Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rohan clears the confusion

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun making Ruhi ready. Aaliya gets the jewelry. Ruhi asks if this guy rejects me. Shagun says how will anyone reject my Ruhi, no one would dare, don’t overthink, smile. Aaliya gets Rohan’s call and says I will talk later. He says you look busy as guests are coming. She says yes, how do you know. He says I m very smart. She says I have much work, I will call later. She ends call. Raman sees Ruhi’s pic. Ishita comes and says mummy is making Chappan bhog for the guy. Raman says I hope this guy wins Ruhi’s trust, else she will never know what’s a successful relation, Sudha said nonsense in front of Monica, if this happens again, she will break down. Ishita asks him to be strong. She says you and Ruhi have become drama queen. He jokes. She says you don’t need

to worry, Ruhi has grown up and getting married, she won’t be sad, we are with her to guide, trust yourself. He asks her to make Ruhi ready. She smiles seeing Ruhi’s pic.

Mrs. Bhalla checks arrangements. She says if Ruhi likes the guy, I will fix the alliance. Mr. Bhalla says no, let Ruhi get comfortable about it. Mihika says yes, he is right. Ishita says the guy would be coming now. Door bell rings. Ishita goes to check. She sees Rohan and says you… He asks how are you. She says so sorry, you came to talk about car, we are expecting some guest, I can’t talk now, can we meet later. He says no, I came to meet you all, I got to know from marriage bureau that you are finding a guy for your daughter. She asks you… He says yes, I guess I m not such a guy you were expecting, I will leave. Ishita says no, please come. Rohan greets everyone.

Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita has hit his car, this guy dropped us, he didn’t call any traffic policeman. Raman says Ishita and I discussed that nice guys are hard to find. Ishita asks what will you have. Rohan says I will have it later. Ishita says your family didn’t come along. Rohan says mom’s health isn’t fine, doctor said she should rest, when I told her that I know your daughter, she got happy and asked me to meet you all first. Raman asks what, you know her. Rohan says yes, we met few days back and became good friends, she doesn’t know that I m coming to see her. Ishita says she will be glad. Mrs. Bhalla says its good that Ruhi likes the guy, I will give him gold coin and fix relation. Ishita says no, don’t know Ruhi knows him or not, she never spoke to me about him, give them some time. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi is scared for no reason.

Ruhi says I feel I m jinxed, I don’t think I will fall in love, marriage isn’t in my fate, don’t force me. Shagun says you can’t be our Ruhi, if you go for a business meeting with negativity, will meeting be successful, no, same logic, you have to be positive, you will like to know that guy, you guys will get married, everything will be fine, believe me. Ruhi asks what if he doesn’t like me. Aaliya says no one can refuse to you. Mihika comes and says you didn’t say you have a secret admirer. Rohan says my mum has raised me and my brother by difficulty, she is a single parent, my brother lives abroad, mom also wanted to come, I was excited to know I got an alliance from Bhallas, best part is mom was very happy, she means the world to me. He gets a call and goes. Ishita says Ruhi will be comfortable knowing her new friend has come.

Raman smiles. Ruhi says I have no new friend. Mihika says fine, your choice isn’t bad, he is talking well, everyone is impressed. Shagun says look at her, she is blushing. Ruhi says I don’t know the person. Aaliya says lets see who is he. Shagun says lets go. Ruhi goes to washroom. Mihika says get her soon. Aaliya gets Rohan’s message. He asks where are you, I m waiting. She replies I m busy, we can’t meet today. He writes I want to tell something. Shagun asks Ruhi to come and come. Ruhi’s dupatta gets stuck. It gets torn. Ruhi says its a bad sign. Shagun says I will get another dupatta, this will suit you. She asks Aaliya to tell Ishita that they are coming. Aaliya says fine, I m too excited to see her secret admirer. She goes out to see.

Aaliya and Rohan see each other and smile. Aaliya says Rohan…. Rohan compliments her. She says thanks, what a pleasant surprise. Mrs. Bhalla says I will get sweets. Raman says let guy and girl talk first. Rohan says I like your daughter a lot and I m ready for marriage. Ishita says I think you should sit and talk, then take decision. Rohan says yes, but I really like her, I want us to stay as friends. Raman says I want to ask my daughter once, last decision will be hers. He calls Aaliya. Aaliya goes to Ruhi. She says you didn’t tell that you know Rohan. Ruhi asks who. Aaliya says Rohan has come to meet you. Ruhi asks Rohan Patel, no. Aaliya says come and see him. Aaliya and Ruhi come. Mihika says Akka, your daughter has come. Ishita and everyone smile. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi to give water to Rohan. Mr. Bhalla says I think we should leave them alone and go. Ishita says you would be glad to know each other, we shall go. Ruhi smiles. Aaliya and everyone turn to go. Rohan asks where are you going Aaliya. Everyone stops.

Aaliya asks what will I do between you two, talk to Ruhi, spend time with her. He asks what, there is a confusion, I have come here for Aaliya, why Ruhi? They all get shocked. Aaliya asks what. Raman says you said you want to marry our daughter. Rohan says yes, I said I want to marry your daughter Aaliya. Everyone gets shocked.

Shagun, Ishita and Raman ask Ruhi to open the door. Ruhi ruins her room and cries. Rohan asks Aaliya to understand. Aaliya says I don’t want you to hurt anyone else, just leave. Romi slaps him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Poor ruhi why does this always happen to her😥😥😥

  2. Ok, i usually dont care but i want the entire yhm team to read this comment today, but we all know they wont and they dont care right. What is this: ruhi had a traumatic past…ok, we all know that. Why are they forcing her for marriage at such a young age. Why why why do they keep promoting the message in india that a girl is helpless and can’t live without a boy. Isn’t she too young for marriage???!! And she has SUCH a LOW self- esteem. My god! WHY should she care if a boy came for Aliya, she can settle with someone else, she just needs time, why shoud she feel dejected if rohan knew aliya from before?!!! Its not actually rejection, he just knew her from before.
    And romi and the rest of the bhallas: uggggghhhhh!!!!!!! They never learn from their mistakes. They shud know that beating up people is never gonna solve problems.
    WHAT the heck is wrong with these people: how is it rohan’s fault if he thought aliya was their daughter and if he liked her. What shit. Why are they always beating people. And aliya, you didn’t realize rohan liked you? Oh come on ! What happened to your girl instincts. For goodness sake, get out of the bhalla dog house and settle with someone nice and move on. Adi and the bhallas never deserved you anyway!

    1. Exactly my thought. Uggggggggghhhhhhh

  3. I just hate this yhm. they are always breaking Ruhi s heart and presents her as weak.
    .she is such a sweet girl.

  4. I’m not sure how many episodes were filmed prior to Neelu’s untimely passing in real life. Either way, I hope YHM gives the character a proper send off when the time comes.

  5. Poor Rohan.. There is a small confusion occured and Why these people are behaving like that he committed a serious sin. Once upon a time , they asked Aliya to remarry but she didn’t agree so they left that issue… And they left over that issue. Now why forcing Ruhi to marry… Is it because she is their daughter…? Ruhi what happened to her… If the person rejected you in match making session then it’s ok to feel bad but he already know Aliya and came for aliya.. then what is there to feel as she should be happy that marriage is postponed and this confusion is didn’t continued … Bhallas.. they love Ruhi so much.. but they didn’t even enquire about rohan’s background like mother name properly 👏👏👏

  6. I still do not understand as to why marriage is considered to be the be all and end all in a girl’s life. Marriage is one of the various happy occasions which probably comes in everybody’s life when the person is mentally prepared for it. Why is it that taken to be final settlement in a girl’s life?

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