Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahilya shares her findings with Khanderao

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yamuna joining the puja late. Pandit asks Khanderao to give aarti to everyone. Dwarka says you will give aarti now, Ahilya is studying and you are giving aarti, you are doing girl’s work and she is doing a boy’s work. Gautama asks what’s wrong with it, they are doing good work, Ahilya’s education won’t harm us, Khanderao is giving aarti, it shows his devotion, its good. Dwarka says yes, I didn’t say its bad, I m seeing this for the first time, Ahilya would have told him to do this, right, look at him, I was not right, helping each other and mutual understanding is good between husband and wife, but its not good if people call him his wife’s slave, I will get angry.

Gautama says we need to give some air to the burning coal to ignite the fire, Khanderao is that burning coal, Ahilya’s support has made him fire now, he is doing this on her saying, many people used his innocence and now those people are getting hurt. Dwarka asks what are you trying to say. Gautama says nothing, I couldn’t understand, if you are praising him or provoking him. Yamuna asks why would Dwarka do this, Khanderao is her fav. She says Ahilya should be here during the aarti, right. Gautama says Ahilya was in the aarti. Bana says yes, don’t know when she went, did she tell Harku. Harku says I had seen her leaving, she tried to tell something to Khanderao, he didn’t see, she told me something by sign and left, I couldn’t understand what she wanted to say.

Khanderao says she convinced me to come here and then left. Gautama asks is she fine,she won’t leave aarti for other reason, I will go to her room and see. Yamuna asks Dwarka to go with Gautama, until she goes to godown for her work. Dwarka says I won’t go. Yamuna says if Ahilya isn’t in the room, then settle scores with Gautama, go. Dwarka and Bana go.

Gautama says if Ahilya does anything wrong, I will teach her discipline, its not a good habit to blame anyone until you have proof, if she is in her room, then you have to take your words back. She goes to Ahilya’s room. Tukoji stops them and says if Ahilya doubts something, then she will investigate. Khanderao says I explained Ahilya that nothing is fishy. Gautama says fine. She says we shall go now, and see Ahilya later. Dwarka says Tukoji told her something. Bana says we will see where Ahilya went. Gautama asks Dwarka to make her fav dish, she makes it the best. Dwarka says sure. Gautama asks her to go. Dwarka leaves. Gautama asks Bana to go and help Dwarka. Ahilya comes to the godown. She hides seeing Yamuna coming. Yamuna thinks Ahilya isn’t here. She hears Yamuna and her aide talking about the grains selling. Yamuna hears a sound. She signs the man about Ahilya. They start acting.

Yamuna thinks Ahilya has believed what I have showed her, she will think nothing is wrong. She goes smiling. Ahilya thinks nothing is wrong here, but what did I see. Yamuna says Ahilya would be in her room, didn’t you get her. Tukoji says you look in a hurry, you can go. She smiles. Ahilya counts the sacks. Khanderao and Tukoji come to the godown to see Ahilya. The man greets them. He says its the same amount of sacks that come monthly. Khanderao says its the limit to doubt everything. Tukoji says Yamuna and the man are working sincerely. She says I have seen something, that Kaka has written in account, there should be 365 sacks, I have counted the sacks, it was just 310. Khanderao asks how did you count it from far.

Tukoji asks how did you count the sacks. She says I have counted the sacks row wise and column wise, then I have multiplied it. He asks did you calculate it there. She says yes, its easy, the sacks are less, it means someone took 55 sacks, I had seen it that night, someone was taking the sacks from back door, Kaka comes once a month to note down accounts, Yamuna and that man see that godown work. Khanderao says maybe that man is cheating Yamuna, she doesn’t know maths like you. Tukoji says he can’t do this until someone helps him. Khanderao says we will call him and ask the truth. Tukoji says no, they will have excuses, we have to catch them red-handed. She asks how. He says we have to think how.

Khanderao says we will find out in the market if that man sells the sacks there, when does he sell it, then we will find out the missing sacks. Tukoji says you gave a good suggestion. Khanderao says you don’t look happy, we are going to find a big scam, dad will applaud us for this. Tukoji says yes, but it will take time, they can prove Ahilya’s counting wrong by excuses. Ahilya prays.

Gautama gives duties to all the queens. Yamuna asks did you take the godown work back from me. Gautama says yes. Yamuna thinks to steal as much grains as possible. The man goes to steal the grains sacks. Tukoji and Khanderao come there and catch him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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