Ishqbaaz 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika learns magic

Ishqbaaz 5th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye and Anika ask each other to sleep on the bed. He says our relation is not like any normal husband and wife, still I have a right that you listen to me. He sleeps on the sofa. O jaana….plays…… She smiles seeing him. The man goes to check some sound. Someone comes to the security room and pours water on the systems to damage. Priyanka says our plan changed. Anika comes and says you guys are planning a lot these days, you asked me to reach at pool side at 8pm. Priyanka says sorry, don’t be upset. Gauri says yes, we wanted to bring you two closer. Anika says I know, I felt good, but don’t do this again. Gauri asks why. Priyanka says you said you felt good. Anika says some relations are such which fate makes or breaks. Priyanka says it means you left everything on fate. Anika

says I have total faith that Shivaye will accept this marriage some day. Shivaye comes and asks what are you guys talking. Gauri says Anika was saying about you. He asks were you saying anything bad. Anika asks why, don’t I have this right.

Khanna comes and says there is some problem, water fell on CCTV system, we have to install it again, it will take 2-3 days time. Shivaye says get this done today itself, we have guests at home, I don’t want any security breach. Shivaye reads newspaper and says what did Mohit do. Mohit and Nancy come. Mohit asks what did I do. Shivaye asks what happened that you had to leave the show mid way. Mohit smiles and says nothing, the main sponsor misbehaved with Nancy, I took hot soup and threw on his face, I heard he got second degree burns. They get shocked. Mohit says whenever he sees his face, he will remember what I do of someone eyeing my wife. Nancy says Taj left a big show for me, I m so lucky to have him. Anika says yes, there is no doubt. He says I have to go for imp meeting. Shivaye says don’t worry for Nancy, we are here. Anika asks will magic show happen. Mohit says definitely. He goes. Shivaye sees her smiling and thinks what’s going on in her mind now.

Anika checks some videos and tries some card tricks. Shivaye comes and holds her. He asks what were you doing. She says magic. He says you do it any way, I mean what’s all this. She says I was doing research, I read on internet, that there is nothing like magic, its just tricks. He says Mohit does miracles, not magic. She says its fake. He says you mean he fakes the magic. She says I m not saying bad about him. He says magic exists. She says love is the only magic.

He says love isn’t magic, its chemical imbalance of body and mind. She says you believe it or not, you will know its magic. He says I just know what Mohit does is magic. She says no. He asks can you prove it. She says sure. He says if you prove this, I will believe that magic doesn’t exist. She asks promise. He says promise. They shake hands. She says be ready to lose. He says we shall see. She goes to Mohit’s room and gets a box. She says this is Taj’s magical box. Shivaye says send me all the reports, thanks….. He finishes the call and asks Nancy what is she doing. She says its props, I was practicing a magical trick, I m not able to do this without Mohit, please help me.

He says okay. She says you have to come with me inside this satin cloth, I will pull this rope, then this satin cloth will go up and we will disappear. He says sounds good, lets do it. Anika checks the cap, stick, cloth and coat. Shivaye and Nancy get inside the curtain. Anika gets the rose from coat sleeve and says it means there is some trick, but what. Curtain falls on Shivaye and Nancy. They roll down. Anika says so this is Taj’s magic, I will go and tell Shivaye that his friend tricks, its not any magic. Shivaye and Nancy come out of the curtain. He asks you okay. She says yes, sorry, trick got wrong. Anika comes and says but I understood the trick. He says what you are thinking is wrong. Anika says its fine, I want to talk to you. She asks Nancy to leave. Nancy goes. Shivaye says it was an accident. She says no, it was a trick, the flower popped out from Mohit’s jacket, I told you its a trick, not magic. He asks weren’t you saying about this, you are so cute. He hugs her. Music plays…. He goes. She asks what happened to him… cute…. She smiles.

Gauri slips and falls down. Anika and Shivaye rush to her. Anika says how did oil fall over there. He asks shall I call doctor. Gauri says no, I will be fine. He asks Anika to take her to room. Anika takes her. He calls Khanna and servant, and asks how did oil come there. Servant says it wasn’t there. Shivaye says clean it. He asks Khanna to find out and fire the servant who did this mistake.

Anika comes to Shivaye. He asks did you give tea to Mohit. She asks did you say anything. He says you are worried for Gauri. She asks how do you know. He says you are forgetting that I also have a sister, I can read your face. She asks do you know face reading. He says not of everyone. She says I m also in those few people’s list. He says yes, you are my friend. She says friend. He says I think you should sleep in Gauri’s room tonight, she may need your help. She says you don’t accept me as wife and still worry for me and Gauri. He says I don’t understand the meaning of marriage, but I know the meaning of family. She says marriage joins two families. He says Gauri may need you, tell me if you need anything, I m there. She goes.

Shivaye sleeps. Someone comes to him and gets close. He wakes up and gets shocked. Anika comes inside the room and gets shocked seeing…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Appy

    Sry to say shivika ..mere SHIVANCY main jo chemistry he na woh tum main nahi he…kitna pyaar se dono uss parde ke andar the.
    Yesterday also kitne pyarr se usse pool se uthake bachaya.
    And Indian television ke sari chemistry and jodi Shivancy ke samne phiki padjayengi.🤩🤩🤩
    Kitna pyarr he in dono ke becch ek dum made for each other types ……..
    And precap- uffffff what a hot precap🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Ok I am in Shivancy land.🤩🤩🤩🤩
    Gonna see you all tomorrow ….

    1. Banita

      Go Appy Go…!!!
      Congratulations being 1st dr…
      Shivancy ke land mein…
      Wase not only u makers r also in that land…
      Yup gonna to see u tomarrow only in Shivancy’s land…

      1. Sindhudi

        Appy congrats!!! For being number 1.

    2. Riana

      Appy… Eww appy plsssss dont use any couple name on shivaay and vacancy i mean nancy 😷😷😷…precap was bizarre for me 😂😂😂😂😂

    3. Really…!?! This Nancy character artist is such a bad actress… She can only be model not actress!! Always same reaction no variations! By the way the chemistry between Shivaay & Nancy was also awfully just like her acting!!

    4. Luthfa

      Go Appy Go.Congratulations on being first…..Don’t know whether your target was to attack Nancy with sarcasm and her chemistry with Shivaay or you are actually happy for them!Mohit’s wife is not Indian and Mandana is justifying her role Nancy completely as far as I am seeing.And I am unable to find any such chemistry between Mohit and Nancy let alone Nancy with Shivaay,the way you mentioned.I am sorry if my words offended you.Take care.

    5. JeevithaTK

      Hi Appy dear.
      Congrats for being 1st. Really u they chemistry. 😯😯😦. Tc

    6. NSK

      Haha im sure ur being sascrastic😇

  2. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    HRU all???
    @Sindhu dii ur frndship request is not opening… Actually ur account is not opening… May be something wrong with ur account ya my account ya with TU…
    Now coming to epi ,
    Today “Ishq hain aanshu” (my fav) nd “O Jaana” (both old nd new version) played… I m sooo happy… Finally our old songs r backkk..
    Nd today i loveeeee all Shivika sence…
    Arre yr ye dono humesha kya bed mein tum soo jao main nahi nd al lagate rehte hain… Ek saath nahi soo sakte kya…!!
    O Jaana old version with Shivika’s sweet sa moment…
    Taj ki titli paani mein kya giri…
    Kaas wo titli paani mein hi dub ke maar jati…!! CVS can this possible…!!??
    Poor Khannaji… Humesha Shivay bhaiya ase hi pyaar dikhate rehte hain…
    Jingalla huu huu nd belanse jadu…
    Anika ka mission jaddu fail first , but we got a lovly Shivika moment with some intense talk about LOVE nd O Jaana new version…
    She was super cute with that coat… She was cutee in all those sence when she tried to do magic also , but she was moreee cute with that coat…
    So finally Anika found d JHOL of d Mohit…
    Nancy… She is much more irritating then Tia baby nd Nagini… She is more chipku then both of them…
    Jb dekho bs chipakte rehti hain meri Shivay bhaiya se…
    Nd now it’s clearly showing that they r trying to trap Shivay…
    Ishq Hain Aanshu song….. My most fav song of IB… With Shivika huggggg… Wahhhh…!!! Maja aagaya…
    But i think Shivay bhaiya was moree cutee in that moment…
    But loved that part… I was sooo missing this song in IB… Nd finalllyyyyy…
    Shivika last part…
    Shiv – Tum toh mere ho…
    dost lagane ki koi jarurat nahi thi…
    Hope their this understanding work ( like always) in this mystery track.,
    Precap –
    Just hate it d mosttttttt in d whole epi… Itna accha “Ishq hain aanshu” song chala tha i was full in that song mode , but precap ne puri jhol kr dia…
    Eagerly waiting for d real / main part of this mystrious track to come…
    GN PKJ…

    1. I dont think there’s any mystery… If im correct, it will be nancy who is doing all these(and she might be the one misbehaved with the sponsor) she might be the negative character here.. lets wait and watch anyways…

      1. Banita

        Hlo Savita…
        Yup dr may be it can be possible as u said… May be Nancy will be d main villian, but in promo they showed as a mystery track na so i think some mysterious part will be there…

    2. Sindhudi

      Hey banita dear how are you?
      I have done some adjustments to to my profile and now it should open but if it is not then please let me know I will let the administrator know about it. So they can fix it.

      Banita I think Nancy will disappear from there. I suppose. They know tricks right. But I want anika to catch them red handed. I want then Shivaay to explain to anika desperately. Only if he loves anika very much then he will try to explain a lot to her. From there anika will know Shivaay actually don’t want her to misunderstand him at all. I guess Nancy will disppear.

      1. Banita

        Hlo Sindhu dii…
        I m f9 dii… How about U??
        Dii still ur account is not opening…
        Yeh may be dii… May be she will dissapear suddenly…
        Dii that precap seems like he is struggling to get away from her… I just hope now he will understand d irada of Nancy , but it will be only possible if she will not dissapear suddenly…
        Yeh that will be gr8 if Shivay will try to explain Anika after Nancy’s dissapear also… It will increase d trust among them…
        TC dii..

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Bani,
      Anika’s cuteness filled talks and antics just stole my heart yesterday.Shivaay needs to allow his heart to speak for him.Those conversation at first and in the last was very meaningful.Hope soon to happen murder of Nancy would work as the cement of Shivika’s relation throughout.Take care.

      1. Banita

        Heyy Lu…
        Yeh i agree with u… Shivay just need to open up his feeling to Anika…
        Yeh in both scene it shows his care for her… Of course not like that how we saw in Mohit-Nancy.. Like what Anika said at that time… But it’s totally different… Here he didn’t show by his action (like hug her nd al) it’s shows just in his words…

    4. JeevithaTK

      Hi Bani dear.
      Ya dear even me very happy for to new version of o jaana. Lovely shivay.
      I totally agree to tht this Nancy more than tht tia nd nagini. Hate Precap. 😍. Tc

      1. Banita

        Hlo Jeevi…
        Yeh she is tooo much…
        I hate her moree then precap… LOL..

    5. NSK

      Agreed 😂
      Hope ur fine dear😇

  3. Instead of writing this type of bakwaas story lines why can’t the writers write a storyline on Rikara n Ruvya. if they have given equal importance to RIKARA n RUVYA ishqbaaz might have been in First place of TRP charts. #Jago Writers Jago…

    1. Luthfa

      May be.

  4. Riana

    Ishq aansu ishq nagma
    Ishq sukoon hai rahaat hai
    Ishq hai sehra ishq hai dariya
    Ishq junoon hai zehmat ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    I cant explain how much smile i was carrying on my face when i heard o jaana (old & gold) in redux ib…
    Puraane din huh ! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😌😌😌😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😌
    Lovely episode… They showed so scenes today and didnt dragged a single part….
    Starting mein that disgusting burglar who ruined the cctv cameras !! 😒😒😒😂😂😂
    Morning mein girly talks…
    Then mohit getting accused of JHOL MAAL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Anika accepting challenge of proving mohit jhol maal !!… 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Breaking into his room like storm and then playing with his things like kid 😘😘😘😘😘😂😂😂😂😂
    Vacancy and shivaay’s so called bump and BESHARAM NAUTANKI… Ewww !! 🤢🤢🤢😷
    Gauri falling off stairs (which made me slow breathe and stuck) 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰
    And then finally shivaay and anika’s caring talkies 😌😌😌😍😚😚😚
    PRECAP – Ewwwwwwww…. Chhhhiiii…. Vacancy kutti ne finally apna KAALA JADOO shuru kardiya !!!… 😷😷😷😷🤢🤢🤢👿👿👿😡😡😡
    Good night 😘😂😑😴

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Riana,
      I am actually waiting for today’s episode to see what explanation Shivaay is going to give and what will be Anika’s reaction if,Nancy and Shivaay get found in the bed,together.Will get some perspective on Shivaay’s mindset.Just can’t wait.

    2. Banita

      Hlo Riana…
      Of course that disgusting burglar must put oil on d floor…
      Yeh no dragging in d epi…

    3. NSK

      Nice analysis😊
      Hope us fineeeeeeee 😃

  5. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys, today episode was 👌 good for me. OMG after SOOO many days old version of O JAANA it was soo good to listen. And anika back with her cuteness I mean which c tht she want to do. Nd her old bgm soo good. Actually missed pinky promise.
    I was 100% sure tht anika was saying abt the trick nt abt misunderstand him. O god tht hug was so cute I was smiling nd was jumping. I don’t y nt was feeling to excited may becoz of o jaana nd anika bgm.
    I totally enjoyed the episode.
    If I’m not wrong the person who pore water was Mohit.
    Nancy wt ever trick u use it’s nt tht easy to get misunderstanding btw shivka.
    It’s OK priyanka nd gouri don’t feel bad plz take training with Omru.
    Wen gouri feel I was expecting more emo from anika.
    I like the way shivay teasing khana….
    OK good night guys..

    1. Sindhudi

      Hi jeevi dear I did what you tell me to do but I am not sure. Looks like I have to email the administrator l. Oh this is so troublesome. I can’t believe it.

      Anyway your comment is so cute my dear. You jumped for joy when you saw Shivaay hugging anika. I can imagine your expression. Yes I think we all love that very much.

      1. JeevithaTK

        Hi Sindhu akka.
        Really sometimes this tu is more irritating. Plz send a mail.
        Seriously I don’t know myself abt my excitement. Ya may b v love them so much. Love Di. TC

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi,
      Hearing O Jaana after so long really felt great.Shivika’s hug was cute and the reactions of both Shivika especially of Anika.Me too was thinking the same.Today’s episode will be fun to watch if it gets executed properly.And I expecting a lot.Let’s see what happens.Missing OmRu so very much.Take care.

      1. JeevithaTK

        Hi Lu dear.
        Ya so good dear. Today funny I don’t think so dear. After watching the Precap. Let’s see what CVS will show us. 😍. Tc

      2. Luthfa

        …I am expecting a lot….

    3. Banita

      Nycc comment Jeevi…
      I also think may be Mohit put water on d system…
      I was also missing old O Jaana dr… Specially Ishq Hain Aanshu…

    4. NSK

      Similar thoughts😊

  6. JeevithaTK

    Hi sindhu akka ur friend request is nt responding don’t know whose mistake. Hope soon it get solved love you. Tc

  7. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys is there anyone who was feeling too excited nd smiling unknowingly and want to jump like me after listening to old version of O jaana nd anika bgm. R only me. 😌😌

    1. Sindhudi

      No I loved the old song of O jaana. It has been awhile since I heard the old O jaana song. I loved it.

    2. Luthfa

      Count me in.

      1. JeevithaTK

        O thank god there other also who got excited. Becoz I was thinking tht only me is getting over excited. Nd Ya feeling better now. Tc

    3. Banita

      Jeevi i was super excited after listening O Jaana old version… Nd was smiling like an idiot after listening Ishq Hain Aanshu song… I was soo missing it…

  8. Luthfa

    Very nice build up for upcoming murder(perhaps)mess.Here comes the analysis-
    1.You know it Shivaay,know very well that what is your relation with Anika and what it demands from you.When you will uncover your seemingly blindfolded eyes to to see the truth and start following your heart?It’s not good to be stubborn for a wrong thing.Kindly awake the husband in you who is in deep slumber,for your own betterment.
    2.What to do with this Taj’s Titli?She spoiled Shivika’s romantic date falling in water and her husband someone’s face with soup,hot soup.Cold and Hot,absolutely perfect combination!
    3.Did not know that love follows any chemical formula.Today is teacher’s day and because of Shivaay’s not-heard-before definition of love,get to remember Chemistry classes once again.Logic and Love never come in one bracket.Only miracles happen when true love takes the charge of one’s heart.Don’t worry,you will accept Anika’s words soon.Let the right time come first.
    4.Magic is nothing but another name of eyewash.Who can’t see beyond those tricks,falls for its fake enchantment.Everything that happens,happens for for specific reasons and has solid explanation.And magic is not an exception.That’s why Anika got the proofs.
    5.It’s okay Shivaay,you can hug your dost\wife.You have committed no crime in hugging her.Stop behaving like a stranger.

    a)Use the bed to sleep.Don’t make fun out of it.
    b)Jealous husband made a flash entry for few seconds but jealous wife was nowhere to be seen.Still,let’s wait for tomorrow.And tomorrow is always unknown.
    c)Red Satin cloth was indicating danger.It’s you Shivaay who need to watch out around Nancy.
    d)CCTV is back on track.What new raita will it spill now?
    e)Precap:Okay,okay got it.Only waiting for Anika’s statement.But which Anika will give it?Anika the Wife or Anika the Dost?Interesting.Get ready Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

    1. Sindhudi

      Hey Luthfa great analysis but I want anika to say to Shivaay it does not matter Shivaay after seeing Nancy in shivaay’s room. You don’t need to explain anyhthg. After all you said I am only your dost and not your Wife so you are entitled to sleep with anyone except me because I am only your dost. I just want to see shivaay’s face at that second and his reaction.

      1. Luthfa

        Hahaha…..If that happens then we are in for superb dramatic tension.But I don’t think Anika would say something like that.Still can’t say anything surely without watching the episode.Waiting desperately.Thank you soooooo….very much for your love di.Love you.

    2. JeevithaTK

      Hi Lu dear.
      Good analysis. Don’t know Wen loving husband in shivay comes out waiting to watch it. Ya magic is nothing bt the tricks.
      Waa just thinking wt if anika say wt sindhu akka said. Well good to watch then. Tc

      1. Luthfa

        Well,when Shivaay will be convinced himself that he has all the right to be Anika’s husband and Anika deserves none but him,then we can expect the official husband,Shivaay Singh Oberoi.For that to happen,we have to wait.Let’s see,what happens next.Thank you soooo..very much for you love.Take care😊

    3. Banita

      Hlo Lu…
      Yeh when a king size bed is there then what d need of sleep on couch…!!!
      I also felt like Shivay was jealeous when Anika talk with Mohit then i leave it when Shivay said ,”What’s going on her mind”
      I m also waiting for today’s epi yrr… Just want same thing not to happen what happened in that red cloth wala part… Anika didn’t saw anything in that… I dont want this to happen in today’s epi also…

      1. Luthfa

        Nancy is trying to seduce Shivaay and later it will be presented the opposite in front of everyone.Shivaay will be judged on the basis of Nancy’s words.And Mohit is here to prove that through his fake hypnotic magic.Anything can happen and I am ready as well as excited for everything.But it will be very difficult to watch those scenes of Shivaay and Nancy.From today onwards,Nancy will start crossing her limits and we have to bear her cheap tactics.Now just waiting for today’s episode.Take care😊

    4. NSK

      Spellbound again .😃

  9. Luthfa

    @Sindhu di:
    Di,your account is not opening to accept your friend request.Check your Privacy pattern through settings on your wall.Then it may work.Otherwise you have take the help from TU.Plz check it di😊😊😊😇😇😇

    1. Luthfa

      have to take…😊😊

    2. Sindhudi

      I did Luthfa. I made changes to what you said but I don’ t know why. I think I have to write to the administrator.

      1. Luthfa

        Okay di.

  10. Rajvi_shah

    After seeing today’s episode I think after spending some time with Nancy Shivaay will realize his feelings for Anika. Nancy is trying her cheap tricks on Shivaay but u can’t fool Anika she trusts Shivaay more than herself.

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Rajvi,
      Nancy can’t evoke any feelings inside Shivaay for Anika but Mohit can.This “Third Party” is very important for Shivika’s relation as it is connected to their past,respectively.Many things will unfold further.Let’s see.

      1. Rajvi_shah

        I think it will have to do something with Anika’s mom

    2. NSK

      Hope ur fine 😊

  11. Great episode. . . . cute moment between Shivika.

    1. Luthfa

      Shivika’s moments were really very cute.

  12. Sindhudi

    Hello everyone, first I want to kill Nancy and I am Glad according to the spoilers Mohit will kill his Wife which I hope does happens.

    Second I love shivika’s moments when he came held her when she was about to fall while practising magic. How romantic when she said love is magic. Yes shivaay love is magical because it unites two individual hearts together when they fall in love who have different personalities. Isn’t that magic?

    Oh I hate this Nancy. When she asked Shivaay to help her with the curtain I knew she deliberately did all this so the curtain will fall and she gets close to Shivaay. She was the one who poured the oil on the floor so Shivaay will be alone and Nancy can go to his room. I wonder what Anika’s reaction will be when she sees them in the room on the same bed. Supposedly dadi and Tej know that Nancy was in Shivaay’s room then does it not make Shivaay another Sakti without Shivaay not realising it. Shivaay if you had just accepted anika as your Wife and made sure she was with you that night on the same bed nothing of this stupid Nancy incident would happen. What will Rohit think? I want to see how Shivaay will try to explain to Anika. I don’t mean to criticise Shivaay here please don’t get me wrong. I love Shivaay but I think he needs to go through the same when how he accused Anika of being after daksh and later he realised he did not find out the truth and just accused Anika. So now he will know that sometimes circumstances will occur in such a way that at times it may seem like Nancy and Shivaay were willing to be in bed. Anika being anika will trust her Husband Shivaay. That is our dear Anika.

    The other part I liked was when Shivaay heaved a sigh of relief when he thought Anika would have misunderstood the curtain incident but she was happy she figured that the magic was just a trick. Shivaay instinctively just hugged her with great relief. That was a nice part between Shivika.

    Nancy must be the one who poured water on the security system wires. I am not surprised the reason Rohit has to kill her. She deserves to die.

    1. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      With Nancy’s indulgence in Shivaay’s life repeatedly,Anika won’t say quiet for long.I think the main purpose of this track is making Shivaay realize what is the position,importance of a wife in a man’s life.I am guessing after Nancy’s murder,real or fake does not matter,it will create havoc in Shivaay’s life.Once Mohit’s motive gets cleared it will be easy to know what is his actual intention behind framing Shivaay.And Anika will be Shivaay’s saving angel again.Now she is his wife and as she said earlier,Anika would fulfill every duty and responsibility of a wife.

      1. Luthfa

        …won’t stay quiet…

    2. Banita

      Wowww Sindhu diii…
      Today i like ur comment most…
      Nd fully understand why u want Shivay to give explanation…
      Diii now i also want Shivay to go through this phase… In this way i can get moree guilty Shivay also…
      Dii to be frank i don’t like d way they show guilty Shivay who ended up with doing 2nd marriage of Shivika… I expected more Guilty Singh Oberoi nd to realise his feeling… But nothing such like happened…

    3. NSK

      So nice 😊 hope ur keeping fine do😇

  13. Sindhudi

    Hello Arpu dear banita Luthfa jeevi dear Shiny kadhambari pushpa beauty Tania sneha Ishita shivya Jessie NSK and many more PKJ family members. Hope all of you have a good day.

    @Luthfa and @Jeevi I did what you told me to do. I changed the profile account and members and everyone to see message. I am not sure whether the page will open. You can try if it still does not then I will have to email the administrator and tell them the problem of opening my page.

  14. Sindhudi

    @Luthfa, Jeevi and banita I wrote to the administrator and told them that my friends are not able to open my page and I cam’t add them as my friends either so they said apparently there is something wrong with the account and they will be fixing it. So it is the TU site.

    1. Luthfa

      Just hope this problem gets over soon.And di,plz choose a beautiful pic for your account.Lots of love.

    2. JeevithaTK

      Akka hope this problem get solved soon. Nd soo much akka for taking so much of effort. 😍. Tc

    3. Banita

      Yup dii…
      Sahi kia… Still ur account is not opening… Hope they will fix it ASAP…

  15. Nikita_jai29

    It is a good episode

  16. Nikita_jai29

    And be lated happy teachers day.. Ib has teaches me the love of siblings.. Stand strong against the problem and given me a lot of friends

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