Kumkum Bhagya 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Tarun hits Pragya and stops her from taking Neha home

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The Episode starts with Pragya asking Neha to come home with her. Neha refuses to go, says Mamma will get her marry someone else. Pragya says you are not understanding, matter is serious. Tarun asks her to understand. Pragya says you didn’t know what you did and says he is suffering because of you. She asks Neha to come. Neha says I can leave anything for Tarun. Pragya asks Tarun to leave her hand. Neha says I don’t want to go with you. Pragya is taking her forcibly, Tarun hits on her head. Pragya falls unconscious. Tarun tells Neha that King will kill him if he comes to know that he hit on his wife. Neha says she is my Chucks’ wife and they love each other even now. Tarun says she is my Chucks wife. They take her inside.

Abhi asks mechanic to open the car. Mechanic asks him to show the car papers first. Abhi says it is inside. Mechanic says you might be a thief. Abhi says you don’t know who am I? Mechanic says you don’t know who am I? Abhi calls security guy and he tells that the car is of Abhi. Shop owner also confirms that it is Abhi’s car and tells how Pragya fooled him and locked the car. Abhi asks Mechanic to open the car now and gives money. Mechanic says I was talking about these papers and opens the car. He says your car is ready. Abhi thanks him and sits in the car. Tarun tells Neha that their love story is like a fairy tale story and says we shall make Pragya di gain consciousness. Tarun thinks may be she loves Abhi now and is staying with King’s house away from him just for Kiara. He thinks Pragya shall go back to Abhi for her love and thinks if she is in deeply love with Abhi then she shall understand their love.

Pragya gains consciousness and asks why did you hit me? She finds herself tied up and asks them why did they tie her? Tarun asks her to listen to them and tells that Neha’s mum tried to get her married without her consent when she comes to know about their love. Neha says she has taken this decision as she wants to be with him. Tarun says when I asked her to marry him, she refused as she wanted to marry him infront of all. Neha saysshe wants to spend her life with her love. Pragya recalls her moments with Abhi. A fb is shown, Abhi tries to romance with her, but Pragya tells him that she has work, has to give medicine to Dadi and make babli study. Abhi says you are failing in life’s exam and asks her to come closer to him. Pragya says I have work now. Abhi says when things get old, excitement ends, like our marriage. Pragya says you say anything. Abhi says we shall remarry again by eloping, shall do something exciting. She asks if he saw any film. He says we will go to jungle, waterfall etc and asks her to decide the location. He says lets go. Pragya says what people will say? Abhi says our love story is unique and asks her to think how they shall marry? Pragya looks at him. Abhi says I understand and it is right too. He says you might be thinking why to waste time by eloping and marriage, and you might be thinking about family planning. Fb ends.

Tarun and Neha touch her feet and apologize. Neha says Tarun will do work in sometime. Tarun says it doesn’t matter to me that Neha is a manglik, I just want my love. They ask her to help them. Pragya asks them to open the rope first. Neha and Tarun elope again. Abhi is driving the car and thinks everyone was laughing at him because of Pragya. He says she left as he let her go. Disha calls him and puts the phone on loudspeaker. Abhi tells him that Pragya fooled him and left to farmhouse. He tells that she fought with him in the hotel and challenged him. Abhi tells about the hotel story. Disha laughs and says you gave her different names. She fooled you and got her work done. She says you will enjoy losing from her. Abhi ends the call and thinks of Pragya. Song plays….

Abhi thinks of Disha’s words. His car stops. He checks the car and thinks she must have prayed to God not to make me reach Raj ghat so his car stopped. Tarun and Neha are still hiding there. Tarun says we shall escape from here. Neha says when I was a child, she never left me alone. Pragya thinks she shall take them home somehow and recalls her promise made to King. She thinks of their words and thinks what to do.

Tarun tells Abhi that he loves Neha. Abhi asks him to do just as he says. Tarun says I won’t let you take Neha. Abhi says you will stop me and raises his hand, but stops.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Much ado about nothing… Ekta’s style.

  2. Good scene with the two fellows arguing about Abhi’s car ownership. We witnessed the back and forth regarding Pragya and Abhi’s love story, Neha and Tarun’s love story and the plot didn’t move forward. Disha and Purab received a bit of screen time. The more lighthearted approach was refreshing and it was delightful to not have to see the ‘Twins of Evil’. King was not given any time and the high number of FB’s continue.
    Where the heck is Robin?? Like other viewers, I wonder if yet another plot is simply being cut out because it is too inconvenient to address. Wow. That’s the exact attitude of an abuser! I still see this production as having ‘jumped the shark’ with the Memory Loss Story. Any thoughts? Opinions?
    Hullo Naz! Good to be reading your thoughts again! And Cathy, I haven’t given up connecting, just too busy. On our last day of summer instead of greeting a colourful and peaceful autumn we received a highly unusual blast of winter weather. It has definitely ‘complicated’ and rushed daily life. Usually you have 2 months to prepare your property/gardens for winter. This year, it’s a ‘save what you can’ situation before even further loss and costs occur. Even as I move as quickly as possible… I am still weak and slow, physically. But very glad that I am mobile and gaining strength, visibly. A number of years ago I had been informed that the use of both of my legs and arms,hands …were gone. I have with great effort and determination proved them wrong! I plan on dancing again… soon.

  3. You know sometimes I wonder if Ekta is really in her right sense,she has been prolonging this series for so long that is is not even funny anymore I had thought with the introduction of Kundali Bhagya this would have gone off air but the lady wants to have her cake and eat it too. Ekta Mam reminds me of a garbage truck,that runs around full of garbage,full of frustration,full if angerand full of disappointment. As her garbage piles up she is looking for a place to dump it and if we let her she will dump it on us,which is exactly what she is doing then again if she wants to dump it on us she is assuming we will take it with a smile and that we will not take it personally we will smile and wish her well and move on and believe me she will e happier laughing her way to the bank with her boring serial. I meant full of anger and not if and it’s be and not e. You know I do not like minding people’s business because when I was younger I was walking past this mental hospital all the patients were shouting 14,14,14 the fence was too high to see over but I saw a little holein the fence so I looked through to see what was going on and some idot poked me in the eye with a stick and they all shouted 15,15,15. That’s me being too nosey. Sometimes I want to stop watching and then again I want to know the outcome so I am on and off trying not to get bored,I have time on my hands so instead of being out of the house I prefer to stay in and read comments.

    1. Ha! Jayashree, exactly! This production is a perfect reflection of Miss Ekta’s mind/creativity/emotional being. The production says it all. Anyone who understands how news cycles work gets to understand even more. The astrology confirms it as well as the energetic profiling. Each character is a reflection of Miss Ekta’s personality. Notice that the majority of characters are liars, thieves and would like to kill others off, for the sake of their abominable greed. The main characters (Aliyah and Tuna) have an exponential level of malice. Malice is the key word. Miss Ekta functions exactly in the negative form….working very hard to pretend that she’s a good person while raking in as much power and money as she can. I have seen this story repeatedly, with specific individuals running this energy in a negative manner. Positively used this energy could create wonders but just like Aliyah and Tuna, trapped in their limited childish viewpoint, Miss Ekta seems to like very much her ability (thank-you, Daddy) to control people and demand that they behave at the lowest possible levels… obviously her own level. The simple hatred, skullduggery and rapacious greed that she broadcasts is not flattering to women, men or to the country of India. I remain watching now, simply to watch the story of Ekta and her use and abuse of people. If her actors actually understood how they are being used I do not believe that they would want to be anywhere near this woman. Especially, under energetic profiling. Well, excepting for her current favourite pet who will benefit until the ‘pet’ sees how they are being used. Of course it is easy to find new pets, in the endless line of actors who desire more ‘career’. And the ‘pet’, once they realise how they are being used of course get out as soon as possible. I bet that Miss Ekta secretly loved it when the Tuna actress was getting attention in the media. I bet Miss Ekta laughed harder than I did while watching Tuna’s s*xy dance. Ekta likely secretly enjoys watching her current ‘pets’ get sizzled. Ekta sucks you in with bright lights and flashy clothes (Episode 1-about 600) and once she has your full attention then she begins her abusive games… but now you are caught in the story or the career that she originally offered. People who believe themselves to be ‘not enough’ (and this ugliest version of the Gemini is an expert) will do anything…anything.. to position themselves above others. Even when all the others know clearly that the person is capable only of mediocre work. The mediocre work of the producer is clear. It is shameful that this all she is capable of creating. She is a damn lucky woman to have been born in the right family. A family who’s business is ‘illusion’. Parents being parents chose to elevate their mediocre talented daughter rather than helping someone with actual talent. What did the parents do? They insured that the talentless daughter had work which would tie in with her party lifestyle. I doubt that she’s single by choice. That is why we will never see Pragya/Abhi together. That’s what we want, that’s what was promised, thus Miss Ekta will insure it will never happen. There is power in having harnessed the attention of so many viewers. Miss Ekta is internally very likely lonely. She can’t have a marriage so no one else should either. What a shame, disgrace for India that a Miss Ekta is allowed to broadcast across the world. One wonders why Indians have such a bad reputation in the West. Getting worse, thanks to Nikki Haley, another vicious Indian woman. When Ekta hits age 48-52 then there is a chance she may redeem herself, if she deals with her past choices. I wouldn’t hold my breath, waiting. It’s only a chance. She has enough money to keep all her addictions fed. You have to wonder how much real talent, in India has been ignored and buried in order to keep the space open for Miss Ekta to have her malicious, ugly little party.

    2. You made me laugh with this comment.. We all in the same boat…fedup with ekta, if only she could tie up this serial….

  4. Hi Akituster.. Sometimes I don’t have the ovarian fortitude to write a single comment, I feel so drained but I’m just like Jayashree, I keep coming back for more, but I come back hoping to see Tuna and her sidekick Aliya get a deserving noose around their necks….with a spineless man named Abhi consuming their lives, nothing’s going anywhere!! 😭😭😭…you see how yesterday we had high hopes in the precap, that King’s family would know Pragya’s secret life beforehand, look how that direction fell, like a dud, like a soda without fizz, like a flaccid member… Anyways…take care of yourself dear, winter is a b*t*h but you still need to move around despite the freeze, I’m happy to know you proved the naysayers wrong…..if we don’t help ourselves, nobody can do it for us, right!! I would hazard a guess that you live in the USA, the Nikki Haley reference…..if so, hmmmm, my heart goes out to you and the rest of the smart thinking citizens.

    1. Dear Naz, I burst out laughing at your reference to a flaccid member! Beautiful description. Thank-you for good wishes! I’m sure I could film a comedy show with my efforts to do very normal things. An hours physical work in the past these days seems to require about four hours. Everything I do is making me stronger! And Canada is home. Being an international political and trends watcher it was easy to learn about Nikki Haley the warmonger. She is sort of like Aliyah in her scheming. So the Hindi Serial experience is very new and shocking (KKB) for me. And to be really honest the best part is ‘meeting’ so many new people, here on TU. There is a rumour that Krishnadasi will have a 2nd season. I hope so. As life gets busier I will certainly make time to watch it. The first season was great. It had an actual story. Nothing like KKB, where when the producer gets bored (so many unfinished plots) she just moves on without finishing her job. Maybe she doesn’t get bored. Maybe she doesn’t have it in her to do real work.

      1. Cathy

        Ahhhhhhhhh a Fellow Canadian…and in Alberta? Poor you, i watched the news and had a giggle over the snow covered people and cars. HA!! *feeling superior over on my side of the province*. 🙂

      2. I’m happy to be in touch with you too, I’ve made many friends on TU…it was a learning experience for me when I started, I didn’t know people could connect in this way as well and truth be told, I’m more interested in conversing with all my friends on this medium of cyberspace than watching the crazy crap that threatens to give me an extra gray hair every day. I met you here but I’ve known Cathy since ETRETR days..and I’m pleased to know you are on my side of the globe, sometimes we see it a bit differently on this side. Well…just your good fortune to be living in Canada as opposed to the US….they’ve regressed a lot in their politics, what a sad state to be in for a large democracy as theirs… I’m an avid follower of politics as well but with my friends I don’t discuss unless we are on the same page. Have a wonderful day Akituster… You and Cathy can chat on common ground..

  5. Cathy

    Hey Naz, i Tease Akituster (if indeed is living in the same province as i) because i live Northern to her and our winters are more severe and to the south of me is generally milder in winters because of the Chinook winds that comes down over the Rocky mountains and brings the temps up and the snow quickly melts (chinook means “snow eater” in the local indigenous language) But she hasn’t confirmed that she’s from where i think she is LOL…

    Naz the atmosphere is tense to say the least, that mad man spells destruction for the U.S and most can’t see it. i’m scared for family members that live there, my sister and i convinced my niece to retain her dual citizen status so she can come back with her children if things go south, that man is mentally unstable and is in control..i can’t believe it sometimes.

    Oh hey, how did you like BAshir Momin?

    1. Hey Cathy, I’ll check back on this page to see if you reply later. I’ll most certainly divulge my home area once we are private. You once warned that Ekta may have sent her goondas after me… I pay attention! And is Bashar Momin the partner of Markand in Krishnadasi? You know most normal people blink their eyes, twiddle their fingers etc. during a reaction but Momin rolls his shoulder. If so, yes I watch the actors with minor roles as well! I liked both Markand and Momin. They were part of the glue which kept the production solidified. I thought they did very well, in their comedic adventure. Now that’s if I am on topic.

      1. Cathy

        Cant have those goons coming after you…I don’t know Krishnadasi..new Show? i’ll find it and check it out…BAshir Momin is a Pakistani drama that i watched last year…it was excellent it was an updated telling of the beauty and the beast story and i started yapping on about how good it was and Lakshmi and a few others i think got tired of me talking about it and said she would watch it, other regulars from the forums also watched we had quite the fan group going for awhile..if you like i’ll hook you up with a link with subtitles. oh and Naz finally started watching it.


    1. You are so right Zo! How’s the weather on your part of the planet?

      1. warm I am in NY.

    2. Cathy

      Hey Canadians obsess about the weather..it what we do!! LOL

      1. omigawd Cathy! You know as well as I do! In one day you can freeze then feel ‘fried’ and then freeze again. Constantly changing clothes, adding clothes, taking off clothes… aaargh.

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