Kumkum Bhagya 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi meets Kiara in the shop

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Kumkum Bhagya 5th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Purab and Disha starts to fight, she says that she will not give him anything, he says that he was wrong and he is the one who is scared even he us afraid of his mother, he then says that he is the best thing that they both have, Sunny hugs him, he say that they both must remain free as he has taken part in the contest of their school, Disha wonders how she could make Pragya and Abhi meet.
Abhi comes to the counter then he asks for a red velvet Pastry, she says that the pastry is already sold out, He says that he will take it and give her a lot of money, she declines saying that if he ask her then she will give it to him, he turns to find that it is Kiara and then she says that he can have it and they both start to argue on who will take it, she then decides to share it and they both start

t talk about how they both are very similar, she ask him why he did not meet her, she also asks him the same question, they both decide to have the Pastry, both of them have a lot of fun eating it.
Pragya goes to check on Kiara, Abhi says that his Dadi said that when they eat someone else’s food then they both get into love, she says that she also decided to check if his Dadi said it, she asks him what he is doing tomorrow, she says that she has a competition and she wants him to come, she say that she really wants him to meet her mother, he asks why she calls him Superman , she says that she only calls him this because he saved her mother and so is his superman.
Pragya enters and sees Kiara talking to someone, she wonders what she is doing, then someone from her past comes to meet her and ask her about her life with Abhi, she says that she is kay, then the lady asks her about if it is the case with another women, Pragya gets emotional.
Kiara asks Abhi why he does not have a girl baby, he gets sad saying that he will tell her when she geta little big but she insists and he says that he will come and he will also tell her.
Abhi meets the lady who says that she knows why he is upset as because Pragya is not with him, he says that how does she know this at which she says that she met with Pragya at the door and she told him that she married another person and she has a child with him, he goes to meet her.
Kiara brings the keys and says that whoever will find them then the other will have to listen, they both start to find it then Pragya gets the keys and they go to the house, Abhi comes out wondering that the lady made a mistake, Pragya is trying to make Kiara eat the food but she is not listening and gets ma, she forces Pragya to agree to her demand and then they eat the food, Pragya asks her if she has prepared everything, she says that she has done everything and cannot wait because she will then meet her best friend, Kiara runs away and goes to send the invitation to Abhi.

Precap: Pragya asks King if the only one was invited, he says that Abhi was also invited, Kiara send the photo of Pragya and herself to Abhi he sees this and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I won’t be surprised if Abhi fails to do the math to realize Kiara is his and not King’s. Tanu is digging her own grave and it seems Aaliya will not get involved in it as there is a distance between her and Tanu now, considering the fact that Nikhil and Tanu are responsible for John’s murder. I feel sorry for King since he can’t marry Pragya even though he’s developing feelings for her.
    Right now, degradation of women is not the focus, but how Abhi and Pragya will reunite. The kids are so cute, especially Sunny.

    1. Just commented the same on yesterday’s forum LLR, that finally the plot, the story has returned again! It is possible to write a story without all of the abuse!
      I noticed that Pragya wore a nearly red dress, again highlighting that she has become or is becoming an adult woman. Yes, colours do matter, as even colour sends a message in a production like this. I was delighted to see that Purab and Disha are being included. Again, so much possibility for these two actors to shine. And the best part was when Kiara and Pragya were chatting at the dining room table. A smart, thinking young girl being allowed to express her opinion openly to her mother. And the mother actually listens! Furthering, the belief that Pragya has come to her senses about her own power/authority (for her own life) unlike Tanu/Aliyah who live by abusive beliefs where they have the authority to own everyone else. I did not miss Tanu/Aliyah at all!


    Let’s hope for the best and finish this story in a good note that all is well that ends well

  3. This abi wont realise tat she is chld til last anway.even if pragz say to hm tat she is his chld tis dumbo wil have posibitity and i wont be suprised if he fails to recolect their so cld sr before insuling her with king .but i honestly very much jealous and sad seing dishrb and ther beta bond.

    1. Ishu, I completely agree about watching ‘real’ family love grow! Maybe we are all enjoying so much because it is a relief!

  4. Dear Cathy, group hug felt good! I have tried to reply to you as well as register and or log-in. With having to seek/create a secure line each time I try anything, waiting for confirmation emails…. I tried to change my password. Anyway, I’m sure that over the next 24 hours I’ll sort this out. I am certain that I am making some really obvious and silly error… which I have no idea even exists. Just wanted to let you know that I am trying. I am newly paranoid about security, a grade one student, trying to understand Grade Ten internet ‘magic’ . aaargh! I know it’s not magic just my personal lack of information/experience.
    Now, the scheduled iphone tutorial for cell-phone use, is beginning to terrify me. So much new terminology that I have missed, through the years.

    1. Cathy

      No worries!! i bought my first computer at age 40 and taught myself how to navigate the internet..it gets easier the more you use it like cell phones to i guess, i plow through tech now because i didn’t want to go through what my parents did when ATM’s came out in the late 70’s and my Mother and Father just could never use them..fear, so i tend to make myself learn and now i’m not so bad at 57. and it does help to swear a lot.

  5. I’m afraid to be too optimistic because the writer(s) of this show have let me down so many times. The ACTORS can only do and say what the script tells them regardless about how they would act or what they would do in real life. So, I think it would be farfetched to think that Abhi would suddenly think like a mature man come to his senses and stop turning on the good people in his life. It would also be totally out of character for Tanu and Aaliya to not try to do any harm to Kiara. Or they may try to hurt Pragya by convincing Abhi to take Kiara away from her mom since he mom did not tell him that he had a daughter. Just saying. The show is in the hands of the writers and so far it’s been the same negative/bad stuff over and over with just a glimpse of goodness. Here’s hoping that I am wrong.

    1. Fully agreed Tango. The producer (thus the writers) is an absolute emotional manipulator and even as I feel relief I am very clear that it is likely my relief is simply one note in a dance of bait and switch. When the manipulator is finally confronted they tend to play nice until their next attack. We did see Abhi become an adult male for one evening, right before his accident and memory loss drama. Immediately after the accident, he was returned to being a wounded youth. He was given the chance to become an adult again, in the jungle for a few hours right before Pragya was shot. There was some hope offered to us for him to become a man after the leap but all the Mehras have appeared to have had their IQ’s lowered, removed or dismantled since the leap. As in, why aren’t the two criminals in jail? Anyone sane and of very average intelligence would have first asked, “OMG Pragya’s been hurt! Where are Tanu and Aliyah?? Tanu’s been really b*tchy to Pragya all night and she was super b*tch queen at the jewellery store where she purposefully assaulted Pragya, when she cut her neck” Disha and Purab were aware of Tanu’s disgraceful behaviour. Complaining is obviously not allowed. Pragya tends to obey that societal rule as she is the designated anger-eater (along with those that she loved) in this production

  6. See guys all the comments here are clean let’s keep it that way no backbiting as Cathy so rightly put it ((Group Hug)). And Cathy you celebrated your birthday last month I wished you but there were no response from you. I think it was on the 14th. I will give my two bits and pieces on this series on another given time for now stay blessed people and keep smiling there are no charges for smiling. And Naz I love cricket I do not care who wins as long as the game is hotttt!!!! Trinbago is a strong side no doubt but sometimes being too overconfident makes you lose my favorite is Sunil Narine and Hetmyer. You take care dear hey Lakshmi everything good I hope. Where is our Sapphire?? Naz I had also asked you about the earthquake but no response from you. Probably you did not see it nevertheless I hope everything is alright your end.

    1. Oh gosh Jayashree… I did miss that comment, I don’t ever want to experience an earthquake like that again…. It was horrible and I was worried about whatever could have happened but all’s well with my two children and myself, there were damages elsewhere but far from where I live, thankfully no lives were lost. I don’t hear from Sapphire, she’s not on the forums, I hope that she OK though. Anyways… As I speak I’m watching TKR in action, I also prefer hard hitting scores, whoever wins, I’m happy. I see PA, ZKM has joined in the exit… Good serials which went down the drain, however, I like how PA ended, it’s how Rajshree Production would really do it…

  7. Cathy

    Jayashree!! My Birthday was on the 5th…and no i didn’t see your wishes my apologies…August is a busy month for me and i was all over the place..but thank you for remembering i think it mentioned months back. lol

  8. I wonder if the writers got hit on their heads… Since yesterday, the episodes has a different tone, it’s more positive and I welcome it. Light hearted and viewer friendly. I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I want Abhi to think and do some calculations. I’m going to enjoy Pragya’s discomfort when Abhi gets to know that Kiara is his daughter, Pragya has to answer to Abhi….very soon.

  9. Yeah Naz but I hate it when suddenly out of nowhere King finds himself thinking about Pragya in a romantic way wha happen to him suddenly?? I only hope his character do not change into a negative one that will be so cruel man. He had all the time in the damn world when he was alone with her for so many years to think about her when he feels threaten then he decides he wants her stew. Trust Ekta and her twisted psychology.

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