long time now. When has she ever come to the point quickly.
      Just consider it :

      1) After the leap of 20 years , it took 47 episodes for Abhi Pragya to come face to face first time

      2) It took another 82 episodes after that for Pragya to meet the rest of family in Mehra mansion itself

      3) It took ANOTHER astounding 248 episodes after Pragya meeting Mehra family in Mehra mansion , for Abhi to find out that Prachi is his own daughter.

      I suppose you get the gist…… many episodes in between important revelations / instances are always meaningless fillers , that’s how this serial has reached almost 1900 episodes count. Everything happens slower than snail’s pace.

      Moreover , the updated synopsis on zee5 itself says ” Rhea returns to wreak havoc in the lives of a happily married Ranbeer and Prachi. ” , implying the 2nd generation has its own plot line. Ekta is just being herself and taking time to fully develop that.

    5. No actually it’s best if they keep both couples seperate as both have their own stories and have moved on to another point in their lives. When both Abhigya and Pranbir get mixed together everything goes wrong so I’m happy they were apart for two years. Of course they’ll all reunite one day as Prachi is Abhigyas daughter but the reunion won’t happen now as the track is totally different. And dont call Pranbir useless they have their own story and are living a happy life away from all those toxic people, the writers can’t focus on so many tracks at the same time..right now Abhigya track is going on and will for a time but Pranbir will have theirs in between like they did before the leap.

    6. Purab rocked it today! He’s one of my faves im so glad he returned but if he leaves and he usually does every 5 mins then what was the point in bringing him back. When they bring him back full time they should also consider bringing Disha back because Purab is nothing without her and his character will be pointless then.

      I read somewhere that Pragyas business partner n Alia will team up to destroy Pragya! Of course I’m not surprised but I thought the guy liked her. As for Alia seriously what can she do now 😂 pragya is above her level now and is getting revenge. Speaking of which she needs to avenge herself already her constantly crying and going back to memory lane will make this whole avatar pointless…now I’m just waiting for whatever will happen with the mansion that’s when the real drama starts!🔥

  5. I have one doubt.
    Did this Sushma , help Pragya in setting up her own businesses or did she just include in her own’s ??

    Till now I was thinking that all these businesses that Pragya is running are her own and Sushma is just her guide and mentor , and Mehra mansion too was purchased by Pragya and thus her own property , now.

    But , if Sushma can put it to auction without Pragya’s knowledge , to whom did it really belong ?? To Pragya or Sushma ??

    1. Leisa morris

      Coli i have obe question and it is which mehra mention is being auction? After all the first mehra mansion was sbhis granny who pragya loved and aliyah/tanu killed. And the second mehra mansion was with this dadi so is the second mansion more important to pragya considering she didnt spend no amount of time in that house or is it the first where she first got married,lived in with kiara for a while and had her twins there?

  6. I think PURAB going to buy MM!

    1. @Rea
      I don’t think Pragya will let it get auctioned at all. That mansion to close to her heart , she said so to Sushma.

  7. I think that everything that Pragya now owns, it all belongs to Sushma, and Pragya only holds a managerial position and conducts business on behalf of Sushma. When they returned to India and they had an appointment, it was Sushma who introduced Pragya to everyone as her daughter. So she already had a business in India. Pragya would not have been able to climb the career ladder so quickly in 2 years in a foreign country. But why Purab did not buy the Mehra mansion, if he has a lot of money, is also not clear. And where has he been all these 2 years, where does he live? It is still unknown whether he lives with Aryan or alone. And this situation with Prachi is really starting to get boring. Is she really so stupid, or is she pretending? Ranbir spoke correctly with Sid. Why is he calling his employee in the middle of the night? Prachi as always turns on the fool, I understand that she is the only one who currently provides for the family, but, damn it, she does not know how to refuse people. This Sid must be put in his place otherwise he will become a big headache for them. In this situation, Ranbir is the only one who thinks adequately.

  8. Purab. the peacock of the show has returned. When he got married with Aliya he lost his character and lived as the puppet of Aliya who is the killer of his wife

    1. Purab, a peacock? Abhi has been the peacock. Aliyah is another peacock alongside the tuna-fish. Rhea is a peacock. Pallavi wishes she was a peacock. But Purab? Purab, who has forever fulfilled the wishes of the Mehra criminals? (Abhi-aliyah-their leech, tuna-fish).

  9. @Colin
    After reading it, I also thought, unbelievable what is going on in the heads of some fans.🤦‍♂️
    I am sure it will be Sushma’s condition. The house is empty and now she knows how much it means to Pragya so she will move in with Pragya.

  10. Since they mentioned Disha maybe she’ll come back. That’s one lovely face I’d love to see again. Alia is surely delusional to think Purab came back for her

    1. Aliyah has been delusional since day one. Any of her ‘successes’ have been possible because she is a greedy liar, a thief and a murderer. So, I would add that she is a delusional coward as she gains her belief in her own superiority not from her own creative/thinking efforts but by destroying the lives of others. Delusional poison fits as well. What’s really creepy is that the actresses chosen for the role immediately begin changing their physical faces to increase their personal ‘beauty quotient’. Which subliminal message does that send out?
      Several actually, all of them bone ugly….the messages are bone ugly. To the point, that the first Rhea actress was a look-a-alike to the first Aliyah.

    2. Yes! it would be great if Disha came back! Even better if Disha, Sunny and Aryan all lived happily with Purab. Tee Hee! Maybe there would be a scene of the family relaxing on their verandah and they notice that the street cleaner on the road is Aliyah! No disrspect to street cleaners intended! they are doing honest work. But for one like aliyah, of course that would be an insult and difficult to bear. It would be good to be on that verandah and to fling filth onto her! She’s earned it! It is good to laugh at these fictional characters, because of their overtly extreme characterizations. I wonder if anything hit her face, would a part of it fall off?

  11. Dear Riya, I like your comments about Pragya. But Pragya committing revenge. People committing revenge do not cry or go down memory lane, I agree! Although the producers are calling this a revenge track they know full well that Sriti Jha is incapable of expressing the cold evil that revenge requires… especially the level of revenge needed to punish Aliya/tuna-fish and Abhi. I suspect that Pragya of course will meet with Abhi to build their next phase of sick, demented ‘romance’ addiction. Through that, the concept of revenge or even justice will be demolished once again proving that normal decent people are useless and pointless and ineffective in a mysogynistic society where the very rich demand that everyone else is a useless eater. Pragya… throughout this whole series, in spite of her honest efforts has become an emotional, useless fool. and now she sends out the message that you only have a chance of having any kind of ‘wholeness’ or ‘power’ if you have vast amounts of money. And there we have it again… Only the very rich are humans. The rest are stupid useless eaters. Welcome to the Ekta philosophy! (And corporate philosophy too) “Use those useless eaters to make money, for as long as you can! It’s fun making fools of them!! Keep them believing in sick old religious standards of false heirarchies “

  12. le fait d’avoir des émotions c’est normale après tout elle aimait plus que sa propre vie , c’est difficile de se venger avec ce genre des sentiments mais une chose est sur peut importe les circonstances pragya va gagner cette fois et elle va pas perdre sa fortune de plus si sa tante a mis le manoir Mehera aux enchères sa ne veut pas dire que tout lui appartient ; c’est vrai elle a aidée a avoir un statut pus élever c’est tout

  13. Samaila

    I died laughing when Aliya said “vo mera pati hai” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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